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The Source of Economic Cannibalism – The Wetiko Disease

The authors of the excellent article on the meaning of Wetiko, below, recognize that the global system is destructive and self-destructive.  In reviewing history, they miss that it was disease, not sword, not meme, which conquered Mexico and Hawaii and most every other place;  Cortez brought small pox.   While they use word meme, I use word values. In my opinion, they are spot on about exposure as the first step to awareness and correction. This is exactly what all we truthers are about.  “If is it covered up, it is true.” Criminals cover their tracks. We uncover their tracks.

The authors do not understand this part, “Following the money usually leads us to the core pillars of wetiko machinery. Those of us that are within these structures, from 1) the corporate media to 2) philanthropy to 3) banking to the 4) UN, have access to the heart of the wetiko monster.”  

They might follow the money tocourt-israel-jerusalem-rothschild-text understand the creation of credit and see that banksters spawned the rest of list.  The Rothschilds are the “father of modern finance” and the (3) central bankers of world. Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild, created (besides the FED, NAACP, ADL and CFR) the Rockefeller Foundation and all that fake (2) philanthropy. The Roth-efellers created Congress of Vienna 1815, League of Nations 1921, and  (4) UN 1945. All these monopolizing institutions were to be the solution to the very wars the Rothschilds planned and funded. Thesis-antithesis-synthesis. The (1) corporate media is the all seeing eye symbol, aol logoand is owned by same group of banksters who have spiritual/demonic/extraterrestrial roots. I discovered in my research that Wetiko is more organized than the authors might realize.  Wetiko is destructive of life because it is not life, it is like an invasive nano-robot. Wetiko is anti – organic. The origin is off planet artificial stations, if you will. If I mention mother ships, people will scoff, but with time, all the evidence will be exposed. We have moved from discovery of electricity to artificial intelligence in just 3 human lifetimes. This is organized and the source is off planet.


The auth135-brzezinski-bookcovers-fosterors mis-identify Christianity. Jesus came to correct Genesis, not enable it.  Yes Rome morphed to Church, and the colonialists were supremacists, but these so called Christians dragged along the Old Testament. The important Genesis excerpt in their Wetiko article is not New Testament, it is Judaism, which (not by coincidence) is the fake ethnicity of the Rothschilds.  Moses was a channeler, and Genesis is an extra-terrestrial meme, as is the channeled off-planet language Sanskrit.  Our selfish greed is fueled by positions of authority. Structure of authority is one and the same as greed. The Brahman system and the monotheistic system classify pagans and slaves as inferior, which justifies supremacy, greed or “wetiko.”  Both Brahmanism and Judaism were channeled, that is, of off planet origin. ET or angels/devils is same thing. Off planet.


drone missileWhile doing a good job of pointing out the insanity, the authors have not identified the source of the pathogen that is destroying life on Earth. It is not the pursuit of capitol, but is an extra-terrestrial agenda that uses personal greed to accomplish “progress” which is centralization.  People infected with Wetiko call progress “Singularity.”  They want one mind, one economy, one government, one purpose. The goal is one global slave state controlled, not by humans with hearts, but by artificial intelligence… default software connected to electric fences and armed drones. AI can never be self conscious, but it can be programmed to self replicate and defend itself. We then arrive at the Terminator Movies with skynet and the war with machines. Drones are real now. When this movie was made, they were not. 

Wetiko is more than a meme or a belief system, it is an artificial lifestyle which is parasitic, non-symbiotic.  The extra-terrestrial parasite will exhaust this planet and move on to another. This has been going on a very long time. We are the brain washed slaves for THEIR machine to harvest the organic for the artificial.  

Buddha-hand-closeIn my view, the antidote is not a better meme, and I disagree with authors that existence is a thought. Plato was a head tripper. The antidote is touching the Earth and being grounded and knowing with your hands, where food comes from. I believe the Earth will enforce this and cities will empty and become scrap yards. There are 46 million Americans on food stamps now with no jobs planned. In fact AI is planned to steal more jobs. There is a race between conscious independent local de-centralization (re-localization) and centralized illuminati slave robot cannibalism.

No head trip by the reader will matter compared with actions. What matters is whether you support local farmers or the bio-tech plague. Organic or Wetiko? What matters will be how you vote with your wallet and how soon you leave the city. Waking up will mean unplugging.          –    Ray Songtree  May 23, 2016


Seeing Wetiko: On Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition

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  • raysongtree says:

    I’m not sure what word “alien” means actually. We are all connected with out of the body spiritual beings and every culture says
    there are battles in “heaven” including the Bible. In my opinion, becoming sovereign starts with becoming accountable and not blaming this or that. Starting there we can be good stewards instead of dumbed down sheeple. My feeling is there is an alien force trying to transform globe using humans. Transhumanism and nanotechnology is worth studying. Please search ‘Chemtrails Sophia Smallstorm’ on youtube.

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