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UN Agenda 2030, Google, Facebook, the Pope and One World Government

By October 16, 2015 True Sustainability

I would like to thank the authors for this excellent article. I add my comments in [brackets] – Ray Songtree

(for background, this is best website I have seen on Agenda 21   http://www.green-agenda.com/agenda21.html )

Thorner and O’Neil: Behind the scenes: UN Agenda 2030’s funders, promoters

[Originally published at Illinois Review]

by October 14, 2015


Millionaire Ted Turner is funding a new generation of journalists to promote [socially engineer] Agenda 2030 [His wife, Jane Fonda is an agent who works closely with career CIA agent Gloria Steinem- Download free ebook]


There was a time, not too long ago, when American patriotism was encouraged in most every public place:  our schools, churches, government, youth and adult sport events, media sources, and most of all within our hearts.  We were grateful for the freedoms and liberties offered us by our amazing Constitution and which were protected through the years by our forefathers. [Our freedoms were based on stolen land and slavery and endless wars, starting with the first slaves in 1619 up to Spanish American War.  This War was planned by Rothschilds who took over Cuba with First National Bank. The same banksters created the UN and control the “liberal” media.  The same banksters created Israel.  The wars continue with Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria. The authors don’t understand that American “freedom” has been at the expense of others. To be proud of our robbery and wealth and entitlement is a mistake. – Ray]

We know there are liberals among us that are determined to change our culture, ignore our history, and minimize our amazing achievements.  For the most part, we considered these liberals harmless.

We no longer can afford to have that mindset. Powerful people have partnered with the United Nations [They were always partnered.] in an effort to make significant changes to America that most likely will destroy all we have built and accomplished. [The one world government needs a one world mono-culture, so US gluttony and over consumption, which they also created, must end. What they intend to crush is American independent spirit.]

The United Nations Agenda 21 (“Earth Summit) and the more aggressive U.N. Agenda 2030 are designed to take away freedoms and liberties granted us from the inception of our country. [Designed to take away all sovereignty everywhere. The authors are defending US exceptionalism. This is a global plan.]   If its founders and promoters succeed, America will look very different within a surprisingly short period of time. [It will look different anyway. We are in deep debt and have shipped away our jobs.]

Both U.N. Agendas involve a massive plan that requires a fortune to fund.  How do hard core socialists convince freedom loving people, who have worked hard all their lives, to willingly give the government more money than seems reasonable, to support a plan, that will destroy their way of life?   What powerful enticement is there that would prevent people from revolting, when their money, freedoms, and liberties are taken one by one by their state, county and federal government.   The United Nations has been pondering such a plan for decades and now think they have the answer.

Ploys to Suck in the American People

First they must disassociate their plan with others like it, such as the failures of dictators like Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro, etc. They have to find a common cause that would be so compelling it would trump all else.  Their conclusion is to convince people our planet is in danger.  We must change our way of life to save our lives.  The agenda is to convince enough of us that our behavior must be changed in order to prevent a catastrophic, massive change in the Earth itself.   We must be brainwashed into thinking humans are destroying the Earth due to their behavior, and the U.N. alone has the way to save it.

Those who argue this issue with the facts are maligned.  Professors who disagree are shunned in their universities.  One scientist, Willie Soon, stood up against false attacks on the Left to discredit him.  Scientists who provide facts to the contrary are denied publication and their work is largely ignored.  Even when deception was uncovered that perpetrators of Climate Change had falsified records, in what became known as “Climategate” in November of 2009 with the hacking of a server at the Climate Research Unit, there was no significant outcry from the media or governing agencies.  Nor was there any outrage with a 2014 report that indicated how 95% of global warming models are wrong. Consider also the inquisition reported recently to punish climate change deniers.  Once a mindset has been established; the rhetoric that man is destroying the planet must remain the same in order to accomplish set goals.

Funding source of Agenda 2030

Funding for the propaganda to continue unobstructed is likewise a problem to the U.N. 2012 and 2030 Agendas.  How does one obtain the necessary funding from sources that are the ultimate losers in this experiment?  Secretary General Angel Gurria, head of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), admitted that without the wealthy private sector, their plan isn’t going to happen, as there are budgetary constraints in every country.

So who is funding this trillion dollar, massive experiment that will change the lives of you and me?   The following was published by FoxNews.com.on May 23, 2015, but you might have missed it, because there was no other substantial coverage provided the public:

“EXCLUSIVE: The United Nations Foundation created by billionaire Ted Turner, along with a branch of media giants like Thomson Reuters, is starting to train a squadron of journalists in order to subsidize media content in 33 countries — including the U.S. and Britain — in an effort to popularize the controversial experiment, the U.N. sponsored Sustainable Development Goals, prior to a global U.N. summit this September.  That is when U.N. organizers hope they will be endorsed by world leaders.  It is intended to help breathe some new life into a sprawling U.N. effort — supported by, among others, the Obama administration — to create a global social and environmental agenda they hope to have in place within the next 15 years.” [Fox News repeats lies about 9/11, Iran, Ebola, etc. Fox News is used to announce the agenda in such a muted way that the announcement is almost subliminal and becomes predictive programming. Was Ted Turner and agent Jane Fonda criticized. NO!]

