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Open Letter to HAPA, Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action

Open letter to HAPA, Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action

You are joining in “Day of Resistance” on inauguration day!
4:00pm:  Converge at Waikiki Gateway Park
5:00pm:  March to Trump Tower, then along Kalakaua Avenue toward Waikiki Shell
What are you resisting? The end of the good old boy’s club? How stupid! Hillary Clinton should be in prison for war crimes as well as her part in many other deaths starting with her time running drugs in Arkansas. Search it online. Obama is the only president in US history to be at war everyday of his 8 years, bombing 7 countries. Liars Obama and Hillary blame Russia for the rejection by the American people of their globalist disenfranchising programs. Hillary cheated Sanders of 13 state primary wins. Research it. In the presidential election, Trump won over 3000 counties. Hillary won 57.

Women should be cheering that the wife of a serial rapist has now been rejected. Bill Cosby is in jail. Why not Bill Clinton? It is because the swamp of corruption protects the Clintons. Ask Cathy O’Brien about being raped by Hillary Clinton. Find her on Youtube. Have you not heard about Clinton chief John Podesta’s involvement in pedophilia? Search “Podesta pedophile” and learn.


So what are you resisting? Perhaps you are on the wrong side of history and are still dumbed down by CNN?


Trump has named Robert Kennedy Jr. to head the fraud investigation surrounding vaccines. Heads will roll. Of course Kennedy knows that a lone gunman did not kill his father or uncle. Do you? Have you not studied the anomalies in the official stories about the deaths of JFK and RFK?

What are you resisting exactly? Are you resisting justice and honesty?

Ray Songtree

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