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3-D Food Replicators: The future is abundant?

What is a 3-d Replicator? LINK

Email From:  Ray Songtree
Sent: Sunday, September 4, 2016 10:40 AM 
I think replicators are very inefficient.  Why not just have pills like in movie Soylent Green?
Why do you lean on the artificial. Why not return to the original?


On 9/4/2016 at 9:10 AM, “M wrote:

Why do you assume this is what would be consider artificial? It is programmed [by a limited programmer] to be Exactly like the original [which evolved for millions of years] it was programmed with. [Sorry, that does not compute! ] Comparing it to solvent green is very inappropriate. I like to taste my food…. [Solvent Green comes in many flavors! ] and it is also not just for food. I personally will most likely be one of those hold backs that wants to grow my own produce anyway. But that is not always easy for people to do. [If it isn’t, they will starve while clutching their recipe books. Produce is not the issue. The issue is staples, grains, root crops.]
Because it doesn’t use resources and can feed and cloth and provide necessities. [It uses resources. There is no neutral technology.]  When you are done with whatever you made it can be instantly “recycled” so there is no waste.  People would not have to find it necessary to have a lot of possessions. [So they can just recycle a TV in to a guitar amp into an exercise machine into a set of skis into hamburgers, into lettuce, into … hey, we don’t have to work anymore. We just take some trash and live happily ever after… does this really make sense to you?] I see a lot of benefit ….maybe you could ponder on it and not be so instantly repulsed.
9/5/2016  From Ray

Isn’t artificial food just artificial. Why should nature bend to people, instead of people bending to nature? Why do many people think they should live above nature and make nature bend to their terms? In fact nature is bigger than people, so nature will win and we must bend.  The people who can’t grow their own food won’t survive. This is the Hopi Prophecy, or the common sense prophecy.

I’m sure there will be people who are okay with recycling their own feces and urine, but I’m saying this won’t survive. This is the artificial indoor world that is killing the outdoor world so it can stay indoors. Why not move outdoors?  And that is what nature will make sure happens. 

I was a carpenter. The only sustainable roofing material is thatch or clay tile. Not metal, not asphalt shingle or tar, not concrete, not old growth cedar. The day is coming when most roofs are not replaced. The termites and fires will eventually destroy all wooden houses, and there are no longer forests to replace them. Maybe someone will build a 3-D printer to print out artificial lumber? I don’t think so.

And allegedly, theoretically, this production is without energy use and with zero pollution? Doesn’t this sound like fictional utopia to you? The real world is not free, and anything claimed to be free is not real.

What is interesting to me is that you think the cancer of technology can solve the cancer of technology.  Some part of someone’s ancient backyard is destroyed for anything that technology produces.  How many people want a strip mine in their back yard. No one. Technology is parasitic on nature.

It is actually the separated ego that is parasitic on Context. This is the spiritual and moral understanding, which has no final solution.  Every single incarnation forever and anywhere must deal with self interest.

Technology comes from the mind that wants to dominate rather than co-mingle.   It started in Mesopotamia when the forests were destroyed to pay for the toys of the elite, their ships, their transportation, so they could “rise above” and be superior.  Some feel, and I do, that these monsters [COGNITIVE DISSONANCE WARNING! GET READY!] were ET.  You know how Iraq looks now.  It was once all forested. That is the fruit of technology and the onslaught cannot be solved by more technology.

The mind that wants to control must be replaced by the mind that respects Context. That is called the Spiritual Path.

Context cannot be managed. Context needs to b appreciated as a place to swim. Context needs to be left natural, not “transformed” into artificial.

A new brand of psychopathy that once again sees nature as separate from self, is not going to do anything but abuse nature some more.  And the “replicator” new brand is exactly this “progression.”

I call this the pyramid of abuse.    It could as easily be called the pyramid of consumerism.

Technology is killing the entire planet now. People in cities playing with their smart phones are oblivious of this. They don’t know all resources are at peak production and or already in decline, just as 90% of the fisheries have decreased or been destroyed.  Marilyn, most people will not survive. The famines will come. The elite know this. So they are taking us down with cancers and sterilization so they can manage the “transformation”.  They don’t like unpredictability.  That would be too natural!


To be able to eat some celery, poop it out, and 3-D replicate another piece of celery forever is not a wise view of what the future of this planet might look like.  The machine will need to be replaced too, and it is replaced by ripping off nature.

Meanwhile, simple people with more joy and less needs than the tech addicts, are already living a sustainable outdoor lifestyle. 


So, which makes more sense?

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