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Monotheism, Patrick Wood, Henry Makow, Sean Caron


I was on a radio show out of Reno last year. Nice guy and dedicated truther,  Sean Caron.  He will have Henry Makow on next month and wants me for second hour. I don’t know who is more an anti-Israel jew, Henry or I.

All seeing eye in Jerusalem built by Rothschilds. No Justice possible.

This 2005 interview was just published three days ago… Henry Makow ~ Jews and Zionism’   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uPGLNKWa9I
(at minute 21, Orthodox Jews are blacklisted by Jewish owned MSN !)

I’ve been listening to Sean Caron radio shows on youtube and the Christian echo chamber is hard to crack.  Many Christians think the only morality on Earth is judeo christian. They equate morality with the Bible, and anything else cannot be moral.  However the Bible doesn’t have the only franchise on the Golden Rule. Kindness and morality are known every where. And also, so is cruelty and evil.  All cultures teach the Golden Rule.

I listened to Patrick Wood interview (link below)…  at minute 1.33,  a Native American man called in and asked a hard question which neither Sean or Patrick could field in order to address the point of the question.  Our “great republic” is on stolen land!  Where is the grand judeo christian morality? In fact the judeo christian ethic is to steal.

From indigenous eyes, the dominant culture, which in the Americas is Christian, is not defensible. And from the environment’s eyes, it is criminal.  So we can have labels like right wing or left, constitutional or not, colonial or new world order, these are just labels within the dominant culture which is a rip off culture. 

Sean pointed out that we are all targeted now. True, but we won’t offer an alternative to domination of nature with supremacist thinking. We won’t do it with pluralistic, anything goes, liberal thinking either. Morality needs to become very local, and “we” can then bring about many alternative cultures, new unique styles of stewardship to replace the one dominant “world order.”

I receive Patrick Wood’s Technocracy newsletter, and value it. Patrick has done much research on Trilateral Commission, however, in the interview he thinks Rockefeller discovered Brzezinski.  Not so. Brzezinski didn’t write his books, with an illuminati eye on the cover! His book was a big production by the illuminati elite and then promoted.  Penguin was told to publishe Brzezinski’s book. They obeyed.

Quote from his illuminati book-

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

– Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, 1970

Following the pattern of other groomed puppets, Brzezinski edited the material that was provided to him, just like Orwell and Huxley had done.  Nelson Rockefeller groomed and placed Kissinger.  David Rockefeller groomed and placed Brzezinski. They controlled presidents Nixon and Carter.

The Rockefeller Foundation and their estates are run by Kuhn and Loeb, which is the Rothschilds.  Rothchild controls it all. Some think it is the Vatican at top, but the Vatican lost secrecy once Rothschilds began managing the Vatican Treasury and a paper trail on funds began. The Jesuits then had to share power. They could be exposed. (The Vatican is under a satanic and perhaps ET influence as direct evidence shows. Important link.)
Patrick has researched technocracy, but he missed that the co-founder of Technocracy Inc, was Maxwell Hubbard, who went on to have research position for Shell (owned by pedo Queen Elizabeth). Hubbard come up with a scheduled Peak Oil theory, which masks that oil was being secretly hidden. The scientific community was led to believe (NOAA performs same disservice for fake global warming) that we would run out of oil on a predictable date.And like magic, the oil was shut down to coincide with the model. Hubbard, like plagiarist Einstein, was heralded as a genius.

Over time, peak oil is a fact. Supply can’t keep up with demand. Simple enough. Most people forget that on a limited planet, resource depletion is inevitable, but timing the decline in the manner Hubbard did, then excused more war and the depopulation programs. 

Hubbard didn’t accurately predict peak oil, he offered predictive programming for the entire scam. At the same time, MI5 had created Muslim Brotherhood and took over Saudi Arabia with their placed royalty. At same time Rothschild created Israel. The take over of world has been full spectrum for a long time.

Patrick is not alone in missing these connections. He missed the illuminati control of Technocracy Inc and of Brzezinski. It takes a wide net to pick up on this.  I’m certainly not saying my net is wider than his, but being a seeker of truth, without studying the limitations of one’s own religion is lobotomizing.

For example, Patrick believes that “the human heart” is wicked, because his bible says so, and therefore, you know, we need to look up to ‘god’ because we can’t trust ourselves.  He needs to re think this.

Many Christians (who cannot define their own terms because in dogma, examining foundational terms is taboo) can’t imagine that there are thousands of other cultures that  existed before and since Moses, which don’t believe the human heart is wicked or needs a crutch. Guidance, sure. A heavenly teat, nay.

Thousands of cultures before monotheism, existed within nature, not on top of nature. They did not long for heaven, they practiced strength and balance, because they were here to stay, not stripping the land for an elite and waiting for salvation.

Most cultures were close to the quiet honest wilderness, not near to mind programming enforced once a week on the ‘sabbath’, or else!

Those without dogma are more spiritual than those with dogma.

Believers in monotheism are terrorized from infancy. If you perform labor on mind control day,  you might get stoned by your lovely neighbors. If you criticize Islam in Pakistan, Facebook will report you and you can get killed!  If the US was founded on judeo christian ethic how does the fact that the founding fathers were Masons into a “new order of the ages” fit in? It doesn’t.

Broad polytheistic cultures are allowing. Monotheism is oppressive.

With thousands of years of mind control and the vanity of thinking that one’s own programs are THE TRUTH, Christian (and Jewish and Muslim) supremacists then presume that they offer the only morality on Earth.

It is opposite. They offer domination. Domination means victims. They offer sheeple-hood and the pecking order of abuse.  But the dominant culture is proud and always correct so, they offer progress! 

Patrick comes out and says in interview that he is not anti-technology.  If we believe in health, we need to be anti-technology and this is why. If one is loyal to life on Earth and to the right of life for millions of other species, it is impossible to be both pro tech and pro Earth, because technology equals mining. 

Mining is ALWAYS destructive.  The same place can’t be mined twice. Replacing mountains with poisonous watersheds equals modern technology.

But for people who think “god” is real, and Earth is just collateral, than mining and destruction is okay.  As with the Native American who called into the show, the issue of environmental impact is simply denied and sidelined by monotheists.

In Hindu India (as example of non-monotheistic culture, but now dominated by people like Bill Gates) every human incarnation is responsible for his or her own karma. The reality of karma (cause and effect) is much wiser and supporting of personal sovereignty than Judeo-Christian follow-ship. Christians give their power away to a dominant, separate, channeled entity who calls himself the one and only god.  In the real world of cause and effect, this puffed up he or it doesn’t keep things in the balance, we do!

I feel close to Christians because they have standards that are being attacked, and Jesus himself is heavily attacked. Wicked perversion is indeed increasing and Jewish controlled Hollywood and Music Industry is the perpetrator.  The attack on virtue, which Jesus represents, is unrelenting and makes me support Jesus and his mission.

link to book

Though I see and condemn the attack on virtue, I can’t go for the supremacist stuff. 

Patrick also seems unaware that our tech came from back engineered space craft. The real daily truth is that we are living, really, in fact, in an alien civilization.

The Awakening Liberty Show with Sean Caron is hard hitting  … TECHNOCRACY RISING PATRICK WOOD …

Below, the New World Order has Jewish supremacism at the top. Israel is training our police state in United States.

Madonna promoting Hollywood Kabbala, the Jewish satanic rituals of the entertainment industry.

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