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Marianne Williamson, Another Placed Globalist

The word transformation is used by globalists who want to destroy all traditions, which are considered primitive, and need to be “transformed.”

A traditional culture could never come up with such a quote.

“Saving the world” tells us this is a globalist quote. A globalist is into hunting down traditions and eradicating them. Marianne Williamson was a keynote speaker at the ultimate globalist State of the World Forum in 1997. 

 So, we have to ask, transformed to what from what? 

Key word in her quote is “radical” so we see this is a far left, communist type of person. The Rothschilds funded Marx, Lenin and Mao.

Another key phrase is “save the world.”

In order to “save the world,” the future goal of globalists  is to have a global system of state run boarding schools to take kids away from those unequal parents and give everyone an “equal” upbringing.

But then they go further, and we need equal genetics and so a melting pot of genes is desired, and “open borders” to mix all the genes up.  This was all talked about one hundred years ago.

In researching Marianne Williamson I found she is into a Course in Miracles which was actually written by CIA career psychologist William Thetford.

In 1990 Marianne Williamson had an illegitimate child and she won’t discuss the father. So her idea of parenting is without a dad. For her, saving the world would mean eliminating male role models. Marianne Williamson is a chauvinistic, New Age, Jewish single mom.

In 1994 she was invited to White House and became pals with Hillary Clinton, who has committed every crime nameable, including the death of 80 people at Waco where her husband’s four body guards were all executed and their deaths blamed on the Waco Branch Davidians. See the youtube “Waco, A New Revelation”  which shows how all the people including children were killed by gunshot or bombs.

And of course, Hillary and Williamson don’t discuss Bill’s serial rapes.

Notice also in the quote that “we” need a single transformation. Everyone must change. Her way.

In the article reprinted below, satanism and witch craft are real. Larry Nichols has exposed Hillary’s long membership with witchcraft. It is real.

1 minute video with Larry Nichols

The New York Times, a Rothschild outlet, has made Williamson famous by promoting her  “best selling” books. It all adds up, and this person, Marianne Williamson, can never be trusted or respected.



New Age Witch Marianne Williamson looking into 2020 Presidential Run http://www.exposingsatanism.org/new-age-witch-marianne-williamson-looking-into-2020-presidential-run

Socialists and Witches running for president?  We are in trouble Folks!!!

This Witch is the worse kind there is! She is into Ritual Black Magick. The same black magick Aleister Crowley who was know as the Beast was into. (Info below) I am sure she is part of the spell casting that takes each month during the waning moon.

If she, or one of the Socialists should get into office, they will be like the kings of old Israel and build Altars to Baal! They Will do “what is Evil and Wicked in the sight of the LORD“!

She is a pal of Crooked Hillary Clinton and Devil Woman Oprah Winfrey, so you know she is a radical abortion loving feminist also!

The Guardian – New Age author (Witch) Marianne Williamson was in Iowa earlier this week meeting with Democratic activists to explore the possibility of a presidential campaign.

Tom Henderson, a prominent Democratic activist in the state, told the Guardian that Williamson said she was “just looking into it and not a candidate yet”.

Williamson is a prominent New Age author who has written New York Times best sellers, most recently Tears to Triumph about “the spiritual journey from suffering to enlightenment”.

One source said Williamson took meetings in the Des Moines area and also in Fairfield, Iowa, a rural town that is home to the Maharishi University of Management and has a thriving community of practitioners of transcendental meditation.

Williamson’s interest in a potential presidential bid is a sign of how broad the Democratic field in 2020 might be. Dozens of Democrats have been mooted as candidates and Williamson would have competition even for the “yoga vote”. Ohio congressman Tim Ryan has reportedly said that he is hoping to court that demographic if he mounts a bid. Ryan, a Rust Belt Democrat who mounted an unsuccessful challenge to Nancy Pelosi for minority leader, has long practiced and advocated for meditation.

From Hillary Clinton’s Witchcraft Part 1

Marianne Deborah Williamson met Hillary in 1994 and was invited to the White House when Hillary was First Lady. “You were wonderful to me back in l994 when you invited me to the White House.” Source. This woman is deep into metaphysics which is ritual Magick. Perhaps she is on the same road that occultist Jack Parsons, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and the Infamous Aleister Crowley were on in their quest for the Babylon Working. Some speculate that Hillary is the result of that ritual. It would explain why she can get away with so much evil. Whatever the goal of these Witches, you can bet they aim to destroy Christianity and usher in a New Age Utopia.

From Oprah Winfrey Part 2: What god does she Worship?

Oprah & Friends channel on XM Satellite Radio, which is offering Marianne Williamson’s presentation of A Course in Miracles(ACIM). The course was authored by research psychologist Helen Schucman (1909-1981). Dr. Schucman maintained that between 1965 and 1972, an “inner voice” (which she identified as Jesus) dictated the material to her, which she took down in shorthand and transcribed into what was eventually published as A Course in Miracles.

It is often described as “New Age Christianity,” a version which posits a Jesus who offers more love and forgiveness while wanting “less suffering, sacrifice, separation, and sacrament.” (Some have noted that the concepts contained in ACIM are primarily a hodgepodge of teachings from various world religions.) ACIM (and other similar courses) are available in the form of books, audio/videotapes, seminars, and workshops through the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) and through its related organization, the Foundation for A Course in Miracles (FACIM), which operates an academy and retreat center known as the Institute for Teaching and Inner Peace (ITIP).

Why is a Jewish Woman writing New Age books, and not about Judaism?

BTW, when I researched and wrote Hillary’s Witchcraft, this woman figured prominently as one of Hillary’s “Spiritual Advisors”!

