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July 2017

Smart Grid Means One World Government

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Who will manage a global energy network? A global government will. Smart Grid is designed to bring one world government control of every human being who uses electricity. In the article, energy “allocation” means rationing. “President Xi Jinping presented the plan for a world power grid at the General Assembly of the United Nations on 26 September, 2015.” Global Energy Interconnection: Vision of A World Power Grid News provided by  State Grid Corporation of China Mar 21, 2016,   BEIJING, March 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Global Energy Interconnection (GEI), a vision of a world power grid, was outlined by the State Grid Corporation of China (“State Grid”). It foresees a global smart ultra-high-voltage grid connecting power providers and consumers worldwide with clean energy across national boundaries. [No sovereign nations] An Energy Internet Zhebei-Fuzhou 1000kV UHV AC Project The mass exploitation and utilization of fossil fuel has brought a series of problems such as energy shortages, pollution and climate change. [False – see global warming study guide.] “In essence, GEI is a series of connected ultra-high voltage (UHV) grids, plus smart grids, plus clean energy. UHV grids are the key; a smart grid is the foundation, clean energy is the principle,” Liu Zhenya, president of State Grid explained. “It will serve as the platform to allocate [ration] global energy and optimize the utilization [total control in the name of efficiency] of clean energy.” [Thus far there is no source of energy that doesn’t depend on mining.] Mr. Liu drew an analogy: “The…

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The Perfect But Irrelevant Ecologic Critique

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  The below article by Charles Hugh Smith, an excellent ecologically literate author,  appears to not include facts we now know about history. Colonialism equals industrialization leading directly to AI (artificial intelligence), made possible by alien tech distributed by Col. Phillip Corso. The author’s excellent projections below are irrelevant because, in fact, there is a plan already deployed to sterilize, retard and depopulate humans and much other life. Chemtrails and glyphosate are real. It is happening right now, and the roll out of 5G is part of it. Prosperity is certainly not in the cards, but neither is poverty.  Something machine like is already here and will compress life into an abstraction if we don’t stop it. At closing statement Smith says other models are out there, but this is not true. There are no other models for 7.5 billion people, except resource decline and die back. Who or what will survive? Knowing this, the elite Club of Rome issued book Limits to Growth in 1968, to seed the idea that intentional depopulation was, in the long term, humane. It is not.  Smith doesn’t appear to know about Roswell and where our tech came from. He doesn’t know who Ben Franklin (electricity) was.  He doesn’t know the history of the central bankers and who is really running Google, Facebook, the IMF, BRICS, both political parties, all network news and Hollywood. This long standing force is even running the values and attitudes of the reader. Mr. Smith does not question how…

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Infowars Questions Trump’s Position on Vaccines

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In this infowars article by Jon Rappaport, President Trump’s position on vaccines is questioned. Is Trump’s investigation of vaccine-dangers dead? Jon Rappoport | Infowars.com – July 9, 2017   Trump has made two key appointments in the area of childhood vaccination. The first was Scott Gottlieb, the director of the FDA. What does Gottlieb have to say?   From fiercepharma.com:   “…antivaccine activists were disappointed with Trump’s appointment for FDA head, Scott Gottlieb, who has said any theories of a link between vaccines and autism have been ‘thoroughly debunked’.” Trump’s second key appointment has now been revealed. Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald takes over as the head of the CDC.Georgia Department of Public Health: “’Immunizations are the best way to protect infants and children from childhood diseases, like whooping cough and measles that can be life-threatening at young ages’,” said Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health [before her appointment to lead the CDC]. “It is critical for parents to talk to their child’s doctor to ensure they are up-to-date on immunizations, because no child should have to suffer a vaccine-preventable illness’.” In 2014, Dr. Fitzgerald wrote an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I’ve heard all the arguments against vaccination. All have been debunked…” Is Trump, who has declared he believes there is a link between vaccination and autism, playing a secret game? Is he giving his new appointees enough rope to hang themselves, before he moves in and empowers an independent panel to investigate vaccine-dangers? We’ll see. However,…

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Issa Amro’s Email and Petition – Justice Requested in Israel

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Email from Issa Amro July 8, 2017 Tomorrow I begin trial on 18 charges in Israel military court. It is a kangaroo court system where there is no justice at all. The charges against me are an effort to shut down my human rights work and stop me from speaking up for my people. But no matter what I will not be silent. Recently, Israel moved from segregated streets in Hebron to enclosing entire Palestinian neighborhoods. The gate is locked at 11pm each night and families are imprisoned inside. So, even as I prepare for the surety of my conviction, I am working to end this new injustice. Sign the petition to tell the Israeli Civil Administration to remove the gate around the families and end the apartheid separation of the street! Tomorrow the first two of the 38 witnesses against me will testify. All of the witnesses are settlers and soldiers. The judge and prosecutor are military officers. The conviction rate is 99.74%! In an encouraging show of support 32 members of US congress released a letter last week to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asking him to tell Israel to reconsider the charges against me. Yesterday, UN human rights experts followed suit and also called on Israel to reconsider the charges. As I enter Ofer military court tomorrow, I know all of you will be there with me in spirit. I appreciate your support. If you are able, please make a donation to support the continuation of…

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Hawaii Becomes First State to Embrace Universal Economic Slavery

