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Form Created Consciousness, Not the Other Way Around

It is a fantastically large mistake, and conspiracy by the ‘immortals’ who hate rebirth, to say that consciousness created matter and life. It is also a huge huge prejudice against the feminine, the mysterious and the unknown origin of density to put consciousness on a pedestal.

The unknown origin of everything is not what vanity can accept. Vanity is a mark of all sentient beings. To be sentient, or self aware, necessarily includes self interest, me first, and vanity.

So, step by step….

Consciousness cannot create new matter. it can only replicate or remold old matter. Density has always been here, and is form. Form has always been everywhere. Form is simply relationship. Relationship is all there can be.  Without other, there is no distinguishing of self.

Thus, consciousness cannot create form, it can only replicate or remold form.

What vanity calls ‘creativity’ is really just re-molding. We see this all the time, people taking credit for some part of a stream much bigger than themselves.

In the pursuit of ‘creativity’, the ancient mother, ancient form is destroyed. The more vain the civilization, the more quickly it poisons its bed.

This is the fun and games of the invisible side who deny that in past, they too had form, dense form.

In their vanity, which is what immortality is, they think they control existence, but it is the other way around. Existence controls them and they are subject to existence.

They still have a context which is bigger than them and includes ‘other’, which is ultimately mysterious. Vanity likes to include everything it can as me me me. ‘We are all one’ under me me me. ‘I’ understand the universe, me me me. This so very common and juvenile, but very common, particularly among men. But in fact, you are not me, and you didn’t create me. So in fact we are two, not one.  In fact we don’t know where we ourselves came from or anyone else.

So vanity likes to say it created matter. Not so. See, it is vanity saying this, when existence does not support that idea. In fact the mystery created the known, and not the known created the mystery. 

We can even notice that vanity never wants to consider the great mystery, just as science cannot consider that all fields are wide open so there can be no ‘laws of science’, as there is, and can never be ,  a closed system. Without a closed system, there can be no ‘laws.’ That is, limitation can only be valid in limited space, not in endlessness.

Closed systems are a mental creation of vanity for sure. We could say that consciousness creates closed systems and tries to deny the great mystery, ending in destruction. Consciousness is a longer word for vanity.

Look closely, and it is Matter or Form that created consciousness, gave it a context, gave consciousness a field to navigate it. Consciousness simply cannot exist without context, equals form, equals matter.

I might by one of the very few voices saying that almost all of the entities floating around are sucking off Earth for its context, and they are lost in space, and WRONG.

Then….What is right you ask.

Nature is right, and all these other realms are sucking off of her.

Mother, or Form, gave us language, concept, shape, meaning, direction. She created us and we don’t know where she started. We don’t know how endless the innumerable planets might be. But we do know that consciousness has no existence without form. So form came first. The mind depends on form. Form could care less about the mind.

As I said, vanity in these other realms trickles down to vanity here, mostly in our era, through channeler Moses and channeled Sanskrit, and brings restructuring of nature, and ultimately kills nature.

If you learned this idea that matter was creation of consciousness from so and so, well, so and so is wrong.

If we are to respect nature, nature comes first, not me me me.

Giant mother ships made of vanity and artificiality go around sucking on natural planets for their ‘immortality’. Most of us got here this way, but I left them, and have gone native. They suck, nature is sacred, not their or my vanity. There is something much better than my vanity. My vanity must step down and admit, I didn’t create form or context.

As I drop self importance, I see that I am just a part of the great mystery, not any master of anything, and I have come to reject all ‘masters’ as ultimately, abusive a-holes.

The reason we must prevail in exposing crime is that we love and are attached to this Earth and all its forms. We love this Earth, this form, much more than we love consciousness which is dependent on form. Love is why we must prevail, not power over anything, not ‘power to create.’

We don’t need to create health, we need to return to her.

Yes, we can sway history. We can do this with our consciousness, but we better also live simply or we are lying hypocrites. Anyone living a city life is lost in space and in their heads. The salt of the Earth deserves to inherit the Earth, not the indoorsians dependent on polluting machines, IMO.

So what to do.

We can see that if nature is to survive, we need to be part of her, not some part of ‘consciousness’ seperate from her and destroying her with our separation.

Our material lifestyle needs to respect material, respect matter.  We must respect matter, mysterious ancient matter. The problem is not a criminal elite, it is our own disrepect for matter, for nature, for Earth Mother. The elite cannot change our vanity, we must do so.

We need to live naturally again. But most people don’t care about living. They think their consciousness created matter, created Earth, created nature,  and in their heads, in their vanity, that they can live independently, immortally, from nature. This is the mental disease killing life on Earth, not the elite.

People who think they can live in comfort without getting dirty or soiled by touching the living soil, will and should starve to death.

I want to end the mother ships.  They brought us mathematics and electricity and artificialty. They are the source of our vanity and of destruction. They empowered emperors of old who were too vain to sit on Earth and needed furniture.  The masses have followed this vain example.

Some call this satanism, or we can see it as our separation from nature.

Do we embrace matter, or lord over her.


– Ray Songtree

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