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It is an endless rabbit hole Ed. Who created the aliens?
You have to use your head to connect dots. You know about Woodrow Wilson. You know he was owned. You know he was forced
to go into World War 1. Who forced him? Who blackmailed him for his affair? It is the same people who forced the FED on him! Nazi’s didn’t exist yet.
Jesuits didn’t force the central banks! JP Morgan bought the top 25 newspaper editorial rights in 1915. Who did he work under? … the banksters, not the priests.
Rothschild partner at Anaconda Copper, William Randolph Hearst, started the yellow press to get us into Spanish American war.
THEIR First National Bank (Citibank) took over Cuba. They killed 1/6 of Filipinos.
So… From 1898 the Rothschilds controlled US foreign policy, from 1913, they controlled the money (FED), and they created World War 1 exactly as Freemason Albert Pike said it would happen, (this letter was not a hoax) and as Protocols of Zion outline. The Rothschilds sent the Bolsheviks from NYC and funded Lenin and created communism with THEIR employee Karl Marx.
These are all factions, created just like Al Qaeda and ISIS is created now. Isis is one of their occult gods by way, so we are empowering their energetic crap every time we call it ISIS. This is covered in Vol. 2.
Through Wall Street, the Rothschilds built up Hitler (illegitimate grandson of Soloman Rothschild) who did NOT write Mein Kampf. IBM supplied the machines to track prisoners. Etc etc. The Nazis are new, not a source.
The Jesuits didn’t do all this. The Vatican was holding hands with Rothschilds since 1825.
“Political power come with muzzle of a gun” – Chairman Mao, (with finance minister Israel Epstein who wrote his little red book.)
mao and epstein 2
Forget the one time Nazis. Yea, their crap continues in underground research, but they are not a source, but an arm.
The Jesuits are apparently still producing minions with Jerry Brown and Mike Pence.
You ask who is trying to dominate Earth? It is the same problem not just on Earth. It is the vanity that wants domination. And there is a hierarchy of egos, right down to the cop on your street. Right down the me me me inside all of us.
Go deeper Ed. What is the solution? The solution is coming up with an alternative lifestyle to THEIR machine. And guess what, it is the same ancient sustainable lifestyle that their machine has destroyed with colonization/globalization. The ancient is our road back to sanity.
Blaming this faction or that is not relevant. How are you and I going to drop out and grow something healthy?
On 8/21/2016 at 2:14 AM, “Ed wrote:
If I read your Volume II, will I get the answer to the questions:
Who invented the Nazis?
Who created WW I?
Alien agenda?


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