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Unrig the System or Unplug?

Cynthia Mckinney, Robert Steele Embark On UNRIG Tour - The Daily Coin

I admire Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele’s determination with their work to bring integrity to government.  They have just completed their first road trip to start a new citizens initiative that is neither left nor right, but encompasses the 99% who are presently being lied to and used by the 1%.

Their name for their project is #Unrig. The name is based on Trump’s terminology, but Trump is a mixed up man who can’t sort out his Jewish roots nor his Zionist in-laws.   Trump cannot drain Washington DC of corruption because his family is Zionist.  McKinney, Steele and myself agree that the “Zio-cons” are the most poisonous toxins in our society and the world, with a long history that I have written about. 

Trump’s first move was to stop TPP. His many other promises seem stuck in the muck of DC swamp, but his mind, as with all city people, is short sighted.  Without a working relationship with the land, humans are lost in space.

For myself “unrigging the system” is an oxymoron.

The name “Unrig” needs to be re-thought because it is linked to “system.”   There is no mega system that will be just. When a huge population crowds into one cage, we will act like rats. When we need to be numbered and classified to deal with millions upon millions of citizens, we will be married to technocracy, rations, and become gradually inhuman.  And, this is already happening.

A name such as UNPLUG might prove to be more efficacious during the systematic economic and logistic collapse we actually face.  It doesn’t matter whether the system is corrupt or not, it will collapse. An example is finding jobs for college graduates. Will these young, fresh, strong, smart people waste their time waiting for a non-existent job to appear that fulfills their moot expectations, or will they get on with survival, which will eventually mean leaving the cities and finding places to grow food?  Or does the reader think that welfare is endlessly sustainable?

For myself, exposing the crimes of the system could help scuttle the system sooner, which is what is needed if millions of other species will avoid human caused extinction.  Because I am not a human supremacist, I think every other species is as important as our own.

The present corrupt system should not be fixed or replaced, because the scale of the present system is itself wrong.  A system can be so big, that it can no longer avoid abuse.  It does not need to be transformed or cleaned up or unrigged or replaced. It needs to just go away and then we can return to the world before globalization and industrialization.

By exposing the abuse of the too big system, we can stop trusting big government, big ag, big pharma, big utilities, big anything, global anything, federal anything, and eventually state anything and return to home rule, local borders, and an end to flag waving and ugly wars.

As long as we support a global transportation system or a global communications system, we will also support a global enforcement system. No thanks. Bring all the troops home. Ban Facebook internet drones over indigenous homelands. Respect their isolation!

The answer to too much government regulation and enforcement, as well as the plagues facing us, is in my opinion, to grow our own clean food and stop depending on factory manufacturing. We don’t need products from overseas.  When we become self sufficient, we will have nothing to enforce overseas. Plus we have food that we know was not farmed with chemicals. We won’t need the USDA or FDA. We won’t need “safety” regulation because we will have side stepped the possibility of negligence.

For some reason, poisonous rivers and ground water is okay for most Americans.  Let’s see what they think when death rate exceeds birth rate. It is coming, and is being sped along by intentional frequency and vaccine poisoning.  Overpopulation won’t be a problem soon. The elite are not planning on an overpopulated society. They are culling the herd already. The problem very soon will be finding clean water.  As people revert to collecting water from their roofs, the polluted skies will come under scrutiny, and once again, industrialization will look guilty.

Ask, how many more decades can humans who need potable water, also poison it?  Well, before we kill off everything, the elite are already killing us, so there is nothing to worry about, except that the elite are monsters.  That is why I want to expose them.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell

For some people utopia is still magically waiting for us, and “human consciousness will develop,’ even though there is no evidence that it ever develops, because only innocence is spiritually pure. Mystics don’t try to become evolved, they try to regain the depth of being aware by un-conditioning their minds. The more “advanced” any being becomes,  the less innocent and less self-sufficient they become.  I have yet to meet anyone who was spiritually “evolved” and not proud of it.  The people who I see as deep are not proud and don’t consider themselves developed.  So “evolving”, “progressing” or “advancing” needs to be replaced with “purifying” and “simplifying” as we bust the system that pollutes the Earth and threatens our own intrinsic existential personal sovereignty.

Are there “advanced civilizations?”  There are not.  The homeless voyeurs upstairs brought us their satanic high tech.  Who thinks satanism is advanced? No thanks on science, period. Natural tribes didn’t destroy the Earth, scientific high tech “advanced” tribes did.

Of course, anyone addicted to modern lifestyle will balk, but too bad, modern lifestyle is not sustainable. Ask the unemployed who will find welfare drying up. Today, hundreds of millions of people live without electricity. Will they have more chance of survival in future, or will the reader, who balks at returning to a non-polluting pre-industrial world?

My goal is to expose the crimes from top to bottom, so people distrust all authority and return to the consciousness and lifestyle we had before fake cosmologies/religions were introduced some thousands of years ago. The Earth will insure that we return to this anyway, but I would like to speed it up by exposing the pedophilia.  Pedophilia, the most heinous crime,  insures that a pocket of denial lies within the conscience of the elite, which makes sure they are tolerant of abuse.  They are also blackmail-able.

They need to unplug also.  Most people don’t realize the elite are themselves victims.

The history of our present corruption is quiet old because civilization and corruption are one in the same. What “civilized” people call “civilized” is pavement.  A “civilized” civilization has always, in fact, included slavery. 

State run agriculture came with state run religion in Mesopotamia.  Iraq had vast forests back then also.  State run religion was needed as opiate for we slaves.  We, by the way, who today continue cutting down the forests for “progress.” And we, who still believe in a godhead!  We who still give away our own sovereignty!  The ancient history is that religion and environmental impact are not separate threads.  They are “the system.” 

