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38 Tribal Members Arrested in Dakota Pipeline Protest



Mainstream media won’t cover this. See article below.  My prediction is that the Dakota pipeline will go through in order to create more freedom fighters, who will be labeled as terrorists. They want conflict, and the dominant culture will not bow to anything, because everything is collateral damage.

The ego of total control holds all Context as peripheral ! All. That means that nothing  is worth bending to.

“I am KING of the mountain, of the universe. I am God!”  How do we know this is true? Oh, it says so in the Bible.  How do we know it is true? It was written by God. That is the trance. The trance says only the trance is true, and everything else is collateral damage.

I hope I am wrong. I’m hoping some heart comes into these judges and they break rank.

Progress is the nightmare of living in a utopia on a dead planet. Makes sense, right?

I am startled to find my own thinking in Derrick Jensen’s book Dreams. What he calls insanity, I call the “Pyramid of abuse.” and “disconnecting vanity.”

However, I no longer think industrialization is human. I feel our minds and now our biology is being taken over by trance and nanotechnology that is tied in with whoever created the Judeo supremacist non-ethic. That is a huge stretch, but my research shows an unbroken chain between off planet channeled “divine” religions and off planet technologies.  Indigenous religions didn’t have words like “divine” because they were living in reality, not a trance.

Mr. ET Dr. Steven Greer with his ascended off planet Guru Babaji, who writes books like Count Down to Transformation with nature destroying “free energy” under one world government… he is the missing link.

Greer is a lead agent and is now possessed, because he is not the person he used to be. This is a big stretch but the unbroken chain is there.  His only beef with globalization is who controls it. He wants to control it!

Reminder :  NASA is back engineering downed space craft.  NASA is where integrated chips came from. Science came from science fiction. We are the slaves creating their
final products.

I truly wonder now if it is too late. That scares me. Are we who resist, also in a trance? And do we really resist? Or in fact, do we still buy poisonous food from the machine?

I’ve known all my life that going native was the only thing worth doing.

You can find Derrick Jensen’s book Dreams, on amazon used cheap, or on his website, where he will make some money back.


‘World Watching’ as Tribal Members Put Bodies in Path of Dakota Pipeline


‘World Watching’ as Tribal Members Put Bodies in Path of Dakota Pip…
Thirty-eight activists were arrested in two states on Wednesday as protests against the $3.8 billion Dakota Acce…




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