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Tibet, Dalai Lama, CIA and the Myth of Perfection


On 8/30/2016 at 2:37 AM,  Rebecca”  wrote:

As Elana pointed out, the Dalai Lama is indebted to the CIA for engineering his escape to Tibet.  He also works to romanticize his organized religion as being legitimately spiritual, as well as the feudal, hierarchical theocracy of Tibet that oppresses the poor and women.  He is essentially the Eastern Pope.
It is my observation that he is not the advanced spiritual teacher that he is touted to be, but a religious male authority figure like the pope, though not so dark.  He speaks in pious platitudes and lacks discernment; you yourself just said he was constantly lied to and did not see thru it — or did not choose to. One of the signs of an advanced master is discernment — not just making pious public pronouncements as the present Dalai Lama has been wont to do. 

Ray responds….


Lets allow ourselves to quibble a bit here.  First of all Buddhism is not a religion, but I won’t go into that now.  Suffice it to say that Buddha taught no belief systems and worked to deprogram the caste system and channeled Sanskrit classification system of India. (I won’t got into that now, but Sanskrit is not an organic language.)

More importantly, there is no such thing as “advanced spiritual masters.”  It is a myth. Everyone is a seeker.

I have met an ascended master, and he was an abusive megalomaniac.  El Morya, the same one who used Blavatsky which morphed to Lucis Trust at UN.

Yogananda was a minion. Gandhi was NOT a saint. My friend Kobun Chino Roshi was blind sided and murdered.  Sai Baba was blind sided and murdered. Sitting Bull was blind sided and murdered. Anyone can be deceived because our natural loving self is to trust.  I have met Dalai Lama and shook his hand and he is very pure being.  No one who meets him can dislike him. He is very pure, compassionate and loving and also very wise in his world of dharma.  But anyone can be blind sided. Anyone who thinks Jesus wanted to die young is crazy.

I disagree that Tibet oppressed women. I have been to Tibet and the women are more liberated than anyone I have ever met in West. And by the way, they are still women, that is, they don’t have to try to be women, because they already are. They are natural, something Westerners can simply no longer imagine. Women and men will never equal each other, unless you are Bruce Jenner and into destroying all families.  If you want to meet women who are still women and free to be themselves, go to Tibet.

You mention word “hierarchical” as a condemnation. Hierarchy is forever because parents guide kids, kids don’t guide parents. Mama Bear protects cub, not the other way around. That is called hierarchy.

The organizational arrangement of order in Tibet was an attempt to put the clearest people at the top.  It is the best attempt I know of on Earth.  I met three times, Kalu Rinpoche (in his last life) and he was highly honored because he was so clear, he was like from another frequency.  When he met me, by the way, he broke into tears. I was very young and raw and it touched him in some way.  Years later he could not remember the meeting.  His eyes were beyond awake. I have never met anyone like him. All the monks that watched over him could do nothing but respect him because he was more clear than they.  He had spent 12 years alone in a cave. He was supported in his quest by the “theocracy” and I assure you, Tibetan spirituality is real and tolerates the Bon spirituality which co-exists in Tibet.  Interestingly, Tibetan Buddhism has been corrupted, as the now incarnate Kalu Rinpoche has painfully revealed.

So I feel you are using New Age standards of an imaginary utopia that is “free of hierarchy” to judge other cultures. 

I just wrote a letter to Foster Gamble to be hand delivered, and I told him, “Since utopia doesn’t exist,  neither can progress.”  I’d like people to wrap their heads around this, because until we all get this, we will be ruled by a mis-perception and a vain ambition that is going nowhere.  There is no utopia to “change” toward, so we should hold close to the ancient traditions that actually worked.

The poor were not oppressed in Tibet nor was it feudal.  1/5 of population were celibate monks, without homosexuality or pedophilia. More recently we have allegations of abuse. There would have to be some, but how much I don’t know. For the most part,  (there is no such thing as perfection), they really were largely celibate monks and families were proud their sons or daughters were seeking refinement.  I have spoken with nuns in Tibet. They are not oppressed.  When I was at Lhasa I went to a man’s house, met his very elderly mom who had lost her eyesight as a young woman because of the Communist’s brutality. Her son showed me a broken stone hut on a nearby hill where a woman yogi had once lived alone, but the hut was destroyed by the Rothschild funded Maoists. (and here) The family I met had supported that woman yogi.

“During a November 2008 visit to Lagos, Nigeria, the Dalai Lama praised the celibate life. He told reporters that married life had too many “ups and downs,” that sexual desire “is short-period satisfaction and, often, that leads to more complication,” and that a life of celibacy brings “consolation … more independence, more freedom.”

“Naturally as a human being … some kind of desire for sex comes,” explained the Tibetan Buddhist leader, “but then you use human intelligence to make comprehension that those relationships are always full of trouble.” [here]

Everyone was “poor” by the dominant culture’s standards, but were sufficient and happy. It is some rich colonialists false judgement to claim the peasants lived in squalor and the lamas were rich. I was in Nepal in 1974 and the Lama’s wore rags. 

