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Sexual Liberation and the Bigger Agenda – What is Freedom?


Columbia refers to a sect of Illuminati, and the flame is the flame of Lucifer.  The Statue of Liberty was built by Freemasons who, in their vanity, think they are “free.”

Below is perfect example of why I say that a relationship should start with abstinence and at least one year of getting
to know someone without sexual emotional involvement….
Rxxxx, friend of a woman Shxxx ( who has a parallel story actually) had a baby and didn’t know who the father was because she had multiple partners in the same month.

Rxxxx meets a guy. She gets pregnant and they have baby.  Then they get married and she gets pregnant again and has a third baby.  Somewhere in there she discovers that he is a meth addict for 15 years, is unreliable, lies constantly and that his own family has stopped trying to relate to him.

Now, just two years after meeting him and two kids later. she has told him don’t return until you do in-house rehab, and she doubts he will fulfill this.
I ask, what if our culture said that getting to know one another without sex is the responsible way to behave, and being free and fun is not?
Fun and Free
Fun is a word unknown in indigenous languages. It usually means indulgent consumerism, but in past, their was dancing, which was for fun. Dancing is not consumerism because one is a participant.  Spectator sports and tourism are examples of consumerism and are “fun.”
Lets look at our word “free.”  Lets remember the Declaration of Independence did not apply to Africans or Native Americans.  All [white] men were created equal…..  Thomas Jefferson not only had slaves which he borrowed against until the day he died, he also destroyed dozens of nations when he bought the “Louisiana Purchase” from the French, and then he helped write the Indian Removal Act which destroyed the Cherokee Nation who suffered the Long Walk on their forced march to Oklahoma at gun point. They were literate Christians by the way.
The Declaration of Independence was couched in globalist terms but that was for centuries later.  At the time, it did not reflect how these slave owners lived.  They were channeling a long term agenda of transforming the Earth.
The word free is a Luciferian word. It doesn’t exist in any indigenous language.
In fact, freedom is not sustainable. Only responsibility is sustainable.  I promise this is correct. Indigenous stone age cultures were responsible. They did not mine the Earth and cause pollution.
The statue of “Liberty” is a statue to Lucifer, “the bringer of light,”  as if nature needs a bringer of light.  “Light” is obviously mind control, the opposite of a clear mind. Lucifer’s torch is seen in the Olympics, it is a symbol for talent show American Idol,  and America’s Got Talent, a symbol for Columbia Entertainment, a symbol with black pentagon at Princess Diana memorial.

The Illuminati “torch of liberty” on a black five pointed pentagon at memorial to Princess Diana. “This tells us who killed her.” – David Icke


The Statue of Liberty was built by Freemasons. They have the all seeing eye in their symbology.

