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Hi Abi,

I’m re-writing chapter 8 now to get rid of the rants. There will be a large forward that exposes feminism as a social engineering program. I also think the book will do better in the Spanish edition than the English because Latin America does not have this info. But lighting the fire is a puzzle for me. Also Spanish speaking people are not married to the unsustainable American dream like English speaking people are.

There is no conclusion to first book, as this is the first book of a series. It is a 1200 page book that I have to divide into at least three books. I would be happy to send you Pdf’s or docs of the rest of book and you could help shape it with suggestions.

Abi, I don’t think young people who want to create a survivable future care about lightness.  I’m writing this for survivors, not for spectators or toy cults. I also don’t think older people can help out much.  I don’t think older people can change their habits or values. They just argue. They don’t understand what unsustainable means. They actually are in denial about it and are a waste of my time.

The indigenous talk is not comprehensible to urban people wearing blinders who think that what is unsustainable is also the grand future. They think we can’t go back. They are dead wrong. That is exactly what will happen. I call it “back to sanity.”

Tech will get more expensive, not less.  The new phones will get more expensive while the old ones fall apart within 5 years. And that lifestyle will contract. At that point people will get it, that the future is one of contracting convenience. This will be the watershed moment and the end of our current paradigm. It will be the end of the idea of endless growth, which is our mythology now.

What can’t go back now for the deniers is their imagination!

People will return to indigenous, and their grand children will get it, while everyone over 10 years old now,  will just whine and complain about the good old days when they were over eating and hurting everything.  The younger people won’t appreciate their whining, so the whining will just be among themselves.  They will also be seen as the greedy generation that didn’t leave anything for the next generation.  So they better not whine too loudly!

The Earth already is coughing and aching.  That is already happening.

The way I see it, there will  be a revolution by the intelligent young to drop the American Dream and guide themselves another direction. Or, for those who are not very smart, they will starve in cities.  This revolution by the young is slow. It is not one year, but more like 20 years and is already happening. Young college kids, particularly in Europe, know they won’t be able to live like their parents, so consumerism is going to be replaced by something else, and I would like to aid that. And those are the people who will appreciate my effort, not the mainstream. They cannot hear it for the reasons you said.

I also see that the migration from the cities will first be all the young people who understand what unsustainable means. But at some point groups will overrun the farms that supply the cities with food, and that will collapse,  and then a flood of refugees, starving, with nothing but what is on their backs will go out, and ravish the country side for hundreds of miles. Since there are so many cities there won’t be safe places. Seeing this, small towns that are far from cities will develop militias to stop entrance of new comers.  They simply will have to close their borders.  This is going to be a very brutal period, with no supplies and competition.  The future civilization will come out of the countryside, as the cities will just be salvage yards for centuries,  so we won’t be getting back to stone age for many many centuries as copper and silver and other metals don’t oxidize quickly.  How many centuries will the steel last, I don’t know.

Meanwhile, the second civilization on earth, the one with the really high tech, and second space program, and underground and undersea cities,  which we aren’t told about, will do what?  That depends on how much we can expose them and I really want to help do that.

The only other timeline I see is that people hear this kind of prediction from people like me and there is an emergency government  by the people put in place in each country to consciously downsize. I would love to help that. This is where the return to chastity and celibacy comes in to downsize population consciously. This is what exposing the music industry social engineering in book is all about. The opposite of wanton decadence and vanity is chastity, celibacy, modesty and virtue.  I mean everyone could become spiritual warriors because things are that dire. That would be a re-blossoming of sanity in an organized way. That would be spectacular. 🙂

Quantum physics is not studying nature Abi. It is studying the data mined by machines with targeted surveys. For example a red spectrum study.  What one gets is a bunch of numbers. They aren’t studying nature, they are studying a bunch of numbers, or measurements, and mostly they are studying models.   This kind of science has no reality nor does most science. It means nothing. All they get is disruptive rip off tech from it, as the mind behind this science is basically a get-rich-quick mind.  Science doesn’t explain astral travel or intuition or spring time fragrence or satanic beings or co-evolution. It is just numbers. It isn’t where we live or who we are. Quantum physics is like pipe dreams – useless exercise of vanity by people with very long telescopes who don’t notice the flies buzzing at the door.

However, as I understand it, there are wise scientists who exactly see the limits of science and that is how they are coming to spirit.  It is like the deeper they go, the less they see, so that is enlightening, as it points to the futility of their methodology. What I mean is, the more one searches, the bigger the questions get.

What do you think of all that ?  🙂

On the Chinese poem you sent, I like the zen expression, “Stack wood, carry water”

Thanks for thoughts on book.  As it took me years of study to understand everything I presented, you must have been studying a lot too!  If you want to read chapters ahead that are mostly done, and even help it manifest, that would be fine by me.

take care,


On 4/18/2015 at 12:59 AM, “Abi”  wrote:

Hi Ray,
Few thoughts on your book: I think it is a great reference material for alternative studies, and to anyone interested in going further with issues you discussed in the book with several links and references. I have been studying some of the issues for a while now so most look familiar. It also has a typical Ray deep insights through out book, including what feels like your rant in few cases, and critics and opinions in general, of mainstream lifestyle where majority Americans feel comfortable and vested in, such as working 40hrs during the week, buying things, vanity, etc… I liked the part about personal sovereignty points you raised and choosing virtue and service.

I still have few more pages to read. The overall feeling I am getting is you are telling people: this is what the issues are, this is how you should change, otherwise the world as we know it will collapse. The change you wrote about such as the traditions of indigenous cultures is foreign and outside of American mainstream culture, so the conclusion leads to collapse as the most probable outcome? This is heavy… where is the lightness?? Nature has both. I know you don’t care to study quantum physics, it is not science as we know it though, it leads to spirit in a way scientists understand, and is a humbling and fantastical way of studying nature for scientists as well. So instead there is an equivalent old Chinese Taoist poem, it goes something like this…

Since things neither exist nor don’t exist,
are neither real nor unreal,
are utterly beyond adopting & rejecting –
one might as well burst out laughing.

You probably don’t like this either …

I feel the earth will do what it knows it has to do if we become too annoying, ignorant, and disrespectful to the earth, as it does not care about our issues. It probably has done that many times before.
Take care,

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