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Do All Environmentalists Embrace Manmade Global Warming Psy-op?

By August 3, 2017 True Sustainability

The upcoming fall 2017 conferences by Local Futures will feature these speakers: Winona LaDuke, Michael Shuman, Charles Eisenstein, Richard Heinberg, Judy Wicks, Frances Moore Lappé and Helena Norberg-Hodge.

Unfortunately none of these excellent people have studied how climate data was rigged to give the elites an excuse to further regulate society, while, undiscussed and hidden, other planets are also warming. This means climate change is a solar event, and has nothing to do with CO2, as this study guide amply explains.

Study Guide:  Global Warming Data. (link)


Mann vs Ball Climate history

The inconvenient truth is that the data was rigged to produce Mann’s hockey stick graph, when the actual history is quite different.

In addition to the list of names above, a quick search finds luminaries Vandana Shiva and Derrick Jensen have also been influenced by the elite Club of Rome psy-op called manmade global warming. We then are led to ask, “Are there any environmentalists besides Natural News Mike Adams, who see through the propaganda?”

Yes, climate is changing, and will forever do so.  The above people are not discussing documented manmade climate change… geoengineering.

Does the reader feel that fossil fuels are warming other planets in solar system?


Vandana Shiva, Winona LaDuke & Desmond D’Sa , … when countries will seek a binding deal [one world government dictates] to limit the emissions that cause global warming.



Michael Shuman Post Carbon Institute

Michael Shuman: … The Deep Resistance to Global Warming episode of Summer of the Environment.


Climate Change: The Bigger Picture. By Charles Eisenstein. … the way to “fight climate change” or “combat global warming” …




by Richard Heinberg . At the same time, because global warming has emerged as the central environmental issue of our era, …


Judy Wicks: In Business for Life … as we face the dual challenge of fossil fuel-induced global warming and peak oil, …



Hopelessly Divided? Think Again. … By Frances Moore Lappé and Giulio Caperchi … Americans’ concern about global warming is …



North-South Divide And Tackling Global Warming. By Helena Norberg-Hodge. …



The Myths of Renewable Energy | Essays – Derrick Jensen

This culture will not act to stop or significantly slow global warming. This culture will sacrifice—read kill—the planet rather than question the socioeconomic…


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