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November 2020

How the Global Reset Will Become the Global Wake Up

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Let us review the purpose of the plandemic. 1. The Global Economic Reset by globalists who control all central banks and all mainstream media was planned for decades.  It is called formally on their website “The Covid Action Platform. (link)” Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum wrote a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset (link)   2. There was never a virus. The images of people dropping dead in streets in Wuhan were all staged and a lie. Watch the first few seconds of this video (link).  Watch the man with arms tightly to his sides fall like a tree, then at last instant, suddenly break his fall with his hands and pretend to be dead.   Within a half second another man runs over to help, half a second. Then a third man runs over.  Staged. Fake. I visited China for 4 months. No one helps anyone on the street. This is a staged event with caption, ‘people dying like flies’ to tell the audience what to believe.         Then there was the phony overflowing crematory lie repeated in Mexico City, and the Bill Gates funded study at Imperial College London claiming 2.2 million deaths in US. Then the fake 25,000 deaths in Italy, average age 79.5.  This was denounced in Italian parliament (link).   David Icke was right…Why would the planners risk losing their long planned economic reset on a bioweapon that would be unpredictable and which they would not have full control over? They would…

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The Definition of Indoorsian

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Homo indoorsian is now the dominant subspecies of the species Homo sapiens. Indoorsians work, play, sleep, eat, mate, give birth, think and die indoors. For them, nature is a golf course, a manicured park, or even an image on a screen. Indoorsians who love nature will satisfy their hearts by watching nature documentaries. Indoorsians almost never go barefoot outdoors, almost never get their finger nails dirty, and almost never grow their own grain, vegetables or fruit, kill their own meat, make their own clothing, or build their own shelter. They need a machine to deliver the necessities of life for them. This is acceptable and satisfying.  They do not know what a callous might be.  They never use that word. Most Indoorsians do not know where their food was grown, and do not know exactly where their water comes from, nor do they know what chemicals have been added to their water or how much.  But they think they are intelligent. Indoorsians love the artificial.  They hate the natural which they call dirty and primitive.  The epitome of lowliness is to live with a dirt floor.  Sitting on the bare earth is dangerous because one might get dirty.  Cleaning clothes is done with toxic chemicals. Also they eat toxic food and spray their homes inside and out with toxic chemicals. This makes them feel safe. Feeling safe means living in a controlled environment.  The wilderness is scary as it represents the unknown. Indoorsians love the security of the already known…

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Trump’s Warp Speed Will Push Bill Gates GMO Vaccine

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I am once again struck by Trump’s blindness. No one can tell me now that this is Art of War.  I don’t trust him.  What is the difference between Trump’s vaccine and Bill Gates vaccine???  Read entire article please.   https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/trump-pfizer-offered-unfortunate-misrepresentation-saying-not-part-operation-warp-speed   “Trump said that the vaccine will be provided by Pfizer free of charge. In July, Pfizer struck a $1.95 billion deal with the federal government as part of Operation Warp Speed, in an effort to deliver 100 million doses of the vaccine. The money was part of an advance-purchase agreement, meaning Pfizer did not accept government money for vaccine development, unlike other frontrunners Moderna and Astrazeneca. Instead, the money will go toward the manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine.” https://www.foxnews.com/health/how-do-moderna-and-pfizer-coronavirus-vaccines-compare   “After Pfizer surfaced with positive early findings on its coronavirus vaccine candidate last week, experts were hopeful another effective vaccine would follow given similar gene technology, or the so-called messenger RNA (mRNA) platform. The new technology, which is being used by Pfizer and Moderna, injects the genes for these “spike proteins” into healthy cells to induce an immune response.”  [It is a GMO vaccine forever altering your DNA, and who knows what else is in vaccine. We are NEVER told.]   And see this, that Gates is indeed involved with Moderna.  Thus, Trump is pushing a Gates vaccine.  A GMO vaccine.     https://fort-russ.com/2020/05/exposed-bill-gates-funding-partnerships-and-moderna-americas-tangled-vaccine-web/

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