As we all know, there is less fulfillment today than there was in the past which is why there is so much escapism. Tibet resisted the “progress” that was destroying the world and closed their borders, an example of what every country should do, as soon as possible, to stop globalization.  The monks were not rich! They ate the same food the farmers ate!

When Trungpa Rinpoche was a teenager, he had an opportunity to ride a Chinese jeep, and was very excited. The elder monks who guarded and guided him said… “Don’t forget what you are!”.  In other words, don’t get caught up in materialism!  These people DID NOT oppress the farmers.  They were the sons and daughters of the farmers.  Dalai Lama’s dad raised horses. Dalai Lama said, ” I think my dad loved horses more than his kids.”

Many of the judgements against old Tibet come straight out of the Maoist conquerors and murderers in Tibet.  To repeat these judgements is not thinking clearly.  The old way worked. The new way is killing the land and the people.

Let’s remember that Tibet was sustainable. They could have continued to live their lifestyle until the next ice age. The lamas were not parasitic on the people and devoted to exhausting resources. But now the Chinese New World Order dupes are mining and enslaving the Tibetans to work the mines.  And the Tibetans are protesting, but we are not told about this, because Western New World Order is the same as Chinese New World Order in which nature and natural communities exist only to be exploited. The Tibetans are also protesting the crushing of their monasteries.  They love the monks and nuns who are their own sons and daughters.

I was a tourist in Tibet. I saw with my own eyes that the carrying capacity for Yaks and sheep was overextended, and that due to overgrazing, the topsoil on the hills is slipping and eroding into gullies which will support nothing.  The extra meat from these herds is needed to support the unsustainable globalization which has increased the population with immigrants who are exploiting the area.. The exploitation of Tibet, or Australia, or South America, or Africa is not reported, so that we elite consumers can continue getting fat at the feed trough. That is the circle we are all part of.

  Pre-communist Tibet did not exploit itself, and so Tibetans still today support their sons and daughters, who have renounced the world and are part of a spiritual purification. The Dalai Lama supports his people, and this is not reported.

No place is perfect but 1/5 of men trying to renounce sex is so remarkable, most Westerners simply can’t contemplate what it means.  I would say most Westerners would experience cognitive dissonance.  And what if I told you the Hopi also worked toward celibacy as did the Mohawk?  It is true.  But Tibet was remarkable and is being destroyed NOW. And not by the Dalai Lama who weeps for his people. 

In traditional society, to survive one must be clear. Being sordid doesn’t go along with being a warrior who either walks the razor sharp path of power or fails.  Nor does sex work for a seeker who seeks clarity.  Both are same, you don’t mess with sex.  But we westerners are so messed up that we still worship Bacchus.

The Roman god of wine and intoxication, equated with the Greek Dionysus. His festival was celebrated on March 16 and 17. The Bacchanalia, orgies in honor of Dionysus, were introduced in Rome around 200 BCE. These infamous celebrations, notorious for their sexual and criminal character, got so out of hand that they were forbidden by the Roman Senate in 186 BCE.

One of the past incarnations of Dalai Lama was known as a rascal and liked to go into town to enjoy sex with young women.  He was scolded by his elders. He responded by walking to edge of Potala and peeing over the side, and when the pee reached the earth he withdrew it back up into his body. 🙂  Impossible? I have seen miracles with my own eyes, one by a man and one by a woman. 

So,  is Dalai Lama “advanced?” Maybe. But a “master”.  There is no such thing.

Was Jesus an advanced master?  He threw out money  changers, great, but said tax by Caesar was just how it is, and, he cursed a fig tree. So there is no perfection, no advanced spiritual “masters”, because we just keep learning, so when is one a master?  Are Jesus and Kalu Rinpoche and Trungpa Rinpoche and Dalai Lama and Sai Baba and Kobun Chino Roshi and Sitting Bull and yourself advanced? YES.  I looked into your eyes Rebecca. No one is a master but you are advanced 🙂

The CIA may try to use Dalai Lama, but whenever he is given an award, he probably doesn’t realize what he might actually be paying tribute to.  Certainly he is just being polite and has no attachment to worldly shit.   He is just going along with the world.

Dalai Lama is not a CIA agent! He is the leader of an exiled people who accepted money from whoever would help him, and those gifts had strings, but I have not seen any evidence of what those strings entail, except his being part of UN, which is awful, but he has never studied what we now have access to.  It is the internet that has made the difference and given us the cross referencing to pierce the veil of deception.

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  • John says:

    Even monks are now talking about how much sex abuse/pedophelia is going on among themselves. The Dalai Lama must know about this yet like the Catholic church wants us to pretend it’s a non issue. Sorry but I’m not believing your defense of the DL. Not to mention the CIA and Nazi tie ins. Too much corruption for be to pretend it’s not evil.

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