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California’s Silicon Valley Moves to Capture All Children with SB18 Law

Bombshell: sacrificing children to the state of California: SB18: Organized and paid for by Silicon Valley Corporations


It absolutely ignores your freedom or independent choice.

Watch out for the big money behind this operation: it’s the secret

By Jon Rappoport, Dec 15, 2016
This article is dedicated to Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, a book everyone should read. Yesterday.
A bill introduced by the notorious Richard Pan, the mover and shaker behind the mandatory vaccination law in CA—this new one, SB18, is a grab-bag of generalities basically giving over care of children to the State.
Catch the flavor of the wording. It emerges like swamp gas: “The Legislature finds and declares that all children and youth, regardless of gender, class, race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, or ability, [and they will be made equal to be “fair”] have inherent rights that entitle them to protection, special care, and assistance [from the state] including, but not limited to, the following: The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest. [This is in a law? Why? Keep reading.] The right to form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being. [There it is, the right to have attachments with whoever takes care of them. This will include state boarding schools as parenting is sidelined by gender neutral training.] The right to live in a safe [as defined by state] and healthy [vaccinated] environment. The right to social and emotional well-being. [As defined by state psychologists.] The right to opportunities to attain optimal [as defined by state] cognitive, physical, and social [socially engineered] development. The right to appropriate [transgender bathrooms]  quality [as defined by Common Core as of this writing] education and life skills [as profiled] leading to self-sufficiency [school debt and fair entitlements] in adulthood. The right to appropriate, quality health care. [vaccinations, chips] “
As if all these outcomes could be delivered to children on a silver platter.
And the State would make it so.
This bill is basically setting up the population of California for state regulatory agencies to fill in the blanks later, to make specific controls out of the vague generalities in the bill. Get it?
“Medical care and nutrition and parenting and education are what we say they are. We define and enforce, you obey.”
SB18 is also an invitation to immigrants anywhere in the world who can get to California with their children, or will give birth to children after arriving: “Just be here and we’ll take care of you.”
But let’s go to the money. In SB18, a group is referred to: the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council. This Council has already written a children’s bill of rights, and SB18 is saying this is the model. This is the framework. This the pattern they’re following.
That’s odd.
Pay attention. This is where it becomes VERY interesting.
The Peninsula Partnership is a group organized within the San Mateo County Office of Education. One piddling little California county education department.
The Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council (PPLC) is composed of the San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools, the County Board of Supervisors and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.
It’s a non-profit that has assets of $7.3 BILLION. It runs 1800 philanthropic funds. Here are some of its corporate partners:

Alexza Pharmaceuticals. Microsoft. Pepsico Foundation. Cisco. Hewlett Packard. Dell. Symantec. Unilever. Plus something called the SV2 Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, “building and scaling social inventions.”  

For some reason, this huge Foundation is pushing a children’s bill of rights that is reflected in a new CA bill, SB18, that will eventually make the State the top-dog controlling force over all children in California.  

You can bet these corporate partners will reap profits. Beyond that, this is their version of a MASSIVE social engineering program. And that program is part of a technocratic movement to plan, format, and run the lives of the population from cradle to grave, because…    

The hi-tech scientists and engineers know best.   It’s that stark.   They should rule the future because they can plot and chart it out, based on their version (you weren’t consulted) of “greatest good for the greatest number.”  

The best place to start? THE CHILDREN. 

This is TECHNOCRACY INC. at work.   This is what’s behind SB18, and none of the hi-tech giants see a problem at all. All they see is a “scientific” solution that’s best for everyone.  

They’re taking new steps and leading us into the promised land.  

This is the big picture, and it’s bigger than any election or political party. It’s THE PLANNED SOCIETY.  

(See this article about Silicon Valley and the planned matrix.)

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