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May 2019

Teen Vogue Only Supports Left Leaning Activism

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Is Teen Vogue Teaching Your Daughter Marxism and Revolution?   Trevor Loudon May 21, 2019    “Curious teenaged girls are presented with articles having titles such as: “What I Wish I Knew Before Having Sex for the First Time” and “Everything You Need to Know About Anal Sex.” In the Wellness section, she might read “From Masturbation to Nude Photos, ‘Sex Education’ Makes Female Pleasure a Priority.”   One of the most insidious communist propaganda outlets in the country is a website targeted at high school-aged girls: Teen Vogue. While no longer a glossy magazine like its long-established adult counterpart Vogue, Teen Vogue reaches hundreds of thousands of young Americans weekly through its website. Among the beauty tips, celebrity gossip, and “provocative” feature articles, Teen Vogue’s readers can enjoy a steady stream of propaganda that would make openly communist online magazines—such as the Communist Party USA’s “People’s World” or the Party of Socialism and Liberation’s “Liberation”—blush. According to a “brand overview” information sheet released by Teen Vogue’s parent company Conde Nast, teenaged girls who read the online magazine are “3x more likely to be an activist.” The pdf document, headlined “A New Generation Disrupting the Conversation,” continues: “Teen Vogue is the premiere destination for the young and unapologetic. … We aim to disrupt the conversation by educating, enlightening and empowering the next generation, in every step we take.” A leader of America’s largest Marxist group recently praised Teen Vogue. Several movement leaders, including Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) leader Maria Svart, were…

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Cleaning Up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, One Bite at a Time

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  Last night I ended my 12 day water fast, as I met weight target.  I lost 20 lbs in 12 days.  I think I can manage on one meal a day at my age of 66, though I do physical work all day. We will see.   My plan now is to eat only local food, which means I won’t be eating almost anything that is packaged,  There is local shrimp, and that usually is in plastic,  so for now the rule is local only, and there will be some plastic I guess.     I have my own chickens for eggs for protein. There are lots of greens around. There is always local fruit. Coconut and avocado for oil, plus fish and local meat.   I have to get over certain cravings, like last night I wanted something crunchy.  I will feel good about not contributing to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  People are so habituated to consumption/waste! I certainly was.        People wonder, how to lose weight?  Ummm, change your addictions?  How to stop ocean pollution?  Um, how about not buying packaging?   How dumbed down and impotent we have become! I’m starting to see our society as a big insatiable taste bud, pooping everywhere.   I was a typical consumer, going to store and seeing which taste buds I wanted to titillate, with food from all over the world so I would never get bored. You know, “What do I feel like eating today?”…

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Bayer to Investigate Monsanto for Criminal Activity and USDA Is Next

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Mirror from Natural News which is banned on Facebook for speaking truth to power. Facebook is part of criminal deep state. Below, May 15, 2019 Editorial piece by Gary Hooser, Kauai. Administrators are culpable.   Followed by April 11, 2019 USDA press release decrying Vietnam’s Banning of Glyphosate – USDA supports biotech directly. Infogram showing revolving door between Monsanto and Federal Government And finally April 15, 2019 article that USDA is allowing glyphosate in “organic” hydroponics. Let us hope that Monsanto’s criminal activity exposes the criminal compliance in government agencies.     BOMBSHELL: Bayer discovers “black ops” division run by Monsanto, shuts it down, initiates internal investigation as law enforcement prepares criminal charges against the chemical giant Wednesday, May 15, 2019 by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) For over a decade, Monsanto has been engaged in building and maintapining “hit lists” of journalists, lawmakers and regulators to be taken out if they opposed the evil agenda of GMOs and toxic glyphosate weed killer chemicals that now inundate the world food supply. Any influential person who opposed the Monsanto agenda was subjected to one or more of the following: Attempted bribery Death threats and intimidation Character assassination through well-funded “negative P.R.” campaigns Defamation via coordinated Wikipedia attacks, run by Monsanto operatives Career destruction, such as getting scientists blacklisted from science journals Being doxxed, having their home addresses publicized and their families and co-workers threatened In other words, Monsanto has been running a “black ops” division for over ten years, spending perhaps $100…

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