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War of the Machines and Voting with Your Feet



Zionists will come and go. So will Vatican. They are expendable puppets for whoever came along here 6000 years ago. Please remember hierarchical religion and pyramids etc, is what started slave agriculture.  Same onslaught.  The slaves needed a belief system so it was manufactured by people with siddhi powers, “gods.”  Israel will be gone soon enough, which just creates more diaspora. (scattering)  This is something globalists would want in order to create their blurred global mix for the most efficient global management.

Islam is just the latest Abrahamic religion, monotheism.  Monotheism is the problem.  Keep looking at that please.

“We are all One.” Now being folded into New Age. 

What always wins is the “material culture” as anthropologists call it….  the TECHNOLOGY. It doesn’t matter, this religion or that. That just creates more conflict and more diaspora. Bingo.

The tech is being made to even survive biological death of planet which is also being engineered with these nano techs….  Unless we expose, stop them, create the alternative. 

Indeed the movie series Terminator with Schwarzenegger was predictive programming for the war of the machines. We are there already actually. Even the stock market is now a war of the machines through software, and if they chip everyone, there will be a war of the machines to control everyone’s chip….

It comes down to lifestyle.  We vote with our feet.

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Genesis – It is not science fiction




On 12/2/2016 at 4:57 AM, “Ed wrote:

 Dearborn Michigan YouTube is astounding. What if the Zionists are the scapegoats for the Jesuit agenda to control the world? Do you believe that there will be a global war between the Jesuits and the Muslims for global control? Do you believe that the Book of Revelation forecasts are on the horizon, and that they will be actualized during Trump’s Presidency?    Ed
below, 5 minute video






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