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French Protests Under Reported and French Narcissism

From C,

The numbers are wrong – closer to a million people in the streets of Paris and another 300,000 in other areas of the country. L’Humanite is about the only news source making sense of it and reporting it accurately (though Aljazeera is usually pretty good, just wrong on the numbers this time).

About the month of March, the Nuit Debout folks (like Occupy) started to protest the labour law proposal, then started talking seriously about a new constitution and talks proceed. The unions and communist party union (CGT, a union, separated from the party to be more to the left) have joined in. There is talk of a Resistance movement, which may mean, let’s go break out those weapons that we hid during WWII. 

[That would be a very predictable New World Order planted plan, to bring about the conflict they want. The Hegelian solution is always destabilization and preferably violence to terrorize and dumb down society. – Ray]

From Ray

My 3 questions for we “civilized people” to consider are these….

1. Are not the French in reality, spoiled colonists who are protesting equalization and shared hardship with the rest of the world?  (Do their colonies have 35 hour work weeks?)
2. Who are they to think they can have a minimal work week or can have x many weeks of paid vacation as a norm?  
3. The last question is, what will it take for any of the European or Anglo-sphere nations to admit that the party is over?

Now my comment.  The problem for France is utter narcissism, which makes it impossible for the people to admit that they have a decadent lifestyle with decadent expectations with  a decadent culture with decadent coordinates.  This French pathology has only a different flavor than English, German, American, Australian or Han Chinese decadence, so it is not really unique. The entire “civilized” world now salivates to live like the royalty of old.

As I see it, the divide and conquer countries have run out of other lands to divide and conquer and extract from. So the noose will now tighten on over consumption.  And here is the grand catch.  The French and their government live in denial and simply cannot admit that the reason that the party is over, is that the party was criminal.  They cannot admit it. It would be like a king who cannot admit that he is not divine, because  if he is not divine, then why the F does he have the right to enslave and abuse and steal and rape?  He will never ever admit that he is not divine. So the French cannot admit that they NEVER deserved the decadent lifestyle they have had, based on ripping off other lands and peoples, which continues today.  It was never okay. It was always a crime. But as I said, this is not unique to French, just a bon appétit twist.

Here is how a German once said it.

“Without colonies no security regarding the acquisition of raw materials, without raw materials no industry, without industry no adequate standard of living and wealth. Therefore, Germans… do need colonies.”  -Reichskanzler Paul von Hindenburg 

So, now back to my third question… What will it take to bring people out of denial, to understand that the party cannot go on forever, and it must, and is ending? 

And my own answer is that the school of hard knocks is here.  It doesn’t matter what the French want, they are not gonna get it, because the party is over. It doesn’t matter what laws France passes, or what constitution they entertain, die off is coming, and the French have the added weight of removing safely over 80 nuclear reactors, that their superior advanced civilized culture built all around the borders, ringing themselves with possible melt downs and guaranteeing their neighbors will be destroyed too, unless it is cleaned up, which as far as I know, no one on Earth knows how to do accomplish.

But we are not supposed to worry because some scientist has theorized that we can have plasma torches save the day….  this argument is so full of sh-t that I will diverge here and share it with you….

“One brilliant invention that has already been patented, waiting for the development of [savior] nuclear fusion, is called the fusion torch: a super-heated plasma furnace attached to a fusion reactor, into which all the daily garbage of a city can be dumped, where the material at the atomic level will become disassociated into its component atoms, and spat out as pure elements of the component atoms—silicon, iron, etc.. [So the party can continue, and “civilized” entitled people can continue converting nature into garbage and continue becoming obese.]

“This is an optimistic vision of the future of mankind [but not any other species], for which our children can be excited. [The measure of worth is titillation. I cover this in Vol. 1] This will recapture the dream of conquering space [leaving the Earth Mother they so rabidly hate], whilst simultaneously solving the economic problems on earth. [where limitless human beings can consume as much as they want, whew!].  It will create a future in which the sacredness [entitled exceptionalism] of human life [over all other forms of life] will be honoured [ensconced] and preserved [forever]. It is this, not the [depopulation programs] genocide of the oligarchy, which is mankind’s true destiny.”

In other words, rather than the evil elite killing off most of the population, and I agree that is evil,  an evil unlimited population can be excited about leaving the planet.  Which proper bucket of vomit does this thinking belong in?

Well, like I said, there is the French flavor and in this case, an Australian flavor of colonial denial.  I am reading Derrick Jenssen’s book and he calls this disease ‘human supremacy’, however, I feel it is more cosmic than that.

I feel that any individual in any dimension has to wrestle the harmony of self and other.

And for this reason, Buddha Dharma or some equivalent Middle Way teaching is a perennial need wherever we find identity (context = other = existence).

Our problem forever is we can be tempted into denial of community with that which surrounds us. Denial is the source of evil, and evil denies denial.

The present French protests may combine with the recent forced immigration for a nice depopulation event, as planned, unless the denial is exposed. Admitting the denial would be the wake up “I’m talkin’ about.”  🙂

My article on the immigration.


France Begin Mass Arrests Amid Huge Revolution


Submitted by IWB, on June 15th, 2016   by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

French authorities have begun the mass arrests of protestors taking part in what some are calling the biggest revolution in France for 200 years. 


Hundreds of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets of France over the last few weeks, as the mainstream media continue to remain silent on the grass roots changes sweeping the country.

In response, police have begun arresting citizens and using water cannons to disperse crowds in an attempt to stifle the revolution.

Aljazeera.com reports:

At least 40 people were injured and 73 arrested on Tuesday as some 75,000 demonstrators amassed in Paris in the latest round of protests against the controversial reforms.

According to police, 29 members of the security forces were among the 40 injured.

The AFP news agency reported that hundreds of masked protesters hurled objects at police and stormed a building site in the capital.

Sparking months of street protests and widespread opposition, the bill, which was pushed through last month, retains France’s cherished 35-hour working week but allows companies to organise alternative working times.

Those include a working week of up to 48 hours and 12-hour days for temporary periods. In “exceptional circumstances”, employees could work up to 60 hours a week.

Strikes on Tuesday also closed the Eiffel Tower and disrupted transport links as tens of thousands of fans continue to pour into the country for the Euro 2016 football event.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Jamjoom, reporting from Paris, said the protest was rambunctious but peaceful and only flared when demonstrators arrived in the area of Les Invalides.

“When police brought in water cannon trucks and fired tear gas to disperse the crowds – that’s when the clashes intensfied,” our correspondent said.

“Most of the people we spoke to said they didn’t want the protest to turn violent, they believed that would detract attention from the demonstration which was essentially demanding that the government revoke these labour reforms.”

“Many of the protesters were saying that the reforms in and of themselves were bad enough, but the fact that these were being pushed by a Socialist government – made it worse. They were saying a Socialist government should protect the workers not the employers,” he added.

The strike is the latest in months of industrial action that has seen air and rail transport severely disrupted, fuel shortages and rubbish piled up on the streets of Paris.

France’s Senate started debating the reforms on Monday, which are aimed at making the job market more flexible and reducing high unemployment – but critics see the reforms as too pro-business.

Protests against the reform started on March 9, culminating in massive demonstrations on March 31 that brought nearly 400,000 people on to the streets.

Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri, restated the government’s strategy ahead of the protest, saying the law could be tweaked in detail but there was no question of gutting it of the essentials or dropping it.

France’s deeply unpopular President Francois Hollande has just over a year left in office and had been banking on the labour reform as a standout initiative with which to defend his record.














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