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In this article we learn that Deep Green Resistance holds up CIA assets as feminist icons.

Shall we all wake up to the sexual identity operation?

“They say, you can be a man born in a woman’s body and that is biological, but if you are a woman born in a woman’s body, that is  socially constructed. Like, really? That is supposed to be an argument? That is beyond preposterous!”  – Jordon Peterson



Interestingly, I wrote this critique of the radical feminist FAQ page on the Deep Green Resistance (DGR) website, without ever having visited the site before.  I had read two of Derrick Jensen’s books and had been sending him environmental breaking news by email. I had given him my books. I didn’t know he was a founder of the DGR website until he told me after, apparently, I offended him with this post.

Not only does the DGR website parrot CIA-created feminism, but it also repeats the lies of man made global warming. Here is my study guide on that program. Here is a more recent whistle blower on same global warming psy-op, all accomplished with false information from NOAA. The inconvenient truth is other planets are also warming.  Meanwhile Al Gore has made $100 million in ten years from CO2 fear mongering. 
My Vol. 1 was dedicated to CIA and Hollywood created feminism.  Briefly, the original suffragettes were immediately co-opted and convinced to reverse their stance against war, and instead, support American involvement in World War I. They were bought off. In return they got money and publicity.  In return they became a sponsored meme in the thoroughly controlled press, and that is only reason we ever heard of them. They do not represent progress, they represent New World Order funded social engineering.
What good is having the right to vote, when every  single election has been fixed with both opponents from same club.  The liberation was really enslavement.
As explained by Aaron Russo, a friend of the Rockefellers, (following youtube link) a new fragmented identity was created to undo natural communities and families by compartmentalizing women. 
Everything natural is being dismantled, and Deep Green Resistance supports this dismantling on “humanitarian” grounds in their radical feminist FAQ, which is the subject of this post.  For a website that loves nature, this contradiction is crippling.

This short film is part 7 in a series encompassing a brief history of the global elite



“Who’s putting the pay cheques in the back pockets of the women lib movement?”

The second wave of feminism was led by a CIA agent, Gloria Steinem and her CIA publication, Ms. Magazine. This is not theory as the links will show. I cover this extensively in Vol. 1.  Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Alice Walker, Oprah Winfrey,  Jane Fonda, Madonna, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and more, were all manufactured to not only break up the family, but to bring us homosexuality. 
In Vol. 1, I also cover Hillary Clinton, a lesbian who raped Cathy O’Brien.  Hillary Clinton is of course, a feminist.
After Derrick blew up on me, I went back and saw that there is another FAQ explaining the pro feminist slant of website.   This post is a wake up that sexual dimorphism in almost all animal life is no conspiracy and that denying dimorphism most definitely has been funded.  Trans-sexualism leads to trans-humanism, and genetically modified humans. 
Environmentalists should support nature, not the attack on natural polarity and family.
As the viewer can see from my first youtube, my message is very similar to Derrick Jensen’s and I hope someday he will watch this.  (The below image is an embedded video – click to begin video with some interesting back ground music.)


Facebook message from P,

Hey Ray, I have a question for you. What is your opinion on radical feminism and the notion that patriarchal systems are systems of violence where males, by using violence and domination, they oppress women, children and other men, which they consider weak and less masculine. I believe Derrick Jensen supports radical feminism and here is the page of a F.A.Q on radical feminism by Deep Green Resistance. [I didn’t realize when I read this that DGR is Jensen’s website.]
Would this question be appropriate for you to make a blog post on your site? I think you have concentrated your work on liberal feminism and its programming agenda. Thank you. I like Derrick Jensen but there is something within these movements that I feel it is wrong. Something that my intuition finds wrong.

From the Deep Green Resistance website…

Radical Feminism Frequently Asked Questions  [The DGR FAQ]

What does radical feminism mean? What do radical feminists believe? Read a definition and answers to questions about gender, patriarchy, and more.
P, I will read it. I don’t think Derrick understands feminism or new age as actual deep state operations. If he supports indigenous people, then he needs to support natural polarity. The Feminist Operation is just using divide and conquer tactics where any difference is amplified to create conflict. Then, any difference between sexes is turned into a war to fragment society.
Before I begin, let’s take a walk down memory lane to get some bedrock to build understanding upon. The following is from the Wikipedia page on sexual dimorphism (biological differentiation between sexes.)  We would not expect radical feminists to have ever read such facts. However we would think that environmentalists who study nature, would have.

