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True sustainability would mean that a population does not erode it’s land base.

In a globalized world, all rural areas simply become the extraction base for city people, who are disconnected from stewardship. Thus, in a globalized world, there are no stewards, there are just supply chains and markets and consumers.

With a population of non-producers, extraction can only be run by computers because local stewardship has morphed to urban “freedom.” “Freedom” means not being responsible.

(“Liberty” means being free to overrun indigenous cultures. Most patriots are still colonizers.  Words like freedom and liberty need to be replaced by words like responsibility and stewardship.)

Since local diverse cultures are outside the computer model, they are obstacles to efficiency. In fact, this exactly is why Facebook is sending wireless drones, and why World Bank is pushing Early Childhood Initiative, upon indigenous peoples. It is to destroy them, so there is nothing in the way of centralization. At same time, migrants are used to destroy national loyalties. The goal is “one big happy family” of disconnected globalized slaves.

Diversity is difficult to manage, so diversity becomes the enemy of centralization. Because nature is diverse, nature too is the enemy. GMO crops are more predictable. Even human nature is the enemy of centralization, because human nature wants connection, not powerless disconnection. Human nature is being attacked psychologically with Common Core Curriculum and a gender free non-ethic. Full spectrum dominance means anything natural must be converted to efficiently managed units, including you and I, and what we value.  Our values have been socially engineered for a century.

While we salivate for exotic foods and new devices, we need to rethink the meaning of resistance. The opposite of a strip mined planet and centralized one world culture is local stewardship and personal sovereignty. Locals can shut down globalization, and should. We need to get personal.

You and I are either on the side of local stewardship or accept being chipped. I don’t want anyone to be chipped so now I use cash for all purchases. I actively resist the new “Smart” lie, by holding to the old. The solution is very simple. Home rule, clean locally grown food, home schooling, local currency, everything local is the alternative to local nothing. I am getting more serious about growing food.

Lawn or food? Centralization or you?

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