Freemason apron


For freemasons, God is a top/down dominator, not infused within Nature as Jesus taught.
The “Founding Fathers” were Freemasons. They thought they were reinventing society world wide (they were globalists) and called it a new order for the ages, (Novus Ordo Seclorum) meaning a  New World Order. We now see the technology brought by Ben Franklin’s electricity leading to a sterile planet with AI in place and serviced by clones.  On the way we will all get equal rations, have no gender, and accept laboratory fertilization as normal, precisely as channeled books Brave New World and 1984 programmed us for.  Ben Franklin was a freemason.
We will accept a technocratic future because we are mind programmed to think we have free will. But there is no free context, so how can there be free will? 
Context means “all my relations.”  There is no freedom in any relationship or context.  Indeed, there is negotiation and respect and trade off and responsibility, not freedom. In any context there is only responsibility within the context. There is no freedom from context, period.
I’ll go further and say that in practice, freedom means irresponsible consumerism.
If we inject so-called freedom into any scenario, then context or relationship is destroyed.  Dead planet. 
Therefore we should never want to be free.  We should only want to be responsible. We hate that. We are rebellious luciferians who hate responsibility.
Then we argue. Our programmed minds think we can be both free and responsible.  Please re-think this. It is one or the other.
A proof that “free” really means irresponsible is the expression “care free.”  Care free is the original meaning of sexually promiscuous “gay” Paris.  Being gay meant care free.
The reader might start to see how far the Luciferian agenda has entered our values.  We rich western colonialists want to have “fun”.  However, nature is showing us that our “fun” is irresponsible and ultimately destructive.
When it comes to sex, “free sex” means being enslaved to sensual temptation.  The result will be pregnancy without commitment, and/or venereal disease. 
Let’s apply this to present politics and ask, who is more responsible, the conservative mind or the liberal mind?  Businessmen who screw nature, are they responsible? Liberals who want open borders, are they responsible? Let’s remember, being liberal is being tolerant, not having boundaries and being “free”.  Conservatives base their values on what they ripped off from Natives and built with slaves.  It is built on domination.
Let’s remember that the liberal “left” is built on socialism/communism, invented by Karl Marx who was funded by Rothschild. Let’s remember that the conservative “right” is built on business and banking, which was created by the Rothschilds.
These days, in order to be “free,” women block their fertility with invasive tech, which results in getting cancer or sterility.  The new norm, as taught to us by liberal Jewish run Hollywood, has been promiscuity all our lives.  Compared to other cultures, Western culture produces sluts.
In my opinion, sexual liberation was pushed on us to break up family which creates broken children who depend on state. Dangerous birth control brings cancer and helps with depopulation.
Let’s remember that the Kinsey Report on American Sex in 1935 was one big perverted lie to “transform” society, and both Playboy and Ms. Magazaine were CIA creations.
So, do we want to be indigenous and responsible, or have fun, get pregnant, and be free? 
People often feel overwhelmed. Don’t feel like that. This moment is the beginning of endless time for your soul. Start with your diet. Eliminate toxic foods.  As you go, clean your mind also.  We either try to swim or we sink.
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  • Joseph Valentino Hart says:

    Your article is all true.
    In the 60s the Baby Boomer generation was “liberated” into a mind set of “Love the One You’re With” , a Steven Stills song that was very popular and it endorsed the “Free Love” generation made popular by the unkempt “stoned” Hippy Culture.

    In the 70s “Brave New World” a book by Kurt Vonnegut featured a generation of young unmarried people for whom marriage and love was not permitted. The people went out at night to “hook up” and get high on a special drug.

    The 70s Baby Boomers, now working and getting paid pretty well, were out every night dancing in discos looking for one night stands. The drug of choice, nicknamed “Leg Openers” were Qualudes (metha-qualone), the best of which were manufactured in the UK by a company, I believe, called Sandoz (who also made high quality LSD for quite some time before that).

    My parents generation regarded divorce as a dirty word and it basically did not occur often at all. People were married young BUT were very much into a chaste, long term dating practice. The Baby Boomer generation set new records for divorce, single parenthood and consequential multiple marriages. The children of those broken homes, (and I know first hand) now forsake marriage for the most part, have multiple children with multiple “Baby Mommas” and “Baby Daddys”.

    Those children are usually in Day Care until five or six o’clock at night ! AND once they reach age twelve or so, are then SENT HOME to empty houses (fostering the Cat’s Away, the Mice will Play, at sex and drinking or drugs), and have mothers who feed them out of fast food bags because they are too tired to cook. There is no balance of a father figure for the most part. In the circumstances of actual marriages, the mother basically is forced to have a job in order to support the family. Most men just can’t earn the estimated $120,000.00 yearly to keep a family of four or five above water.

    In my opinion this destruction of the traditional nuclear family is the Ultimate Social Engineering. My mom didn’t work until the 70s when it became apparent inflation would sink them. Our youngest was ten years old and she has had the most difficult time of my three siblings. ADD to that the abject consumerism, easy peasy credit cards and high prices of all we need to survive (food, transportation and housing) and you have the ultimate of totalitarian control by Banks and Corporations.

    It is the degradation of moral fiber that has caused the weakness of the current family and the people who , knowingly or not, have been damages by all of this. Once we actually look at many of our own lives objectively it becomes apparent exactly why we have had all this emotional strife and the failures of the lives we’ve planned along with it.

    The Battle Cry of Let the Good Times Roll have left so many of us unfulfilled and now experiencing the consequences with the generations of our children and grandchildren. Those that have managed stable family life STILL have stability to some degree most of the time. My friends who have stable marriages have stable businesses or careers stable finances, and children who have been educated and have, for the most part, followed suit. While it is no panacea for success in this complicated world, the percentages are grossly higher with those that I know whose nuclear families are together and thriving..

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