Top: Stylised illustration of humans on the Pioneer [space] plaque, showing both male (left) and female (right).
Bottom: Comparison between male (left) and female (right) pelvises.

From Deep Green Resistance (DGR) website  “We see nothing in the creation of gender [Society didn’t create gender, biology did!] to celebrate or embrace. [How about life on Earth?]  Patriarchy is a corrupt and brutal arrangement of power, and we want to see it dismantled so that the category of gender no longer exists. This is also our position on race and class. ” 
In other words, they want everyone to be undistinguishable blobs without unique anything.  All people will be homogenized. They want a fair (meaning equal rations) worldwide monoculture. You will have no sex, you will have no mark of excellence nor rewards, you will have no ethnic or genetic attributes.  Then we can have utopia in homogenized peaceful milk.
Seriously, as anyone can observe, gender is not based on culture, or upon a human male conspiracy,  it is based on biology. Lets look at the culture of birds and observe who might be dominant or passive.
Birds evolved from dinosaurs, warm blooded. What about the behavior of modern day cold blooded reptiles?   Do the males rape and exploit the females also?  In below images it sure looks like domination doesn’t it?  Should we therefore assume male reptiles have pulled off a patriarchal plot that should be “dismantled.”
Maybe fish are more pure and genderless?

How sad that the female fish have been so oppressed by patriarchy that they just roll on their backs and allow themselves to be raped.

Okay, well maybe insects are more ancient and they have it figured out, since the female is often bigger, so she will be on top, right? Nope, the active principle, the male polarity mounts the female receptive principle, for hundreds of millions of years.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

… “Essentialism is the idea that gender is biological, not social. So boys are naturally aggressive and adventurous, while girls are nurturing and emotional. Gendered behavior is attributed to brain structure, hormones, or both. Feminists have fought essentialism since the beginning.”

Yes, they have fought the truth. They live in a fiction of revisionist reality.
I, Ray Songtree, am a realist, and not into fantasy. Anyone can go to any kindergarten school world wide and see little boys and girls behaving differently.  What did scientists note about metabolism?
The average basal metabolic rate is about 6 percent higher in adolescent males than females and increases to about 10 percent higher after puberty. Females tend to convert more food into fat, while males convert more into muscle and expendable circulating energy reserves.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“And the concepts of “whiteness” and “blackness” themselves will ultimately be abandoned as they make no sense outside of the realities of white supremacy. ” 
They are wrong. Race is just tribalism, and distinct tribes who discriminate against other tribes in order to maintain there own ways and bloodlines are necessary to retain cultural diversity and genetic diversity. So here we see DGR is globalist and wants a monoculture with no tribe, no race, no gender. And they don’t even understand they were led by nose into this, using the “humanitarian” response for regime change. I’ll explain that.
The humanitarian response is used by most con men. First soften the heart of the mark by citing your ailing grandma, and then fleece the empathetic generous stranger… 
An example in international politics is that almost every war was made popular by sensationalizing or simply fabricating victims.  The humanitarian response or “intervention” is triggered to save the alleged victims. In the yellow press Spanish American War, a fake news illustration of a young women about to be raped by Spanish ruffians was in the news. It was a lie, but it elicited the humanitarian response.
Fast forward to the Iraq war, Saddam Hussein was just testing poison gas given to him by the US, but US has murdered over a 1/2 million people to “save Iraq from Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction”.  
Gaddafi NEVER massacred Libyans, but we were given the moral duty to stop him from doing what he never did, and we destroyed Libya and installed a central bank. In reality,  Gaddafi was the hero of Africa and provided the funding to resist apartheid in South Africa.
Syrian President Assad never gassed any civilians. Shame on Obama and Trump for saying he did. The humanitarian intervention would be to “stop that monster.” Now that the lie is official, the US may destroy Syria, to bring about the humanitarian regime change.
In a similar fashion, feminists lie about the extent of violence by men in order to bring about the humanitarian response. These regime change feminists are using a statistical incidence of domestic violence (which is indicative of a dysfunctional society, to be sure) to indict half the human species. Their goal is gender vivisection (regime change), which will be the responsibility of one world government to enforce, because as they say, the individual is helpless…

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“Gender is socially constructed to the root, and those roots are soaked in women’s blood. We aim to dismantle it. ”
It seems to be central to people who are lost in the head and have never experienced anything but city life, to be ignorant about farm animals or any other species.  However, an environmental website should know all about other animals.

