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Wikileaks Finds Proof AP Reporter Fakes News For Hillary

By November 4, 2016 Elections

Associated Press reporter admits faking news stories for Hillary Clinton… stunning admission reveals how AP prints whatever the Clintons want, FACTS BE DAMNED

Associated Press

(NaturalNews) In case you had any doubt whatsoever about the total dishonesty of the Associated Press — which also pushes pro-pharma vaccine propaganda and Monsanto’s quack science talking points — check out this email involving AP reporter Eric Tucker and Clinton operatives David Kendall and Cheryl Mills (source: Wikileaks).

The authenticity of this email is already confirmed via Google.com DKIM key (an email authentication code). (Bolding added below.)

Subject: Re: FW: Hi again from AP (inquiry about thumb drive)

From: cheryl.mills@gmail.com
To: DKendall@wc.com
Date: 2015-08-11 20:06
Subject: Re: FW: Hi again from AP (inquiry about thumb drive)

On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 6:02 PM, Kendall, David <dkendall@wc.com> wrote:

It’s getting out.

*David E. Kendall*
*Williams & Connolly LLP*
725 Twelfth Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20005
(P) 202-434-5145 | (F) 202-434-5029
dkendall@wc.com | www.wc.com/dkendall

*From:* Tucker, Eric [mailto:etucker@ap.org] *Sent:* Tuesday, August 11, 2015 6:00 PM
*To:* Kendall, David
*Subject:* Hi again from AP (inquiry about thumb drive)

Hi David,

We have been told, and we are preparing to report, that the FBI has taken possession of the thumb drive that was once in your possession. This is what we have been informed, and we wanted to see whether there was any sort of comment that could be provided. If you wanted to steer us away and say that we are misinformed, then I would gladly accept that as well. But we have solid reason to believe this. We’d welcome any comment you can offer. Thanks very much.


Associated Press reporter says he knows it’s true, but will gladly print that it’s false

What’s truly astonishing in this email is how AP reporter Eric Tucker says he will gladly LIE to cover for the Clintons. In plain English, he explains that he has “solid reason” to believe the report about the thumb drive, but he will gladly publish a false narrative via the Associated Press, and he even suggests what that false narrative should be: “If you wanted to steer us away and say that we are misinformed, then I would gladly accept that as well.”

In other words, he’s not just corrupt, dishonest and fraudulent as a journalist, he’s also SUGGESTING the false narrative the Clintons should use!

This is the exact same way the AP talks to the CDC about vaccines and measles, by the way. Essentially, the Associated Press reporters say, “We are total media whores, we will bend over and grab our ankles while you shove your fake story down the throats of our readers who foolishly think we’re a credible news organization.”

You gotta love Eric Tucker for this. The guy takes the prize for finally spelling out in black and white what we’ve known for years: the AP is a total joke when it comes to real journalism. Note carefully that the AP won’t even fire Tucker for this admission. He’ll probably get a prize of some sort.

How many other Associated Presstitutes have deliberately LIED to cover up Clinton crimes?

It all brings to mind the obvious question: How many other Associated Presstitutes deliberately lied to cover up Clinton crimes?

Just what percentage of AP stories about the Clinton scandals are actually FAKE NEWS pretending to be credible journalism? (Answer: Probably about 99%.)

It’s not just AP, either. It’s the same story at every other mainstream news organization across America: They’re all liars and crooks, and they’re all working for Hillary Clinton, the serial killer and rape excuser.



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