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July 2019

Sexual Liberation and the Bigger Agenda – What is Freedom?

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        Below is perfect example of why I say that a relationship should start with abstinence and at least one year of getting to know someone without sexual emotional involvement….   Rxxxx, friend of a woman Shxxx ( who has a parallel story actually) had a baby and didn’t know who the father was because she had multiple partners in the same month. Rxxxx meets a guy. She gets pregnant and they have baby.  Then they get married and she gets pregnant again and has a third baby.  Somewhere in there she discovers that he is a meth addict for 15 years, is unreliable, lies constantly and that his own family has stopped trying to relate to him. Now, just two years after meeting him and two kids later. she has told him don’t return until you do in-house rehab, and she doubts he will fulfill this.   I ask, what if our culture said that getting to know one another without sex is the responsible way to behave, and being free and fun is not?   Fun and Free   Fun is a word unknown in indigenous languages. It usually means indulgent consumerism, but in past, their was dancing, which was for fun. Dancing is not consumerism because one is a participant.  Spectator sports and tourism are examples of consumerism and are “fun.”   Lets look at our word “free.”  Lets remember the Declaration of Independence did not apply to Africans or Native Americans.  All [white]…

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Jeffrey Epstein – Will Trump Arrest the Mossad?

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Former Intelligence officer, Jewish Steve Pieczenik is definitely putting himself on the line in the video below, where he covers the arrest of Jewish Jeffrey Epstein.  Whether Steve is accurate or not, he is very courageous.  We should be rightfully impressed.   His mental leap that Trump understands 9/11 and the Mossad (link – important evidence that Israel rigged Twin Towers with explosives for fake plane impact) and that Mossad agents will be charged for pedophilia comes from where?   If this is true, then Trump is really a genius to support Israel, and then take it down.  But this is very doubtful.  Trump and his son-n-law Jared Kushner support Palestinian genocide. Kushner has made Trump a grandfather. This is where Trump’s loyalty lies. He is a Zionist, bottom line.    Neither he nor Kushner support a wall to protect Palestinian sovereignty, or water rights,  or health, or lives. Genocide can’t be taken back and if Trump was against it, he would put sanctions on Israel.  He won’t.  He loves Israel.   https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-israel-unable-to-tell-truth-about-stealing-water-from-palestinians-1.5399404   Jerusalem does not belong to the Yiddish, non semitic, European Jews. The Golan Heights is a part of Syria, period, which they need for their defense against the nuclear power with only 12 million people, Israel.  Let’s remember that the occupation of Golan Heights and the attack on USS Liberty happened at same time,  the 1967 6-Day Steal.   Since Trump’s end goal, to my eyes, is not the same as Pieczenik’s idea of an end goal, I…

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