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December 2016

The Myth of Prosperity and Free Energy Utopia

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The Myth of Prosperity and Free Energy Utopia  by Ray Songtree “In reality, Darwin showed us that evolution does not progress toward an ideal concept or model, but rather is a work of tinkering toward adaptation in local niches.”  – James Kozubek is author of Modern Prometheus: Editing the Human Genome with Crispr-Cas9. If our coordinates of understanding are not grounded in reality, they will not serve us. These days many memes exist in a bubble of fantasy. That is dangerous. Let’s start by looking first at “growth.” Unlimited growth on a limited planet is neither logical nor possible, and unlimited energy on a limited planet is also impossible. This is a central understanding. It is called ecology. Globalists such as Dr. Steven Greer, who I have met, want Big Brother to regulate the use of unlimited free energy. That is, he wants a one world government.  No thanks.  Greer thinks he will pick the wise council that will govern the world and regulate free energy devices. He is collecting money from salivating groupies for a big announcement next year of ‘free energy’ to ‘save the world,’ but he doesn’t have such a device, “which we know exists.”  He, like Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement as well as many other activists such as Josh Del Sol maker of film Take Back Your Power, or Richard Heinberg of Post-Carbon Institute, think that peace and abundance will come with shared prosperity, but this is not true. Material prosperity means extraction. Material…

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Global Warming: The Unsettled Science or The Big Sell? – A Study Guide

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Global Warming: The Unsettled Science or The Big Sell? – A Study Guide by Ray Songtree Yes, glaciers are melting. Yes, antarctic ice increasing. Yes, other planets are warming. What is going on? Is all this due to fossil fuels? Introduction to Study Guide We have been told again and again that 97% of scientists agree that planetary warming is man made and that “the science is settled.” Let us ask, “Exactly who surveyed all the scientists of world?” Author Mark Steyn uncovered so much fraud and deception by climate change propagandists that he compiled an entire book on the matter entitled A Disgrace to the Profession. Here’s an excerpt that explains the shocking intellectual fraud behind the “97% of scientists” claim: An opinion survey of earth scientists on global climate change was conducted by Margaret R K Zimmerman, MS, and published by the University of Illinois in 2008. “…97 per cent of the world’s scientists supposedly believe in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming requiring massive government intervention. That percentage derives from a survey conducted for a thesis by M R K Zimmerman. The “survey” was a two-question, online questionnaire sent to 10,257 earth scientists, of whom 3,146 responded. Of the responding scientists, 96.2 per cent came from North America. Only 6.2 per cent came from Canada. So the United States is over-represented even within that North American sample. Nine per cent of US respondents are from California. So California is over-represented within not just the US sample: it has over…

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War of the Machines and Voting with Your Feet

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Letter Edward, Zionists will come and go. So will Vatican. They are expendable puppets for whoever came along here 6000 years ago. Please remember hierarchical religion and pyramids etc, is what started slave agriculture.  Same onslaught.  The slaves needed a belief system so it was manufactured by people with siddhi powers, “gods.”  Israel will be gone soon enough, which just creates more diaspora. (scattering)  This is something globalists would want in order to create their blurred global mix for the most efficient global management. Islam is just the latest Abrahamic religion, monotheism.  Monotheism is the problem.  Keep looking at that please. “We are all One.” Now being folded into New Age.  What always wins is the “material culture” as anthropologists call it….  the TECHNOLOGY. It doesn’t matter, this religion or that. That just creates more conflict and more diaspora. Bingo. The tech is being made to even survive biological death of planet which is also being engineered with these nano techs….  Unless we expose, stop them, create the alternative.  Indeed the movie series Terminator with Schwarzenegger was predictive programming for the war of the machines. We are there already actually. Even the stock market is now a war of the machines through software, and if they chip everyone, there will be a war of the machines to control everyone’s chip…. It comes down to lifestyle.  We vote with our feet. .   On 12/2/2016 at 4:57 AM, “Ed wrote:    Dearborn Michigan YouTube is astounding. What if the Zionists are…

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The Re-Localization of Helena Norberg-Hodge : The meaning of Local Plural Futures

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Two of my heroes, Richard Heinberg and Helena Norberg-Hodge have come together to show their common globalist indoctrination, easily recognizable in her recent misunderstanding of Brexit and Trump –  [bracketed comments below by Ray Songtree] “Trump alone among all the presidential candidates said that he saw no point in fomenting conflict with Russia. Trump alone questioned NATO’s continued existence 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Trump alone said that he would work to bring middle class jobs back to America. And Trump said that he would enforce immigration laws. Is this racism or is this a defense of citizenship? How is the US a country, if there is no difference between illegal aliens and citizens?” – Paul Craig Roberts Trump: the illusion of change  by Helena Norberg-Hodge  www.localfutures.org November 18, 2016 by Helena Norberg-Hodge   “Only by restoring the broken connections can we be healed.”  – Berry Wendell [  “In order to restore our ancient connected mind and lifestyle, we must unplug from globalist socialization and return to local independent production.” –Ray Songtree  ]           Donald Trump’s candidacy – with its simplistic policy positions [such as enforceable borders and US  no longer being world’s policeman] and its undercurrent of racism and sexism [as character assassination by thousands of globalist owned venues including all mainstream networks]  – left most of us [in the globalized propaganda blur] believing he couldn’t possibly win. [Helena Norberg-Hodge has been mind programmed like everyone who listens to globalist owned…

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The Smear Word Anti-Semite: Anti-Defamation League Defames the Truth

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Mirror of   http://one-just-world.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-definitive-guide-to-anti-semitism.html The author tears to shreds the legitimacy of idea that anti-semitism is not justified.  The reader can decide… (Please note deleted blank videos censored by Google owned youtube below) The definitive guide to Anti-Semitism; an ADL inspired definition 25.6.16 The age old problem of Anti-Semitism examined from a uniquely Jewish perspective! {This Article solely focuses on the individuals listed and does not infer any collusion or complicity by association or otherwise.} Go to Chapter:   ◆Holocaust Deniers ◆World War 1 & 2 ◆4,000 years of perpetual Victims ◆Zionism vs Judaism ◆Great Jews shaping History ◆The State of Israel ◆The biggest Anti-Semite Ever ◆Conclusion Anti-Semitism is such an odious, repugnant expression of bigotry and racism, its adherents are deservedly universally reviled. Jews have suffered so much over the millennia that a special term was coined for this gratuitous racism against these poor, perpetual victims, i.e. ‘Anti-Semitism’, and they are also protected by law from such prejudice! ◆Holocaust Deniers It is now also deservedly illegal in many countries to deny their Shoah, aka the Holocaust, which is the wholesale slaughter of no less than six million (6,000,000) Jews by Hitler and his NAZIs. There are however always bigoted Anti-Semites who would want to deny their suffering like Rabbi Moishe Ayre Friedman, the Chief Rabbi of Vienna who attended The International Conference on “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision” in Teheran on the 11-12 December 2006 and stated that: “The Holocaust is successful historical fiction”. Anti-Semite nearly killed! Jew…

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