Violence against women is rooted in gender which must be eradicated by deep green environmentalists

Can we find any mammals, birds, reptiles, fish or insects in which the female and male have same behavior or same roles?  We cannot. Therefore, how can gender by a human patriarchal construct? For a website that critiques human supremacy, how can an anthropomorphic interpretation of gender and a dismissal of gender in all other creatures be rationalized?
By being ignorant about other species, and ignorant that humans are just one species related to other species, Homo indoorsians can get lost in their own denial and vanity. They then cannot imagine that there are actual real biological differences between men and women.
Incredibly, they are so disconnected that they deny that levels of estrogen do, in fact, effect female behavior. “I don’t behave differently when I’m on my period!”  Right!  Can you scream that a bit louder please?
They can even deny that adding estrogen to food or water supply effects male behavior.  Here again, as environmentalists, how can they not see that pollution effects males and females differently? This pollution that can target one sex more than another has been intentional, not accidental as is the pollution of mercury and aluminum in vaccines.  Environmentalists should note that New World Order gender blurring is not just through the feminist and gay social engineering operations, it is also being brought about by chemical attacks.
The fertility of a generation of men is being put at risk because estrogen, a hormone found in the Pill, is getting into drinking water… dailymail.co.uk/health/article-105466/Fertility-timebomb-…

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“And we will never accept that femininity is natural to women.”  
There it is, the attack on the feminine, which I write about in my series.  Is femininity natural at all?  By framing all qualities as human constructs, feminists can claim that there are no qualities intrinsic to gender. This attack equals the attack on family, because families are weakened when true natural polarity is not respected.
The New World Order wants to destroy family so we can all be equal test tube babies brought up in baby farms. We wouldn’t want parents teaching children unequally, right?  So, radical feminists, trained by the CIA as we will see, want no race, no class, no gender. 
The New World Oder which includes the Rothschild banksters, the Vatican, and the military industrial complex,  assigned the CIA (and more recently people like George Soros) to fund front organizations, such as Ms. Magazine, to “transform” society.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

– “Alice Walker, Audre Lorde, and Barbara Smith, among others, were integral to the Second Wave of radical feminist theory.”

Alice Walker and Gloria Steinem were and are CIA agents. I cover this in Vol. 1.
I researched the following  about Audre Lorde… “In 1954, she spent a pivotal year as a student at the National University of Mexico, a period described by Lorde as a time of affirmation and renewal because she confirmed her identity on personal and artistic levels as a lesbian and poet. On her return to New York, Lorde went to college, worked as a librarian, continued writing, and became an active [sports sex] participant in the gay culture of Greenwich Village. Lorde furthered her education at Columbia University,  earning a master’s degree in library science in 1961. During this time she also worked as a librarian at Mount Vernon Public Library and married attorney Edward Ashley Rollins; they later divorced in 1970…   A turning point for Lorde was the year 1968. She received a National Endowment for the Arts grant… ” 
National Endowment for the Arts grant… Bingo, the deep state funded Audre Lorde‘s fragmenting dysfunctional work.
Carlos D. Davis
Managing Director, CIA Recruitment Center Diversity Programs
Carlos D. Davis is Chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency Fine Arts Commission and has developed many intelligence-related exhibits, among them, the highly regarded Cold War Exhibit at the CIA.
In that capacity, he has served as the project manager for the installation of several Art-in-Government projects. Mr. Davis is also a founding member of Advisory Board of Directors and Advisory Council of the International Spy Museum. He served as the CIA’s official Loaned Executive Officer for the 2004 Combined Federal Campaign, serving as the Account Executive for the CIA, the National Gallery of Art, the National Endowment for the Arts [bingo], Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
So now we know why 1968 was a turning point year for Lorde. She became financially sponsored by the CIA.
And who is the third Deep Green Resistance darling, Barbara Smith, lauded on the DGR FAQ?  For one, she is another black lesbian.
From Wikipedia – In 1973, she [Barbara Smith] attended her first meeting of the National Black Feminist Organization in New York City. From her first moments at the conference, Smith “knew I was home.”[6]

Smith settled in Boston after receiving an MA in Literature from the University of Pittsburgh. Beverly [Barbara’s lesbian twin sister] Smith’s staff position at Ms. Magazine  [created and funded by CIA, see Vol 1 of my book] allowed Beverly to obtain critical contacts,[13] and through the publication, met Margaret Sloan, a founder of the National Black Feminist Organization (NBFO).

