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New Robots Everyday to Replace You and Your Family

We can forget who the criminal monsters might be who benefit from injustice, and notice that the real monster is THE TECH.

According to the real planners, who are not transitory elected officials, we “little” people have better things to do that physical work, such as getting welfare, meaning rations, and dealing with diseases, such as autism. Alzheimers, cancers and infertility, all deployed to take down the “unnecessary eaters.”

Unfortunately, I’m not being sarcastic.

Unplug and be the change!

Bricklaying robot video, click image to start.


Does this look hereditary to you? The reason the CDC is not calling this an emergency is that sanctioned diseases are welcomed to reduce population and the strength of population to resist. A great plague is upon us, un-reported and un-discussed. You can blow the whistle and educate your family. Do your children deserve a clean world?


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