Marianne Williamson was born to a Jewish family in Houston, Texas, in 1952. She is the youngest of three children of Samuel “Sam” Williamson, an immigration lawyer, and his homemaker wife, Sophie Ann (Kaplan). After graduating from Houston’s Bellaire High School, Williamson put in two years studying theater and philosophy at Pomona College in Claremont, California before dropping out in her Junior year and moving to New York City to pursue a career as a cabaret singer.

In 1979 Williamson returned to Houston, where she ran a metaphysical bookstore. In 1987 she helped found the Los Angeles Center for Living, a support facility for those with life-threatening illnesses. Two years later she began Project Angel Food, to deliver meals to AIDS patients. In 1990 Williamson had her only child, India Emmaline. She refuses to identify or discuss the father of her daughter, and instead chose to raise India alone as an “unwed Jewish mother.” Source: Wikipedia

She quotes Occultist Alice Bailey in one of her books. Quotes from The Emergence of the “Mystical Church”  LetusReason.org

Marianne Williamson repeats Bailey saying, “It is a mystical revolution that will usher in a mystical age”(Healing the Soul of America, Marianne Williamson, p. 254).

Theosophist Alice Bailey was a mystic and occult prophet she is considered the mother of the modern New Age Movement. Alice Bailey was the chief channeler for Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Master, who dictated through her nearly 20 books. [The most famous channelers was Moses] Alice Bailey rejected the Christ of Scripture to embrace a different Christ because of her acceptance of an occult belief system. Most people do not realize how significant she was in shaping the new world religion that we see surfacing today. 

Also see Alice Bailey’s 10-point Plan at Battle Cry for Christ

I am sure that her being Jewish, and her obvious Occult and Witchcraft practices, she is well versed in the Jewish Kabbalah!

Deceived by a counterfeit “Jesus” The twisted “truths” of The Shack & A Course in Miracles
By Berit Kjos – February 14, 2008

Two books (one new, one old) have suddenly grabbed public attention and captured the hearts of multitudes. One is long and instructional — a dictation from a channeled spirit guide. The other is a fictional testimony full of tear-jerking dialogue. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is obviously occult, while the more subtle message of The Shack by William P. Young has been widely accepted in postmodern churches.

The two books share a common message. I saw a stark preview of it back in 1992. Skimming through a magazine called Well-Being Journal, I noticed this New Age “insight” from the author’s “inner guide:”

“Many people believe in evil, sin, and dark forces.  It is your purpose to teach the opposite which is the Truth: there is no devil, no hell, no sin, no guilt except in the creative mind of humankind.” 

I heard similar deceptions at Gorbachev’s 1997 State of the World Forum. At the time, keynote speaker Marianne Williamson was touting the Kabbalah, not A Course in Miracles (ACIM). While those New Age “insights” would fit both, they are best expressed through ACIM, which Williamson is now popularizing through Oprah Winfrey’s weekly radio program.

You may also want to grab your King James Bible, look at 17 Marianne Williamson Quotes, paying attention to “Buzz words” and see if they line up with scripture. They do NOT!

What is the Kabbalah?

Lesbian bi sexual Madonna

Kabbalah, also spelled Kaballah, Qabalah, or Cabalah, developed between the 6th and 13th centuries among the Jews in Babylonia, Italy, Provence, and Spain. The word “Kabbalah” means “to receive” and refers to revelation from God received by Jews and passed to succeeding generations through oral tradition. The word was first used by mainstream Judaism but later came to refer to those who believed that only a select few were given the secret knowledge from God as to the “true” meaning of Scriptures. Kabbalah uses occult practices and is considered to be a cult.

Kabbalah closely resembles some of the beliefs held by the Greek Gnostics in that both groups believed that only a select few were given deeper understanding or knowledge. Also, Kabbalah teaches that “emanations” from God did the work of creation, denying that creation was a creative act directly from God (Genesis 1). With each descending emanation, the emanation became farther away from God. The final emanation took the personal form of angels. This would be like God creating a lesser god, and that one then creating a lesser god, and this kept happening until the end result was angels. This directly contradicts God’s revelation of Himself in the Bible. In the Bible, God teaches that He is both separate from all of His creation (Isaiah 55:8-9) and yet is directly accessible to those who come to Him through Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

Kabbalah does hold to the inspiration of Scripture but does not seek the plain meaning of Scripture. The Kabbalah approach is mystical and very subjective, using such things as numerology to find “hidden” meaning. Through this method, almost any teaching that one desires could be “found” in Scripture. This goes against the very heart of communication. God provided Scripture that He might communicate with mankind and teach humanity about Himself. It is obvious that Scripture is meant to be taken at face value and not interpreted by some mystical means. This can be demonstrated by fulfilled prophecy. God said something would happen, and it happened as He said it would. The greatest example of this is the fulfillment of the prophecies concerning the first coming of Jesus Christ. There were hundreds of verses referring to His coming, and they were fulfilled literally (Isaiah 7:14; 9:6; Micah 5:2; Isaiah 53). This is why the Bible should be interpreted literally or normally.

Kabbalah even has a pantheistic characteristic. Pantheism is the idea that God and His creation are one. This, of course, is not what God has told us in the Bible. God created all that exists from nothing (ex nihilo in the Greek) (Genesis 1:1). Kabbalah says that creation is one of God’s emanations, exhibiting the pantheistic quality of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah, like all false doctrine and religions, denies the deity of Christ and the necessity of faith in Him as the only means of salvation (John 14:6). Jesus is God in the flesh, and He came to die for the sins of all who would believe in Him. If an individual trusts in Christ—that He is God (John 1:1-3) and paid for sin (Romans 8:3)—then that person is forgiven and becomes a child of God (John 1:12). Source: Got Questions

We absolutely do not need a Jezebel in the White House as we already had the Jezebel Hillary Clinton  there!


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