The NBFO focused its energies on the interconnectedness of many prejudices that faced African-American [lesbian] women: racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and Lesbophobia. [In other words “black feminism” morphed into black homosexuality, and straight women were not represented.] The women elected Margaret Sloan-Hunter, one of the early editors of [CIA] Ms. Magazine and an associate of [CIA agent] Gloria Steinem, as their chair.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“The women mentioned above made sure that these overlapping systems of oppression were recognized and highlighted.”
So Deep Green Resistance FAQ looks up to CIA created feminism for it’s guidance and then advocates erasing gender, by citing three lesbians as it’s heroins. Again…
“Alice Walker, Audre Lorde, and Barbara Smith, among others, were integral to the Second Wave of radical feminist theory.” 
By the way, Alice Walker is not a clear, centered, real woman. A woman is a polarity opposite of the male pole. One can’t be both neutral and a sexual pole.  A person has to decide if they are a real man or woman, or something blurred. It is yin that makes men yang, and yang that makes women yin. A lesbian is not a clear sexual pole. CIA agent Alice Walker was assigned to seduce and mitigate the revolutionary musical artist, Tracy Chapman.
“Only after this trust and solidarity is established will women be able to organize collectively to overthrow male power. ”
By becoming lesbians!
“All biological males [of all species in all of history of planet earth] benefit from patriarchy. No internal identity or emotional state can change the material reality of those benefits. Only changing the material conditions—ending patriarchy—can end those benefits. “
Since personal choice won’t save the world from the male conspiracy, they are implying that new institutions will. Big Brother will save the world through “fair” new laws.
I discuss wannabe men who promote an all male value system in my books, in which only the things which men receive are considered benefits, while ignoring the world that women can experience (which men can never experience) and discounting that feminine world as worthless.  I call this “the all male paradigm.”

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“Women who resist femininity and men who refuse masculinity are living proof that patriarchy is not inevitable.”
No, they are proof that people can deviate from nature and be unnatural. The fact is, these deviants won’t have as many kids, and therefore these people and their viewpoint is biologically and ecologically irrelevant. That’s why I don’t care about homosexuals, because they are self-extincting.  A movement without offspring is dead in water.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“But all women [of all species!] are subjected to men’s ridicule, censure, and violence. ”
No they aren’t! It is like saying all men are subject to black widow dominatrix gold diggers. No, most women are subject to loving spouses, and vice versa.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“Nothing we do individually will free us.” 
Right, only a “fair” one world government will “free us.”  Here the radical feminists want everyone to join hands and do what? Will they overthrow dimorphism in all species on Earth?
“That’s why Jews were forced to wear yellow stars—they had to be visually demarcated as subhuman.”
This shows the roots of radical feminism… defending the poor Jew, just as the Rothschild Zionist Anti-defamation League would dictate! They could have used as their example the fact that Jews circumcise themselves to show superiority and murder anyone else as sub human.  Instead they defend the Rothschild banksters who orchestrated both the financing and policy of Nazi Germany. It is almost as if the Rothschild controlled CIA (Allen Dulles, Rothschild insider was first CIA civilian Director) wrote the FAQ.  Adding this Jewish thing is icing on cake.
If nothing else, we are now seeing that the writers of the radical feminist FAQ for Deep Green Resistance website, are basically mind controlled by the CIA psy-op, called Ms. Magazine, and writers like Walker, Lorde, and Smith.  In buying into the CIA mind programming,  DGR becomes a defacto arm of Zionist New World Order.  This exactly is how websites and organizations and even individuals get co-opted. 
We can be sure that Derrick Jensen’s stance on resistance would have made him a target and we can be sure that some of his trusted friends are assets of the state, without him knowing it. He needs to study CIA feminism.

All seeing eye in Jerusalem built by Rothschilds. No Justice possible.


