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How the Global Reset Will Become the Global Wake Up

Let us review the purpose of the plandemic.

1. The Global Economic Reset by globalists who control all central banks and all mainstream media was planned for decades.  It is called formally on their website “The Covid Action Platform. (link)”

Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum wrote a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset (link)


2. There was never a virus. The images of people dropping dead in streets in Wuhan were all staged and a lie. Watch the first few seconds of this video (link).  Watch the man with arms tightly to his sides fall like a tree, then at last instant,
suddenly break his fall with his hands and pretend to be dead.   Within a half second another man runs over to help, half a second. Then a third man runs over.  Staged. Fake. I visited China for 4 months. No one helps anyone on the street. This is a staged event with caption, ‘people dying like flies’ to tell the audience what to believe.

Falls like a tree, then at last instant, flashes out his hands to catch his fall, then fakes being unconscious, then two men, in about one second total scramble over to get in the way of the camera. The fear was fabricated.

Then there was the phony overflowing crematory lie repeated in Mexico City, and the Bill Gates funded study at Imperial College London claiming 2.2 million deaths in US. Then the fake 25,000 deaths in Italy, average age 79.5.  This was denounced in Italian parliament (link).
David Icke was right…Why would the planners risk losing their long planned economic reset on a bioweapon that would be unpredictable and which they would not have full control over? They would never do that! This global reset has a battle plan and a schedule outlined in 2020 Rockefeller PDF, Page 18, (link) Better to control all schedules by controlling the lie, like Gulf of Tonkin lie, 9/11 planned in a cave lie, Iraq WMD lie, etc.
The “outbreaks” can be manufactured by controlling 5G tuning.
The test results can be controlled by how many amplification cycles are called for.  The creator of PCR tests says (link)it was never intended for diagnosis because it cannot measure viral load. 
Death rate is controlled by saying anyone who dies of old age or any other reason, like George Floyd (Link), AND has a positive test is, by CDC definition, a “covid death.”   Hospitals are paid big money to write covid on the death certificates.  Also, very sick people can be killed with a ventilator. 

The covid panic was produced by trickery and propaganda. There is no covid virus!  It has never been isolated because it does not exist. One month after the Wuhan outbreak we were given confirmed case statistics before there was a test to confirm anything . So how could there be a confirmed case?  Of what and with what test?

The lie exists, not a virus, and don’t forget to wear your mask!
3. The “pandemic” was scheduled with 5G rollout. 5G creates hypoxia (link), a “covid” symptom which no corona virus creates. 
4. The lockdowns are enforced to produce:
A.   Compliant, resigned citizens…. masks… look around.
B.  Excuse for an untested experimental GMO vaccine and the tracing tattoo that will track your location at all times.
C.  Social distancing to create necessary space between people for tracking technologies.
D. Most important – the lockdown is intended to produce economic devastation to make people beg for universal basic ration. 
4. Digital currency rolled out, because cash carries germs. Digital currency means you will control nothing, and artificial intelligence will control everything.
5. No where to hide, we gottcha.
In this article,  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-23/millions-of-americans-expect-to-lose-their-homes-as-covid-rages  we see how the lockdowns will effect American homeowners if Harris was president. However, she and her straw man running mate lost and the election steal revealed will wake up world.
The devastation and reset will not happen because the Supreme Court will be honest and Trump was indeed re-elected. The great majority of Americans prefer Trump over a lockdown.  
We are going to see the mainstream news banned from the White House.  Infowars, Natural News and Newsmax will be there instead. All the big leftist networks will be disgraced and bankrupt within two years.  There will also be criminal arrests.  We will see the Metal of Freedom go to people like Jon Rappoport.
This is not the reset friends, so increase your out reach. THIS IS THE WAKE UP! 
Help your families. Show them the facts which they have seen never before .
Ray Songtree
Footnote – On Thanksgiving I wrote an important essay (link) ,  On that day, I saw for the first time in my life two monarch butterflies rolling in the grass making future butterflies. Affirmation. The Earth is going to win!



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