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Israel Votes for Unlimited Settlement by Annexing West Bank and Ignoring UN

Greater “Eretz” Israel, as planned from the outset to replace Middle
East nations and Islam.

On Dec 31, 2017,  the Likud Central Committee, the party’s top decision-making body, unanimously passed a resolution urging the faction’s leaders to formally annex parts of the West Bank and allow unlimited construction in the settlements while western media is silent. (See links below. )

This land was stolen from Syria in 1967 war. This is simply theft, but now with Russia setting up permanent bases in Syria, Syria is not going to disappear as the Zionists had hoped.

Why does this matter to Americans?  US is in the Mideast as part of Greater Israel project. (See above coin image.) Israel itself exists as part of project too, plaRothschild Horror Picture Show Global Research Project.comnned 150 years ago. Albert Pike wrote of this and the plan for three world wars, two already completed, and a statue of Pike was erected in Washington DC. Obviously Washington DC has been infiltrated for a long time.

After the 9/11 attack on New York, carried out with Israeli planning, General Wesley Clark, former commander of NATO, announced that 7 countries were targeted for “regime change”, all in the Mideast area.

Iraq wars, Libya war, Syrian war, and they hope, Iran war, are directly part of this plan announced by Clark.  Iran is important because of Mackinder Heartland geopolitics, endorsed by elite, as puppet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Trilateral Commission co-founder, wrote in his book The Grand Chess Board. 

The other Trilateral founder was Bilderberger David Rockefeller who selected and placed Jimmy Carter. Rockefeller family has always been controlled by Rothschilds. Brzezinski was placed as Carter’s National Security Advisor. This is true history that the official story of fake news and schools hide. Fake history and conspiracy are actually one and the same.

Destroying and controlling Iran is key to control of world according to Heartland theory, and Israel was placed as rogue illegal crime center to help bring this about. This is all now dashed by Russian permanent bases in Syria, but Israel has now voted to annex West Bank and continue it’s bid for conquest. (See links below.)

The globalists also want to destroy both Islam and Christianity by melting them together using forced migration. This melting of creeds and races was planned in advance.  In the Mideast, Islam is being destroyed culturally with spectator sports, TV cartoons, and liberal ‘anything goes’ ideas.

The first action US did in Iraq was bomb granaries, representing 7000 years of seed saving, and replace heritage seed with GMO, and then build many sports stadiums.

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