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August 2015

Waking up ultimately means changing our lifestyle – China and the New World Disorder by Nicole Foss

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I am reposting this excellent article. It is important that you the reader forget any paper assets, as their worth is unsustainable, and that you invest in farm land, tools, food storage, water purification and any thing your family might need to make it through this end of the bubble we call progress. This is not doom and gloom. This is rebalancing with nature and the Earth and living sustainably again.  Waking up ultimately means changing our lifestyle. China And The New World Disorder  by Nicole Foss, Aug 4, 2015  (attribute is unclear on the Automatic Earth site… here is URL ) Nicole Foss: Our consistent theme here at the Automatic Earth since its inception has been that we are facing a very powerful deflationary depression, following on from the bursting of an epic financial bubble. What we have witnessed in our three decades of expansion and inflation is nothing short of a monetary supernova, and that period has been the just culmination of a much larger upward trend going back many decades at least. We have lived through a credit hyper-expansion for the record books, with an unprecedented generation of excess claims to underlying real wealth. In doing so we have created the largest financial departure from reality in human history. Bubbles are not new – humanity has experienced them periodically going all the way back to antiquity – but the novel aspect of this one, apart from its scale, is its occurrence at a point when we have…

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Thoughts on Harald Kautz-Vella Black Goo Cosmology

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Note from author. Jan 10, 2019:  This article is very disparaging, however, a very recent interview with Harald shows a much more respectable side of him, which I will share here. Thoughts on Harald Kautz-Vella Update note May 12, 2016…. Harold is a bit more grounded in this presentation, but most of his statements continue to be simply his imagination.  Harald Kautz-Vella presentation,  He also continues to have the delusion that his speculations are same calibre of disclosure as Snowden or Wiki leaks, when his information reveals very little except his own theories.  In fact he would be encouraged to keep talking for predictive programming reasons and to distract everyone from any pro-active action. He has no call to action.  You might as well read a mystery novel.  – Ray Songtree. Note Nov 10, 2015  I see many people curious about Black Goo.  Everyone must understand that there is no fix or discovery that is going to save your family from the economic plight we are facing due to over consumption and resource depletion. A new energy source won’t solve soil erosion due to too many people.  Rather than waste time on pondering black goo, the reader should change her/his lifestyle so you can feed yourself and your family. This means move away from the city as soon as you can, and this is serious.  Learn to grow food. Harald Kautz-Vella is wasting everyone’s time.  Below is a discussion to help people see through his non-sense.  The reason people listen…

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The Economics of Child Abduction and the Elite – David Shurter

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I agree with his conclusions. This is organized from the top. And has the entertainment industry created a culture of lust and abuse or not? As I repeatedly say, we need to examine the corruption/lack of purity of the bottom of the pyramid, all of us,  as well as corruption/lack of purity at the top.  Social engineering has created this market for children, and we allow this.  See lower links and youtube. – Ray The Economics of Child Abduction – by David Shurter Aug 5, 2015     http://davidshurter.com/?p=5285 I have begun to realize that many folks can’t seem to comprehend the money that is made in the exploitation of children and how easy it is to do it. I guess this is because someone getting up to speed on all of this generally is overcome with the morality concerning how wrong it is and thus are never able to consider the economics of the whole thing. Flat out- children are easy to abduct and there is very little anyone is doing to monitor the numbers of the victims involved. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children say that our nations children were disappearing in numbers that exceed 797,500 a year. Granted- some of these reported missing were taken by family members, but that doesn’t constitute the bulk of the missing, and this does not even include those children who are considered “throw aways” and are never reported missing. You also have to consider the fact that law enforcement has a tendency…

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On the Side of the Living – Derrick Jensen

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http://www.theecologist.org/green_green_living/2905572/we_are_those_who_are_on_the_side_of_the_living_and_we_are_going_to_win.html We are those who are on the side of the living. And we are going to win Derrick Jensen 23rd July 2015 ‘We are people who no longer hope salmon survive, but will do whatever it takes to stop their extinction.’   Who are we? We are the people who are ready to fight back, writes Derrick Jensen. The people who no longer live in hope that the Earth will be saved, but in the certainty that we will save her. We are activists, survivors, lovers and fighters. And we say: the destruction will stop. We are people who do not resign ourselves to the fate we are so often told is inevitable. We are people who refuse to continue as slaves. We are people who are remembering how to be human beings. We are people who are ready to take back our own lives, and to defend our lives and the lives of those we love, including the land. We are people who are at long last ready and willing to fight back. We are people who know in our bones the truth of Robert E. Lee’s statement, “We must decide between the risk of action versus the positive loss of inaction.” We are people who are ready to take the offensive, or support those people who do. We are survivors. We have survived domestic violence. We have survived racism, and we have survived sexism. We have survived industrial schooling, and we have survived the industrial economy. We…

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