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I am sorry to burst anyone’s good mood, but this T shirt in image is the new world order to a T. First line…. you have no nation, region, community nor family. Second line… you have no cultural or genetic loyalty with any group or tribe… you are a cog in a machine with no unique anything. Third line… You are free of all responsibility and have no opinions and would never have opinion about Big Brother, the bringer of freedom. Fourth line…. Get warm and fuzzy here because Big Brother looks like a little girl…. your religion is not discriminating wisdom balanced with unconditional love, your religion has no brains and is only unconditional love, emphasis on unconditional, meaning irresponsible. Free means irresponsible… try to remember that.
The spiritual leadership of UN is provided by Lucis Trust, formally known as Lucifer Publishing overseen by ascended ego, El Morya an off planet entity. See link. The UN is the New World Order. The NWO has several arms, some being the Rothschild- Rockefeller international central bankers, the Vatican, freemasonary, China under Yale Dean Chairman Mao, technocracy as manifest by google, facebook, Amazon, Paypal, and Tesla Cars, and entertainment run by satanists in Hollywood. Research Hollywood Kabbalah. Here is a post about background of new age religion ….. https://lipstick-and-war-crimes.org/new-age-movement-origi…/ About the image… it has 10 million views because people are not using discriminating wisdom.
Gary M commented –  Ray, you are always espousing on the evil plots to take mankind down. How can anything positive happen when all there is is defense? Are you saying that the only hope for mankind is to be divided and keep fighting it out? I wish I had a better way to articulate my question but I think you can get the gist of it.
Ray Songtree It is a profound question IMO. In a world commanded by doublespeak, destruction is called progress. In resisting this insanity, we may look crazy to not support insanity. So to get to your question, first of all there never was one humanity, there was only many people in many cultures with many languages, most who never knew anything about the rest. That was called nature and then something terrible happened some thousands of years ago with the alien pyramids and power trips, and then slavery came to many peoples. The goal of this alien agenda is total control of this planet by mind controlling and trans-humanizing homo sapiens.
The hope for people is to regain their own power and take responsibility for their homelands. In nature there is only movement, not stasis or “peace.” So our choice is to be either strong people or to be sheep. In an insane world, being a sheep seems safe. So Big Brother will take care of you if that is what someone wants.
IMO, in a sane world, Big Brother should be exposed and we should return to the struggle of maintaining and practicing our own integrity. That requires strength. We have to have boundaries to be strong because we want quality, or quality control. We define what quality is, not some herd or hive. Quality is very individual and charismatic individuals lead tribes and cultures.
So I would say the hope for people is very individualized, and we should resist being branded like cattle. You know, if you spent $3 and read my book, you would be asking even more profound questions I think
Joseph Hart Ray Songtree – Forgive him (and me) for he knows not what we do. One can take that T-shirt both ways. The USA is in an enviable place in that Big Brother, our government and military, keeps us isolated from the turmoil happening almost everywhere else. While the shirt does have a place, even in promoting the tolerant yet indigenous societies I see coming in the future, the Current Agenda is to Keep Calm and Carry On. Carry on consuming while those who produce what we consume keep the pillaging of the planet isolated and away from us. We do not see the killing for resources, the torture the Earth is put through in mining and refining, shipping and processing, lumber production, the damage done producing all is that is necessary to produce that which is needed for “Renewable Energy” OR the fact that wealth is being accumulated and hoarded by smaller and smaller numbers of people and institutions. The Vanity of “the west” far outweighs the empathy necessary and will never happen when it takes a sociopath to be part of the current and past political process.
Ray Songtree Gary – I don’t think my answer addressed what you meant. What we can do that is positive is the opposite of progress. We can clean up our bodies, homes, property, relations, everything and become less dependent on toxic crud. Bit by bit we need to become self sufficient so we can have something useful to teach young people when we get old. The warm fuzzy message dumbs us down so we defend nothing at all. I see nothing but maintaining boundaries forever Gary. I don’t think heaven or utopia or perfection without contrasts exists in any universe. I would say, it doesn’t exist. Now that is not warm and fuzzy:) Sorry!

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