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Reality 101 That You Must Share With All Brains

1 + 1 +1 + 1 =  your life and your childrens’ lives.

1   The settling of Palestine in 1882 by Edmond Rothschild and plans on Israeli coin for Greater Israel.

Greater “Eretz” Israel, as planned from the outset to displace Middle East nations and Islam.


Click on image below to start 5 minute video Gen. Wesley Clark: 2001 plans to invade 7 countries.


+1  Israel really did plan the 9/11 attack on New York (link)  to get War on Terror outlined above by Wesley Clark, in order to to secure Greater Israel as now openly discussed.

+1  The refugee crisis really was planned in advance (link)  to destabilize Europe and create a mixed race of people without sense of national history or loyalty.

= your life and your childrens’ lives.


Share ‘Reality 101’ with all brains. Shouldn’t we all know reality?

Justice in Israel is impossible.


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