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Intelligent Design and Ascended Masters



I don’t know what you mean by CIA channel.  I’ve talked to someone who studied with Ramtha for 30 years.  Ramtha is an ascended ego IMO, the real thing, and part of Illuminati. I told you I met Morya in 80’s, who was Blavatsky’s master, who still runs the UN. Another ascended ego.  Don’t reduce Ramtha or JZ to another psy-op.  It is actually much worse. Great White Brotherhood has run this civilization for millennia. I was part of that and dropped out in stages, not sure when, but I was a minion up till last life.  This Brotherhood  is now duking it out with other similar groups all who need some place as a project, because deluded immortality entails mischief.  I hope I am making sense. Who built the pyramids?  Answer 1 is pharaohs built them, seeking immortality. Answer 2, the truth,  SLAVE labor built them.  Abuse for the sake of vanity!

The Taj Mahal is another edifice to vanity. After is was complete, with inlaid pearl and jewels throughout, the hands of the artists were cut off.  Not so beautiful, eh?

In contrast, the choice to incarnate composts the ego.  Walk the walk. Be here!

The problem for planet is vanity on the other side. “Ascension” puts the ego on a pedestal and THAT is what has happened to Earth.  Out of body egos, some think they are good, some just don’t care, are busy manipulating some realm, any realm, to keep busy so they will not have to compost their own vanity.  Some say that some groups protect a place from other groups. Okay.  And what is the price of protection. There is a price.  Gangs thrive on protection.

I am saying that immortality creates hierarchical structures, collateral damage, and that these ascended egos are the problem, or rather their long term vanity is the problem. Their vanity trickles down to manifest as human supremacy, which almost everyone has.   Almost everyone wants to be like them, immortal and influential.  That is, addicted to controlling others.

Almost everyone thinks the human species is somehow superior as if other species don’t all have languages.  Realistically, we modern humans are the cancer, not the supreme species!  And what is the pivot point of the cancer? It is our vanity, which as I say, trickles down from these ascended egos.  Almost everyone wants to escape from Earth and “evolve” like their masters.  They hate earth.  Let’s ask, why not stay here and evolve inwardly and refine character and stop grasping for greener pastures?  The answer is that “My master says I should strive for the Source and this is illusion.”  Greener pastures.  This is just dirt.

Some of these entities, maybe all, are associated with bodies being carried around in giant mother ships, again for their own “immortality” and the space craft need to refuel with materials.  I don’t think enough people understand that what we call space is actually the mind.  So these gypsy mother ships enslave a race to do the work for them so they can refuel and stay immortal, planet after planet after planet. To do this they have to “trick nature,” as Sir Francis Bacon (who wrote King James Bible) said it, and the deceiver is born. Nature is the karmic habits of a realm.  Though most people can’t imagine it, there are dimensions of mind associated with plants, bacteria, and even minerals.  Stone age people didn’t have to trick nature.  They knew there place in it and didn’t trick any thing.  And then the elite with slave labor started mining.

Let’s ask, who is superior, the trickster deceivers or the salt of Earth?

I’ll ask my friends this….  If intelligent design created human DNA, then it also created DNA of millions of other species, 600,000 species of beetles as just one genus of insects, countless plankton and bacteria.  ALL that would also have to be also be created by intelligent design if some designer created humans.

Why don’t people contemplate the miracle of the DNA of bacteria?  Answer – human supremacism!

Yea, there is intelligent design, and it is called evolution and the will to live, taking countless forms in countless dimensions. Okay, where did will to live come from?  Well, where did time come from?  Endlessness is also beginninglessness, so it is dumb question.  Where did the intelligence come from to behold anything?  Did your intelligence come from somewhere else????  My goodness. Then let’s ask about this somewhere else. Where did that somewhere else come from? 

“Oh, it came from God.”

Okay, “Where did God come from?” 

“Oh, God always was.” 

Oh, thats nice, so then g-o-d is equal to the Endless great mystery and no priesthood is needed.

But people need a form for the formless and then we have this anthropomorphic god who is a he with a male what? Genitalia?   Now that is amazing.  Does he have male DNA?

It is not possible to have a belief system about the Great Mystery because once we recognize infinity in everything, we can’t describe anything.  Nothing is definable.

I like to say that since God is not a thing, there is no such thing as god.

I also like to say that in reality there are no nouns, only verbs.

I’ve noticed that belief systems and cosmologies all start with “the word” and forget that before that was silence. Uh oh. And belief systems end with not asking questions. Don’t ask where God came from, he doesn’t want you to know. He.

So I say, forget intelligent design, forget godhead, and accept Great Mystery seen from the heart, with the mind free of “the words.”


Spokespersons for “god” include these invisible beings, these ascended egos. They weave cosmologies to place themselves in our attention, which they desperately need, as they have not substance of their own. So they depend on us, but convince us to depend on them.  Ramtha is a perfect example? What is he doing here? He is continuing his “work.” What is his work? His work is getting attention.

Anyway Ramtha is no CIA illusion. He is real, and the CIA surrounds his people because he represents something not yet controlled.  He is a controller and so are they and they, the CIA, consider then entire world theirs.  They both love the all seeing eye in the pyramid of abuse, but have differences on how the one world government of “evolved” progress should eventually look.

Ramtha is as real as the UN’s Lucis Trust guided by ascended ego El Morya. They are as real as the entity that used Abraham, Moses and Mohammad. These are all real ascended egos, some call them masters, others call them angels, that have guided our civilization.

In contrast, on the balancing side is Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tsu.  “Behold the lilies of the field, they toil nor do they spin, yet Salomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.” 

“The true tao cannot be spoken.”

According to legend, Buddha once held up a flower. Many students started speculating what it meant, but one student just smiled. He got it!  His name was Mahākāśyapa.



Here is addition July 17, 2017

This is the goodbye letter to someone I met who shared some deep and great stuff with me, but when I questioned the wisdom of Ramtha, he didn’t want to talk anymore.  He had studied closely with Ramtha for decades.

Okay M.  I’m sorry you dont’ understand what I am saying. JZ would never touch my stuff because I expose the meaning of the symbol she uses and is a part of.
Ascension is just a vanity which is dependent on controlling other realms for energy.  The price of being “immortal” is you get to depend on and socially engineer other realms and be in denial that you have no right to do that. This is why Ramtha is unable to question himself.  His vanity is enshrined in “ascension.”  Please read what I just said several times.  Please study ascended “master” Morya at UN. 

The bad world order against the good world order, but neither respect the Earth or incarnation and both want total control.  Ramtha convinced thousands of people to try to escape, because he had a “higher” space.  That makes this space lower, not worth respecting. So just use it up, it is all for “experience.”  I listened to his entire speech about Trump etc. He lacks moral balance. He worships self.

Take care…  You were a runner who brought me great insights. Thank you.  I’m sorry you are not fascinated by what I am saying. I am helping you understand how you got sucked in.  You will be more independent if you consider what I am saying.  I suggest you incarnate immediately when the time comes, so you don’t get caught in the web of vanity that is out there.  While we who incarnate are on the cutting edge of emergence, the ascended voyeurs watch and think they are superior.


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