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Richard Heinberg Supports Corrupt EPA and Cries About Trumpism

By November 18, 2016 True Sustainability

On Nov 15, 2016, well known author of Peak Everything and guiding voice of the Post Carbon Institute, Richard Heinberg, wrote a published opinion about the election of Donald Trump for President of U.S.. 

I’m sorry to see, but not surprised, that Richard Heinberg and Community Solutions has voluntarily joined New World Order.  They seem to buy into fallacy of man made climate change.  (See my Global Warming Study Guide.) Below are my comments in bracket on Heinberg’s sad election view.

Before reading my comments below, just scroll through this list to understand what Heinberg wants to protect from his boogie man, Donald Trump…













My thoughts following the election

Written by  Richard Heinberg

November 15, 2016, Originally posted on resilience.org

Dear Friend,

America has plunged into the unknown. Why? Robert Parry has nailed it about as well as anyone. I leave it to him, and a thousand other pundits, to perform the post-mortem on yesterday’s surprising election results. [Post Mortem? So he would have been happy with Hillary?]  What’s important now is to size up the situation and decide how to move on.

On the good side: Under a Trump presidency, there is likely to be no war with Russia, as might well have occurred if Clinton had prevailed. [Thank you Richard. So we have plunged into the unknown, or away from it?] The TPP is hopefully dead, and the U.S. can be expected to move toward at least some post-globalization trade policies. [Hmmm, does he know what globalization is, and that it was a reaction to anti-national globalization that helped elect Trump?] The neoliberals’ dominance of the Democratic Party suffered a grievous and perhaps fatal blow. [We’ll see…] 

Millions of Americans who have felt ignored by the Washington and Wall Street elites now feel they have a voice. [More than half the country. Let’s not understate the reality.] Even though foreign relations and trade policy will likely be in the hands of business-friendly Republican apparatchiks who will ultimately throw working people overboard with giddy glee [Like HIllary threw working people in Haiti overboard?], regular middle-Americans will be able to reassure themselves that at least “their guy” is in charge. [Rather than Heinberg’s Gal who would bring on World War III? What is he saying?] Maybe things could be worse; after all, as my friend Ugo Bardi has pointed out, Italy survived 20 years of Berlusconi.

On the bad side: There will be no more federal support for climate action or research, [HURRAY! Maybe now we can focus on pollution as a problem, not the fact that climate always changes.]  for environmental protection (the EPA will be gutted) [YES! Is that a bad idea? It should be gutted. The most corrupt agency ever. ], or for alternative energy. [Trump has not attacked renewable energy.] All federal lands will be opened up for oil, gas, and coal exploration. [As if they aren’t already? My goodness. Exploration is done by air and satellite now] Most of Yellowstone will be paved over as a parking lot for a new Trump resort  (okay, I’m kidding—a little). [Was this supposed to be a funny or more unstudied smear?]

With the Executive Branch, Congress, and Supreme Court all dominated by the same party, there will be no brakes on efforts to defund government agencies, [Hurray!  Most should not even exist. They all exist to intervene in everyone’s lives. But here we learn that Heinberg is into big government. How does that jive with community self reliance, “Community Solutions” ????  It doesn’t. Less government will empower local communities, but amazingly, he hasn’t realized this]  or overturn regulations of all kinds (on guns, [He is against 1st amendment but wants local resilience?] banks, workplace safety, you name it).

[HURRAY!  We see here that Heinberg is like Bernie Sanders, a Big Brother kind of guy.]

Having witnessed Trumpism’s success,  a new generation of politicians will adopt the tactics of utterly demonizing their opponents.  [As they should, and if they make a mistake, they will pay.  It was Trump who was demonized by entire mainstream news, and it was Trump who accurately portrayed Clinton as a criminal. He never demonized Hillary, he reported, and she will go to jail as she deserves, if she isn’t murdered by a heart attack weapon to hide what she knows.] It’s hard to see how civility can return anytime soon. [He means political correctness, which apparently he supports. Gotta be phony. Can’t call a spade a spade. Can’t demand accountability and get in someone’s face about it.] These will be dire times for women and minorities.  [He is ignorant. No one hated women more than Hillary. The demographics show that whites are already becoming a minority.  Poor Richard.  How will things be dire? Oh the fear!]

3 minute video on the misogynist Hillary Rodham Clinton

The pundits rightly see the election as a repudiation of the establishment. [Yes, corrupt civility just got kicked in the …] But who will actually be running things in the months ahead? Mostly, the same old revolving-door lobbyist-officials. [Who else on short notice?]

When the next economic crisis hits,  [Heinberg doesn’t seem to be aware that economic crisis is always planned, and that an economic collapse is planned very soon as the quantitative easing bubble pops. He thinks the FED doesn’t take commands from the Rothschild Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland. ]  … the entire country will face a rude awakening, [but not the millions who have been studying and prepping for it.  These millions avoided being hypnotized by mainstream news, where Heinberg heard that Trump would be bad for women and minorities, and so he wanted a misogynist murderer woman to win] and mere tough talk won’t do much to actually keep food on the tables of anxious Iowans or Missourians.

[Heinberg is inferring that country bumpkins elected Trump. There are 47 million people on food stamps, and they probably voted Democrat to keep their Obama rations on the table. Let’s hope they all lose their entitlements and get to work. If illegal aliens can find work, so can 47 million Americans.]

Rather than admit that he can’t actually make America great again, expect Trump to line up the scapegoats. [Heinberg doesn’t understand what great means.  Trump didn’t mean rich, he meant sovereignty, but we’ll see if Trump was sincere.]

And rather than admit that “their guy” is incompetent or wrong, expect many Trump supporters to hoist the modern equivalent of pitchforks (for which background checks will no longer be required). [WTF is he talking about? Does he think Killary was competent and right?  Yes, he apparently does.  This is why most environmentalists are clueless about who runs the world.  They listen to people like Heinberg who “civilly” supported a career criminal for president and is upset that the EPA might get gutted.]

Crises won’t go away because government refuses to acknowledge or address them. [More than anyone, Trump has pointed out the failed system] Climate change [endless], resource depletion [he is correct], and over-reliance on debt are wolves at the door. [Second two are true, and both based on the liberal ponzi scheme that he voted for.]

In light of all this, Post Carbon Institute’s organizational strategy continues to make sense: Build resilience at the community level. 

[Yes, but he wants all communities to be regulated by Big Brother, so he is confused.]

For the time being, national policy-based action on climate [BS, other planets are warming also, poles are shifting according to Inuit Elders, Antarctica is growing so ice is not melting] and other environmental issues is a closed door.

[How does he know? Did Heinberg back Smart Grid?  Obama’s energy policy was from Trilateral Commission and should be rolled back. I doubt that Trump will roll anything back, but Obama was a puppet also.]

But the most promising responses to our twenty-first century crises are showing up at the community level anyway. It’s in towns and cities across the nation, and across the world, where practical people are being forced to grapple with weird weather, rising seas [BS. Tectonic plate movement guarantees that no coast line is permanent.] an unstable economy, and a fraying national political fabric. [So he wants the corrupt political fabric to remain unfrayed?]

Whatever workable strategies are likely to be found will arise there. [and not through regulation!]

We see our job as helping that adaptive process however we can. This is not about winning; there is no finish line [Excellent!] , no election day. Just a new opportunity each morning to encourage, educate, and build.

If you haven’t already, join us. You’re needed. 

[No don’t join them. He is a a confused liberal globalist.  Become self reliant yourself and get to know your neighbors.]

Richard Heinberg







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