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February 2018

Hard to Believe? IDF Commandos Unleashed at Parkland School Florida Massacre

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( Parkland school teacher witness to fully clad uniformed shooter found in second article  below…) In my opinion Yoichi Shimatsu is a genius, and more remarkable, he produced this study almost immediately and amazingly, he adds art to his sober report. – Ray Songtree Mirror from Rense.com http://www.rense.com/general96/commando.html   Commando Strike In Parkland Is A Polygon Puzzle Exclusive To Rense.com Honoring the fallen with blessings from Saint Valentine, let us bow our heads to the children denied their adulthood and grieve with their loved ones, so that their souls may find the peace in eternity that is so absent from this terrifying world. In the turmoil of conflicted emotions of sorrow for the innocent and fear of the perpetrators, we must find the strength to hold onto the cold clarity required to prevent more such evil deeds in this endless coil of mass murder. In the wake of tragedy, let us muster the courage to face the harsh facts to learn how to prevent a repetition and save the young ones. Let us not resort to easy outs or cheap shots, for example the politicized bandwagon against the citizenry’s right to self-defense, since these sorts of anti-social crimes arise from political “necessity” born of ambition, greed and anxiety in the human heart. They will surely strike again, and our defenses must be strong and resilient. Uncovering the complex of motivating forces and quelling the corruption that eats away at a nation’s moral core requires lifelong commitment, not one-shot panacea. We…

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New Robots Everyday to Replace You and Your Family

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We can forget who the criminal monsters might be who benefit from injustice, and notice that the real monster is THE TECH. According to the real planners, who are not transitory elected officials, we “little” people have better things to do that physical work, such as getting welfare, meaning rations, and dealing with diseases, such as autism. Alzheimers, cancers and infertility, all deployed to take down the “unnecessary eaters.” Unfortunately, I’m not being sarcastic. Unplug and be the change! Bricklaying robot video, click image to start. A Guaranteed Income for Every American – WSJ A Guaranteed Income for Every American – Replacing the welfare state with an annual grant is the best way to cope with a radically changing U.S. jobs market … https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-guaranteed-income-for-every-am…    

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Form Created Consciousness, Not the Other Way Around

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It is a fantastically large mistake, and conspiracy by the ‘immortals’ who hate rebirth, to say that consciousness created matter and life. It is also a huge huge prejudice against the feminine, the mysterious and the unknown origin of density to put consciousness on a pedestal. The unknown origin of everything is not what vanity can accept. Vanity is a mark of all sentient beings. To be sentient, or self aware, necessarily includes self interest, me first, and vanity. So, step by step…. Consciousness cannot create new matter. it can only replicate or remold old matter. Density has always been here, and is form. Form has always been everywhere. Form is simply relationship. Relationship is all there can be.  Without other, there is no distinguishing of self. Thus, consciousness cannot create form, it can only replicate or remold form. What vanity calls ‘creativity’ is really just re-molding. We see this all the time, people taking credit for some part of a stream much bigger than themselves. In the pursuit of ‘creativity’, the ancient mother, ancient form is destroyed. The more vain the civilization, the more quickly it poisons its bed. This is the fun and games of the invisible side who deny that in past, they too had form, dense form. In their vanity, which is what immortality is, they think they control existence, but it is the other way around. Existence controls them and they are subject to existence. They still have a context which is bigger than them…

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