Buying into by responding to the U.N. scare tactics [Lies about global warming, where the sun is warming other planets, and geoengineering [weather warfare using chemtrails and HAARP] is causing extreme climate] are an amazing amount of people from various levels of income.

“Giving Pledge” was set up and originally announced by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates [Son of head of planned parenthood, William Gates Sr, on board of Costco] in 2010, to encourage the wealthiest people in the world to give most of their wealth to philanthropic causes.  So far it has been signed by 137 billionaire or former billionaire individuals or couples.  Interesting is that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, among the notable younger pledgers, was an attendee at the White House state dinner for Xi Jingping, the President of Communist China on Friday, September 25, 2015. [Mark Zuckerberg, like Bill Gates, is a trusted agent. Facebook was CIA creation to take over MySpace. Zuckerberg also gave keynote speech at Bilderberg Meeting.]

PR Promotion of Agenda 2030

In Central Park in NYC the U.N. Global goals were advanced at an open-air event titled “Global Citizen Festival” the following day, September 26.  [Global citizen means mono-culture, all traditions to be destroyed by technology] The festival was the ambitious undertaking of “Project Everyone”, [No opt-out.  Everyone will be absorbed unless we say no.] whose mission is to share the U.N. global goals with 7 billion people in 7 days through the power of the radio. The “Global Citizen Festival” in NYC was the first event of “Project Everyone,”ending on October 2nd.

Television network MSNBC, through its partnership with the “Global Citizen Festival”, declared it was “committed to connecting the audience with the stories and values [created by banksters] that bring purpose and attention to our global community [mono-culture].”   Other media partners sponsoring “Project Everyone” or broadcasting the NYC event included NBC News and CNBC.  [All media is now controlled by 5 people in US] Corporate partners aligned with “Project Everyone” are The Huffington Post (bought by AOL, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Wikipedia, which together have the ability to influence and propagandize an amazing  percentage of American people. [Yahoo, YouTube and Wikipedia are all arms of same controlled media]

Those who used Google Chrome as a search engine on September 25th found notice on the bottom of the Internet page urging people to click on a link to learn more about the U.N.’s global goals to “end poverty, climate change, and injustice.”  That link led to the U.N.’s “sustainable development goals.” [Everyone should abandon there gmail account and abandon anything with google. I do use Facebook (Google) to send out alternative news.]

There is more planned to help launch the U.N.’s thirty-year global goals.  Movie theaters around the country and the world were enlisted to promote the so-called “Global Goals Campaign” [One world government campaign] through a 60-second ad narrated by Liam Neeson (as the voice of God) and featuring animated creatures (as U.N. officials) calling on the nations of the world to “defeat climate change.” [oxymoron – climate is always changing] Additionally there is an effort by the movement to get the “Global Goals Campaign” onto every website and billboard, broadcast on every TV and radio station, in every cinema and classroom, pinned to every community notice board, and sent to every mobile phone. [This is serious]

Listen here to Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, on public record about Agenda 2030:   She warns that because this is the first time in the history of mankind that we [who is we?] are intentionally changing the economic development model, one that has reigned for at least 150 years, we must understand it will take time.

Will the Push to Enact Agenda 2030 in 15 Years be realized?  IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU!

Obviously, there are those who want to hasten that time and are taking steps to make that happen.  As noted earlier in a Fox report on May 23 of this year, the advancement of United Nations Agenda 2030 and its encroachment on our nation are being promoted by a progressive, [progress is doublespeak for destruction and collateral damage] mainstream media. Consider that the media gave unprecedented exposure and exceedingly favorable coverage to Pope Francis, as he too spoke a supportive message for the U.N. Agenda, while U.N. promoters stayed in the background, quietly beneath the radar.  The Pope’s U.N. message was not lost on the masses.  Pope Francis began his address at the U.N. on September 25th by advancing the message of U.N Agenda 2030 to end poverty and hunger, fight inequality, and conquer climate change. [Excellent connection by authors]

The period from 2015 to 2030 is when the transition from oil and gas is scheduled to take place and when the global capitalist system, powered by the use of energy and resources for the benefit of humankind [mono-culture], will be overturned.  As stated in an article by David Snyder:

“Eventually, the globalists want to fundamentally transform virtually everything about our society.  This includes our economy, our government, our entertainment, our social interactions, our families, and even our religious beliefs. So do not be deceived by the crafted language.  The “New Universal Agenda” is far, far more dangerous than Agenda 21 ever was, and it is a giant step forward into a one world system governed by bureaucratic control freaks.”

Who is protecting us from this worldwide plan to change our planet?  It may be just those of us who know the whole truth.  We need to inform others, speak to groups, and sound the alarm to all within our sphere of influence.  It appears we no longer can trust those whom we have always considered trustworthy.  The key is to be aware and warn others that there are key people in our government (elitists) who are working towards changing our lives, based on unproven facts and actual fiction.

[The authors have accurately identified the machinations of the New World Order .]


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