From FAQ… 
“In Iran, it’s not just illegal for a barber to give a girl a “boy’s” haircut: it’s punishable by death. The visual demarcation is crucial to the ideological demarcation of human and non-human, subject and object, person and thing.”
Wrong.  Dimorphism in humans is embellished in every culture on Earth, because humans don’t have feathers or manes or big antlers.  We humans dress our boys and girls differently to emphasis the sexual polarity. In order to avoid extinction, natural polarity is upheld culturally, or else, non-reproducing confused lesbians might be the result.
We can easily see that gender blurring is illegal for any society that wants children and grand children.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“At the center of all of this is rape.”
At the center of many lesbian’s psychology is the trauma of being molested or raped when young and no longer able to trust half the human race. This is sad truth.Rape was unknown in Libya, as example of a traditional culture, before NATO arrived. Rape is not typical human behavior.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“When that happens, patriarchy will be over and the concept of gender will have no meaning. ”
The writer of this doesn’t just sound like a mimic. She is actually an agent of New World Order.  She might not be paid for her work, but she is repeating NWO memes. This site has been infiltrated by people indoctrinated by second wave feminism which equals the CIA. As we will see, site founder Derrick Jensen himself goes into denial about the facts.
No environmentalist would be ignorant of the photos of sexual reproduction offered above. Here is one more image, showing the gender differentiation in most flowers. Flowers are the genitalia of plants.  Pollen is sperm.  Notice the word ovary.
Labeled Male Reproductive System Diagram - ClipArt Best
“What about two-spirits or other indigenous third/other gender roles?
Non-indigenous people have no right to an opinion on this issue.”
That was great way to sidestep learning. The question was not about opinions, the question is “how are these alternatives co-existing with normal polarity.”

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“In fact, research shows that the majority of children who have symptoms of “gender dysphoria”, when not “treated” with some form of medical intervention, will grow up to be happy, healthy, non-gender dysphoric adults, most of whom are gay or lesbian.[6] ”
This is out and out lie. Most homosexuals are like most war veterans, deeply troubled.

Sexual Orientation and Depression: Statistics and Where to …

LGBT students are more likely than heterosexual students to report high levels of drug use, feelings of depression, and suicide attempts. Help is available.
“Indeed, as radicals, we actively question and abandon many of the identities to which we have been socialized.”
Well, there you have it. These people are not conservatives who want to conserve something, they are radicals who want to reinvent the world for a benevolent Big Brother to enforce. Along with abandoning their own identities, they are determined that you abandon yours also and that no tradition is respected or left unturned.
“No one has ever—not once—asked us about women’s emotional well-being, or implied that it’s men’s job to take care of women, even though it’s men who are committing the violence.”
What are they talking about? Every husband has the job to provide for his wife. Wow. I guess none of these people had a dad with a job.

From the Deep Green Resistance FAQ

“Men commit 95 percent of the violent crime and 98 percent of the sexual crime in the US. Men need to confront other men. They need to stop each other from committing violence, both against men—in their endless wars, for instance—and against women. ”
As stated, colonialism created dysfunctional societies with dysfunctional men and women (oops, I meant persons). Feminism has made women consumers, and wars are fought to supply consumption. Women are creating the wars just as much as men are.

The Female Economy – Harvard Business Review

Women now drive the world economy. Globally, they control about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, and that figure could climb as high as $28 trillion in the …
From P…
“Thank you for taking the time to reply so extensively, and clear this for me. I really appreciate it. It seems that Derrick Jensen is a traumatized person. I have seen him many times mention that his dad was raping his brother, his mother and himself. What I have observed in FB group conversations is that the people with the most aggressive and violent attitude towards me, have been people that belonged to the lgbqti group.
“It is weird that Derrick doesn’t understand that every big movement we hear about has been co-opted, even though he frequently also mentions that this ability to co-opt original movements is one of the pillars that maintain the power of the dominant culture.  Everything is being co-opted to support consumerism, individualism and hate between everyday people. As I was mentioning the DGR statements to my mother, she actually, in the end, turned to conservative statements like ”Humanity has been this way for thousands of years” and ”Women in Mediterranean regions actually had many roles to fulfill in the family, and as such, they were not being marginalized by men.”
“She didn’t agree much with the oppression thing, LOL!  I had a neighbor who has died and he married his wife just by replying positively to a question from another man, which was : ”Do you want to marry a woman? We have one here available” !!! It was that easy and not complicated 50-70 years ago!
“Yeah lesbians creep me out a bit. What do you mean when you say they are not women? What they are? Biologically they are women. I’ve heard that tribes were considering those anomalies as demons.”