Every “system” is abusive, but the bigger the system, the taller the pyramid of abuse.

Perhaps when more revelations about Israel, about Vatican, about Islam come out, perhaps also, India will be ready to look at the caste system.  Then Sanskrit can be dumped and India can quit looking afar for so called guidance. It is difficult to imagine a country that discriminates against the very people who clean up the untouchable poop of the rulers! Hypocrisy seems to be the staircase to “higher consciousness.”  With abusiveness as criteria,  we can compare the masonic pyramid of the West with the pyramid of caste system in India. We see that Brahmanism and A-brahamism are related. Both were channeled “systems.”  Moses was an ET channeler. Brahmanism seems more tolerant than monotheism if one ignores the caste “system.”

Unrig the government? Unrig the system? Unrig the culture?

How about unrig the self by unplugging.

An ancient abusive system can’t be unrigged, it needs to just be composted. Any system based on hierarchical power needs to be dumped.  Native Americans didn’t have state run agriculture nor state run religion.  Rather than unrigging the system, we need to unplug from it, and survival will be our reward.

The Earth is on my side.  Mining is unsustainable and will fail.  Some people who don’t understand that a pond cannot support unlimited fish and will become septic with enough fish poop, will also not be able to see that mining which pollutes ground water is un-sustainable. All products of mining also pollute groundwater. When we consider this, we see that mining and industrialization are crimes against life itself . 

So whose backyard is the reader willing to destroy to maintain your modern lifestyle?  Let’s keep asking that.  My answer is no one’s back yard should be polluted, and we need to unplug.

Factory anything is an unnecessary immoral indulgence. We don’t need factories to be happy. We were happy for a million years. Getting drunk on stuff is not happiness.  The “pursuit of happiness” in Declaration of Independence was written by an aristocrat and slave owner.  Was Jefferson evolved?  The ethnic cleansing aristocrat behind the Indian Removal Act, Thomas Jefferson?  Hello? 

Is the American system the greatest? Well it kidnapped the most people to use as slaves. It eradicated the natives. It poisoned its own ground water. It dropped the first atomic bomb. It hosted the Singularity Institute in “Silicon Valley” where apricots used to grow, and before that Valley Oak with delicious acorns.

Yea, I am going native. I want solutions, not band-aids. I will support the stone age way, not the mining way. I will unplug from system, not try to re-rig a sinking slave ship.

The system now is presently depopulating the biosphere and replacing it with Smart Cities where, eventually, genetically engineered clones will maintain the hardware for AI, to extract whatever the “advanced civilizations” want.  No thanks.

The former pre-colonization, pre-indebted tribes lived quite well all over the Earth for a million years, while our industrial masonic culture led by the “pursuit of happiness” is killing the planet in just 200 years.

F–king electricity.

Therefore, as far as unrigging the system, (re-rigging the system)  let’s ask if any system built on mining,  industrialization, and electricity, needs better rigging? If we are to avoid destabilizing the biosphere system, we need to unplug the industrial system so life can survive.

No, I am not parroting Maurice Strong.  He was just stating why the 1% want to control everyone else. If we, the people, incarcerate the 1%, we still have a problem. We need a clean planet.

Let’s remember that unrigging just means re-rigging.

Let’s ask seriously,  do we re-rig or unplug? 

Only if we consider survival as perhaps a relevant issue, will we take this question seriously.

Can we ever have a system of integrity built upon the exploitation of life itself?


Report on Campaign by Robert Steele :   #UNRIG Log: First Tour Completed, Lessons Learned, Plans

by Editor

The fires in Oregon (and Washington, and Montana) led our primary donor in Oregon to turn us away, and rightly so. Calls to fire departments confirmed an ash cloud over Portland, the main route closed for 100 miles around, and traffic grid-lock, they all said we should cancel our plans to come north. So we did. Instead we came back via the same route, did two more meetings, and the RV is now in storage. Three big things came out of this first pilot tour:

01 The damage done to us by the MeetUp cancellation of our paid ($77,300) Pro network of 435 MeetUps has been substantial. We drove too many miles for too few meetings. We are resolved to build our own replacement for MeetUp (as well as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and stopped to meet John McAfee.. We will spend the next three months building our base toward a six month tour from January – July 2018 that puts Cynthia’s “powercell” vision into action everywhere. We are also designing this from scratch to be international from day one.

02 We cannot rely on social media fund-raising that is too easily destroyed by crowd-stalkers or censored by #GoogleGestapo. Now that Cynthia is fully engaged we are going face to face with donors capable of giving $250K to $2M a year to our accredited non-profit educational endeavor — and coordinating closely with the IRS via our Certified Public Accountant. The value of the integrity of our campaign, our organization, and our leading personalities cannot be over-stated.

03 Cynthia and Robert did a Vulcan mind-meld with many hours of conversation. We are now pivoting from Robert’s original focus and leadership on an Election Reform Act conversation in the very near term hopeful for Presidential leadership, toward Cynthia’s focus on creating powercells in all 435 Congressional Districts to bring together diverse groups of no fewer than 12 who are capable of appreciative inquiry together, and capable of orchestrated action at the Member level, toward demanding that their respective Members co-sponsor and vote for an Election Reform Act in time to create an honest Congress in the 2018 elections. Put most simply: Cynthia is now Project Manager for #UNRIG while Robert pivots to work with others to create our cyber-base in support of Cynthia.

Updates will continue to appear here: #UNRIG @ Phi Beta Iota — subscription is free with a goal of three posts a day.


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