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The Elite Plan is Not Organic Life

By October 18, 2018 Uncategorized

Again, my world view, that those with the most will, are the oldest and the most vain.


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What does Ethiopia and Palastinians at war have to do with threatening global over population?  Look at all relevant statistics.  Life expectancy of Palestinains in Gaza much lower than in Israel… 

From Ray Songtree


This discussion started with infowars not understanding overpopulation is real, and I happen to know that both Ethiopia and Palestine are  quadrupling in pop, or double the rate of rest of world, which has doubled in 40 years. Example is California.

The subject of Israeli abuse and genocide is a different subject. I’m well aware of that but that is not the topic.
On the subject of overpopulation, the world will either be killed off by elite, or kill ourselves off from starvation, which is a good reason to leave the cities and try to be more natural.  
As of now, wifi and 5g will not only kill off people, it will kill off biology, BUT that is all planned too, as the aliens who created our civilization don’t need organic life here.  Consider chemtrail fall out changing pH of soil!  
Once the robot system is in place, underground grown clones can maintain the hardware.  The evidence supports this understanding. The elite are puppets of a satanic dimension that is also the alien tech reality, integrated chips, fiber optics, both from Roswell, that we are dependent on now.  Our civilization is an alien implant on the organic Earth.
click image to start 6 minute video
This jump in understanding is so big, that most people won’t get it, but I get it. Satanism = Moses (The first satanic lie is …”In the beginning was the word” but wasn’t the word a part of a language? So in the alleged ridiculous beginning there was a language and a language is for communicating between beings, plural Wasn’t there an ear to hear the word? Who heard it? Didn’t they already exist? )  
Sabbath day is mind programming day, cutting people off from the natural to brainwash and terrorize them.  Thousands of years of Judaism was enforced by a rule… Be mind programmed once every 7 days, or you will be killed.  Sabbath Day was never voluntary. “This is MY day, and you must obey the ritual mind programming or be stoned to death by my slaves.”  For thousands of years. Remember Moses was a channeler of a channeled entity.
This hierarchal slavery created the ‘separated from nature’ and ‘dominance over nature’ mentality that has led to the modern obsession with the “conquest of nature” and explains why Jews are so important to invasive science and geo-political destruction. Reviewing the  Protocols of the Elders of Zion will help understand the satanic plan for the world.
The alien tech leading to AI is one agenda, and on other side is not an agenda, but the mystery of organic life. It is organic vs. “advanced” or life vs. progress. “Advanced” is double speak for decimation.  
I used to hang out with the ascended a-holes, but I’ve gone native. I was an agent. My past lives here were as an agent.
The ascended a-holes are vain, clinging to their immortality, and for them, to hell with the circle of life. That is how they think. The founder of Ananda Marga said his group controls 50 planets. He is one of the ascended a-holes social engineering organic planets to make them into “civilized” prison planets for possibly, extraction to mother ships?  I have talked to witnesses about this.  Sardar of Ananda Marga called it “vajra yoga.”  We know it as “Anything goes.”
Sarkar is relatively unknown, but he was another globalist, very deep. The Franklin/Yoganada/Greer thread are all globalist. All were agents, a reincarnating thread. Sanskrit, by the way, is an ET language.  The Jewish satanism has parallel in India with abusive dominant Brahmanism.  Jesus confronted Soloman’s Temple and Buddha confronted the caste system.
I got out. My last life was the great divide. I can be proud of that. I have done little in this life, but I will be less controlled in future.

The Hopi said they escaped past world through a psychic thread.  Very sobering.



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