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The Liberal Psy-Op : Peace on a Make Believe Earth

A dialogue:

Ray Songtree wrote:

I  made this image, attached.

On 1/24/2018 at 12:15 PM, “M wrote:

Ray, if we deported all of the [illegal] immigrants our economy would collapse overnight.

Also, your hatred of those you refer to as liberals is divisive.  Identity politics divides us, and what we need is to be united.

Ray wrote:

We disagree. Unity means mono-culture and one world government. That is the unity psy-op.

I don’t hate liberals!  I notice how they behave and what they believe.  Did you read Buckley’s observation?  It has nothing to do with hate, it is accurate observation of holier than thou hypocrisy.

We should deport illegal immigrants, vet all immigrants, and put our teenagers to work.  If they can’t work, they wont have money.  We’ll see how they handle that. We are an obese society. We can handle having to work again IMO. Our economy would not collapse. People would work or starve. They will work!

On 1/25/2018 at 3:55 AM, “M wrote:

Unity does not mean mono-culture and one world government – it means people everywhere getting along with one another instead of being bigoted against people who differ from them.

Furthermore, methinks you are not personally acquainted with very many liberals.  I am acquainted with many liberals here in New York who do not have a “holier than thou” attitude.  Making sweeping generalizations about people based purely on their beliefs and opinions is the very definition of bigotry.  You strike me as much smarter than that, Ray!

Ray wrote: 

Well M, you have bought the programming on this.  Anyone who criticizes liberal programming, which comes out of communism/socialism will be judged as bigoted.  This is what you have done. 

Not only that, I sound ignorant to you!  This is liberal thinking to a T, exactly nailed byh the Buckley quote, but it passed over your head.  If someone disagrees with a liberal, “they must be stupid and bigoted.”

So let’s deconstruct what you have said… 

We either have unity or diversity. We either have a mono- culture or a diverse cultures that want to be separate and distinct and enforce borders. Sovereignty resists hegemony.  Sovereign people hate intrusion. They passionately hate intrusion.

To highlight this, the enforcement of differences is diversity, while the collapse of differences is mono-culture or unity.

We see this with the globalists attacking all independent countries and placing a central bank, so we can be “united.”

And who will govern the utopian unity?  One world government will govern the colonial unity, or there is no governance. Without forced governance there is disagreement, which is not unity.

So unity will have to be enforced, at the expense of diversity, in order for the chant of unity to come about.

When confronted with this, the New Age response is that “we will evolve to another consciousness.”  This is fantasy. If my children are starving and yours are not, there is going to be borders and a testing of borders. Conflict.

I feel that millions of species need we humans, one species, to return back to pre colonial times as soon as possible and return to having thousands of separate cultures that uphold their differences.  In fact, with communication breakdowns due to resource depletion, people in the future won’t even know of each other’s cultures. 

If you think about it, isolation is the greatest friend of diversity. The best future is not one humanity, it is diverse humanities. Millions of species agree, because local self sufficient populations won’t consume and impact the Earth the way globalized people do.

The only reason to presently have unity is because there is a common enemy trying to kill us all.  We can call that common enemy the Illuminati or New World Order and include the unseen being behind them.

The reason a fake ET-alien invasion was planned was the last hope for the globalists. Werner Von Braun knew of this. The alien invasion will “unite” all people! Dr. Steven Greer wants to expose the planned fake alien invasion because he believes that alien civilizations are, after all, good guys, and will be here without any self interest because they are “evolved.”  He doesn’t like that aliens are demonized when they are really, in his mind, perfect angels who are always wise and benevolent.

All that is false. ET and spirit guides are here because their artificial lifestyle needs to be refreshed by eating organic planets. Literally. These beings are not free of desire. They have business here. Greer’s guru, Babaji, has business here. Self interest.

Waking up does not mean becoming peaceful and supporting unity, it means waking up to the plans for one world government and focusing on re-localization. A sovereign community must uphold its borders to be sovereign, and importantly, does not trust strangers.  Strangers are coming to your home for what reason? They are coming because they are hungry for something and will surely need to eat.  Again, they are here because they WANT something.

The call for unity goes back to the international workers of the communist party.

Unite the Resistance | Sheffield UtR May Day benefit gig


My parents were New York communists. When they figured out that socialism is based on lying, they never went back.

You may be surprised to know that I am extremely familiar with liberals. Almost everyone I meet is a new age liberal who believes in “peace” and unity. (A Course in Miracles, a pillar of “non-judgemental” new age thinking, was written by William Thetford, a gay CIA career psychologist.  Oprah Winfrey and  Deepak Chopra are also new age liberals).

I am pointing out that communities should want borders, enforced borders or they are not really distinct communities.  Enforced borders does not mean peace, it means trained force.

Borders however, are like the rest of existence. Because nothing in existence is static, neither are borders. 

Like everything else in constant flux, borders will and must change with time, and are actually then, clash zones.

An example of a border is your skin. White blood cells combat disease. They are at constant war to keep our bodies healthy

Another way to say this is that in a multi-verse of movement, there will always be friction, not peace.

This is natural and needs to be accepted as natural.  Rather than conform to ideals the way vain and holier than thou liberals try to do, we should adapt to nature. 

Conservatives what to conserve something.  Liberals want to convert nature to their ideals.

The first step of waking up is to identify a land base and forcibly kick out all sources of poison.

The next step is to establish a perimeter so that potentially poisonous strangers can’t enter freely. With time, separate and isolated cultures, and even languages, will develop. 

People can unite against pedophilia as an example, but until people self identify with their separate and enforced land bases, they are enabling mono-culture and globalization. Uniting against pedophilia, for example, does not mean we should support one world government enforcement, it means we should prosecute deviant behavior in our own communities, and different communities will react, case by case, to different crimes.

In fact, communities have the natural right to define deviance in their own manner. The UN universal declaration of human rights deprives all people of self governance, self definition of standards, and personal sovereignty. No thank you.

“We” should not unite against pedophilia unless we  are ready to proclaim ourselves as globalists. Who wants to do that? Rather, each of us should be inspired by prosecution elsewhere to prosecute crime our own way in our own communities. Fight, don’t unite. Don’t wait for Big Brother to correct things! Fight crime. Fight in your community against what you feel is poison!

Again, local or global? Diverse response or a “united” response.

Once again, the opposite of globalization is re-localization. Re-localization means borders and prejudice against outsiders.

Unity is the communist and Rockefeller and Baha’i liberal call for peace on earth. 

But there will never be peace anywhere, only change and movement, therefore the call for peace is a trick. Once again, a moving multi-verse is never peaceful, and existence is made of movement.

The call for peace is a declaration of endless war against natural flux, exactly what we see now, carried out with our taxes.

Liberals want big government and big taxes that will take care of “the people.” And if one disagrees, one is called bigoted and ignorant. 

This is what Buckley and myself observe.

Obama has head scars from a severe surgery. Implants?




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