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Seeing Manoj Bharvana : More Unsustainable Solutions

By October 11, 2015 True Sustainability

Here is the comment I left on this youtube about Manjo Bhargava… on Oct 11, 2015

“The solution is not more more more. He is unable to question “progress.” His energy machine will create more environmental impact, his water machine will increase population, and his blood re-circulation machine is just another dependency. Population has doubled in 40 years because of unsustainable fossil fuel fertilizer, and reduction of infant mortality, that used to keep the human genome strong.

“His fan base is composed of high consumers. Not everyone can be a high consumer. That is not sustainable.

“According to Manoj, the worse thing is being caught in the dark without a cell phone. This is ignorant. The worse thing is to be afraid of the dark.

His problem is that he is not funding a true alternative to the system itself. A real alternative to unsustainable urban life would be a real solution, because it might be sustainable. To find that sustainable solution, we don’t look into our techy dreams, we look to the past that was sustainable. To embrace this simple and old solution we must see that “progress” has really equaled destruction. The solution is simplicity, and a local agrarian lifestyle. And nothing on Earth will support anything else in the long run. He is part of the industrial bubble that fantasizes it is not destroying the Earth.”




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