I’m going to put together an article on this. Thanks for turning me on to the co-opt of DGR. Lesbians are not women, because a male or a female is one side or the other of yin-yang polarity. They can’t have their cake and eat it too. If they want to reject the polarity relationship between men and women, then they are no longer yin. And indeed, they are not attractive and don’t even know what it means to be feminine or what feminine energy might feel like or what its blessing might be. So they are not whole natural women anymore.  They have bought a dogma that has surgically removed their soft side.
One of the jokes about the early women’s suffragettes 100 years ago was that they had never kissed a man.
For many people, and increasingly with pop culture, sex is a sensation, a thrill, an orgasm, a kick, but no longer a polar relationship leading toward becoming mates and having a union with the opposite sex.
The Feminist and Gay operations want to separate sex from reproduction, but in natural life without contraception, sex equals babies equals family.  That is the ancient norm and that is how we are emotionally constructed. 
As rebels, they are unnatural, yet DGR is supposed to be an ecology network based on saving something green, something natural!
P wrote …
“Most of the acts in nature result in some kind of responsibility. If I am going to plant seeds, I have to make sure that I am going to save seeds for the next generation of plants to come. If am fishing, I have to make sure I am not over fishing, so I am responsible for the continuation of the fish population.
“Sex results also in bond and responsibility. I became acquainted with most of the terms in your book, then as you read and read, it becomes easier. Beyond words and through words, an article reflects a deeper meaning or spirit that the reader may learn to recognize.”

Ray wrote…  

Well well well… the following was Derrick’s reaction to the article…. “Delete me from your email list. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever read. You clearly have no understanding of what any of my work is about. Do not ever contact me again. Delete me from your list. This is literally insane. Jesus Christ. This is beyond insane. It is really fucking stupid. Delete me from your list.”
P wrote…
“He didn’t cite the reasons why he disagreed and this was an opportunity for him to relate his work to what you wrote in the article. I don’t believe that Derrick Jensen wants gender and race to be abolished. For one, so many lesbians wouldn’t existed without industrialization that he opposes so much. In a natural setting we would want to be natural.”
Ray wrote…
I agree with you, but his reaction was amazing.
He and I shared three emails.
This was my last one….

“The UN is full of good altruistic people, as is WHO as is the CDC. The three people sited by the FAQ, Walker, Lorde and Smith are all CIA funded and controlled. That is the fact. Your reaction is not mature brother. I love and respect your work, one of the few ecologists I know. And you have respected mine. Now buckle down and when you have the time, you will see that I nailed it and every paragraph makes sense and has validity. Obviously your buttons were pushed and I can be the friend for you if you want to work through it. The statements in the FAQ are insane and I show broadly and accurately why they are insane. Are these people who wrote it ecologists? Did you write it? Do they know dimorphism isn’t “essentialism”, it is reality and continues the habit known as REPRODUCTION for almost all species.

“Let’s chill. You are a strong ally for me. Walker and Steinem go way back as CIA assets. I’ll give you space, but re-read it very slowly and lets for sure meet. You will like me.

“And focus on the Roswell reality. We are being manipulated as a race and this other civilization could give a rat’s ass about the Mother Earth. We have a common enemy. Repeat, I do love you, but you are right, I am not a follower and don’t know all about your work, but the FAQ should just be deleted, or include my article as a counter point. 🙂

“Chill Derrick! We are family and having a sibling tizzy.”

He is in denial, can’t look at it, has reacted violently just like you said, and went so far as to call me a conspiracy bullshitter. I knew there was something wrong with Derrick’s world and investigated to see if he was gay, but found nothing. He is damaged from his childhood, as you shared with me, which I didn’t know, but that explains it. He is damaged goods as are his crowd of lesbians. The FAQyou showed me is completely bankrupt, but he is unable to look at it. But I did push his buttons because I was telling the truth, so someday he may return, but he asked me to no longer email him.
I’ve seen this before. If someone has sexual issues from childhood, they are truly damaged and they protect the wound. THANKS P, what an amazing thing happened in last 24 hours!

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