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“Under a UBI program, every citizen is granted a fixed income that’s not dependent on their status in life.” Hawaii is a testing ground, like New Zealand and Australia, for the New World Order.  Small populations in a closed system, often islands, are used at test zones.  As example, women’s suffrage was a Rockefeller/Rothschild program, first tested in New Zealand to break up family and bring women into workforce. Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society – YouTube   –   3 minutes   Aaron Russo Explains What Rockefeller Revealed  … Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society … Australia now has mandatory airport scanners known to cause cancer, that is, in Australia You Cannot Opt Out of airport body scans. This is testing for another depopulation method. Kauai had pilot test of Smart Meters in 2010, instrumental for the global energy grid and designed to ration all energy use and industrial survival. Global Smart Grid: China Driving Intercontinental Energy Distribution Grid China’s call for a “global intercontinental energy system that will unite the electric power networks of the whole world” is identical to the Global Energy Network Institute’s (GENI) ”energy web” or “Internet of Energy.” (See this article on Chairman Mao’s placement by central bankers.) Now Hawaii is leading the way to universal “fairness”, meaning equal rations for all, or “fair slavery.” Mark Zuckerberg Keeps Pushing For Universal Basic Income, But Not From His Fortune   Hawaii is also buying into the false data that supports idea of man made climate change. Hawaii has long been…

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Genocide in Papua New Guinea a la Kissinger and U.S. Arms

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The following is a study guide composed of several articles on Papua New Guinea, which is covered briefly in Vol.1 of Ray Songtree’s Lipstick and War Crimes series, epub available here. West Papuan leader arrested and office raided for supporting petition ULMWP – June 23, 2017 Today the people of West Papua once again experienced more state terror and brutality from the Indonesian military and police. As the local headquarters of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and People Regional Parliament (PRD) was raided by armed Indonesian troops at least one West Papuan leader was arrested and remains in detention. As hundreds of people in Timika were gathered peacefully to hold a prayer and thanksgiving ceremony for the thousands of signatures in the Bomberay region collected manually for the grassroots petition for West Papua, the Indonesian military and police began to surround the church compound. As soon as the local KNPB leader, Yanto Awerkion took to the stage, the Indonesian troops raided the compound. They were fully armed and made up of the Indonesian military, police, Detatchment 88 (“Anti Terror” troops), Kopassus (Special Troops) and Intelligence Services. As the West Papuan people sat calmly on the ground and sang hymns peacefully, the Indonesian troops tried their worst to create violence and provoke the crowd by being as aggressive as possible. They smashed the gate and tore through the compound, raiding the headquarters and confiscating everything including clothes, flags and banners calling for self-determination and an Internationally Supervised Vote. Why are…

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Nigerian Crime and Jewish Slavery History

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Letter July 3 On 7/3/2017 at 6:20 AM, h wrote: … Nigerian refugees working drugs and prostitution for Sicilian Mafia. Ray Songtree responded… Nigeria has very bad reputation for all kinds of crime. I wonder what source of this is?  I will suspect, just guessing, that the Nigerian rulers were into slavery that destroyed indigenous communities and wisdom. Now I’ll test my guess… a quick search… hmmmm… bingo …  see links bottom… (And for the Jewish apologists out there, since slavery is immoral, the slave trade was run by Jews. Let’s remember Jews were a minority in Europe, yet a majority in slave trade… (ignore the first three conspiracy denier links you will find here about Jewish domination of slave trade.  IMO Satanism is another name for Judaism, starting with a satanic entity ordering Abraham to kill his own child and a channeled entity taking the Jews into self-terrorism with Moses. The sabbath was mandatory. Obey or die… Self-terrorism, nothing else like it on planet. Satanic. Demonism was practiced by King Salomon, and written about 100 years before Christ. Of course, Salomon was a victim puppet himself, so I am not blaming Jews who are just victims also, just naming the satanism which is the Old Testament. Genesis….Obviously there is no godhead, so such a claim is deceptive or satanic. Proof?…  In the beginning there  was not “the word,” there was a listener. Where did the ear come from? Oh never mind! Just be dumbed down and don’t ask questions or…

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Can Science Be Beneficial?

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  What is and is not science? First we must recognize that science is never the study of nature, which would be study of infinity. In fact, infinity, or nature, cannot be understood.  Rather, science is the study of artificially created ‘closed systems’ in a laboratory, in which fake understanding is limited to that which can be arbitrarily measured. False understanding ignores realities like intuition or dreams, because these cannot be measured, so they aren’t “real.” In the modern dictatorship of science, “real understanding” is limited to the measurable. For example, the three laws of thermodynamics are only true in a closed system, but in reality there are no closed systems, so the three “laws” do not describe the universe, they describe a way of distorting nature. However, we can hear people often saying that nothing can break the three laws of thermodynamics, because that would be impossible.  They think the laws describe nature but they don’t. They describe what can be produced for a small period of time in a lab. The right angle movements of UFO’s seem impossible, because people have taken in the arbitrary laboratory measurements as their reality, when it might be wiser to observe nature herself.   19 second video, right angle turn of unidentified flying object. Impossible? The discoveries of science are applied by ignoring the impact of artificial science on the greater open system. Scientists cannot have heart, cannot have conscience, cannot have empathetic intuition,  because they must conform to the measurements. Thus,…

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