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Biased Polls Using Extra Democrats Show Biased Results for First Presidential Debate… List of Polls

By September 27, 2016 Elections

(See  additional  article on CNN and Politico fixed polls by including high percentage of extra democrats, link.)

The list of poll results for first presidential debate 2016 are in below graphics.

However, people who would even vote at CNN are opposite those who would be counted on a Breibart Poll. Then, polls mean little.  The Times Mag poll was
almost 50/50.

My two cents is that “the Hillary without any wrinkles” was  well prepared. She is a duplicitous attorney and he is a pragmatic money man. She is a trained liar and EXPERT criminal after 40 years of lying.  His reality is based on real world survival, not platitudes.

Trump did NOT seem prepared and could have taken her apart on her claiming economy is recovering. He did say it is just the stock market that looks good, but he could have cited stats.  Stats for NAFTA should have been memorized.


In this CNN photo, Hillary is the beautiful winner and Trump is not a leader.

He did not put her on defensive. However once, she actually had to pull the crazy card by saying he lives in his own reality. His statistics should have been memorized with instant comeback.


I did like that Trump said that US should not be policeman of world, but it is a head fake as a former speech shows.

Who do they attract?  Hillary attracts true believers. Trump attracts the discontent. (But would he deliver? Obama didn’t.)
The true believers in Hillary are not discontent and they don’t think anything needs to really change. They must like legacy of Obama, and Hillary doesn’t really question Obama, while Trump does.

If Hillary were to win, it means Bush and Obama won again. The same policies will be in place, and that explains why all depictions or mentioning of Trump by Main Stream is derogatory,  especially the photos. It does appear that the mainstream, like CNN, are afraid of Trump.  He invokes national pride, and globalists hate that. The hate of mainstream for Trump is his best endorsement.


  • CNN’s snap poll gave Clinton the win with 62 per cent to Trump’s 27
  • But most of the others reported Trump was the winner by a landslide

Here are the some of the results from snap polls: 





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