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No Proof of Life for Julian Assange – Hannity Never Met Him

[Updated with new video – proof of digital software to impersonate the missing Julian Assange, Jan 14, 2017,  fourth video below. See lower comments for discussion.] [Update Feb. 14, 2017 –  Any tweets from Wikileaks is now controlled opposition. Don’t believe it.]


The Fox News interview between Julian Assange and Sean Hannity did not occur in same room. It is a composite. Further, the fourth video below proves Assange is not only not in the same room, but that it is not really Assange at all.

The reason they would do this must be because Assange is no longer at the Equadorian embassy and unable or unwilling or not alive to give an interview.  The picture with word Equador in background of interview is a prop. Did you fall for it?

Repeat, the alleged meeting between Sean Hannity and Julian Assange is fake. They did not sit in same room and if indeed, Assange is alive and gave the interview remotely, his words were cherry picked to avoid , for example, the Podesta emails.

Below are two videos so far, and the third is excellent background of all the fakes having to do with Assange including tweets.  [ A fourth video was added Jan 14, 2017 – prooves it is a digital composite of Assange]

The detail on the shadows from wrong direction in first study is important. Look at his nose shadow in the image below, before you click and start video.  It is coming from his left side, but the lights would be behind the camera which is on his right side in all the images showing the two in same room looking at each other.  The video is not a live interview. We have no proof of life. 

[See updates to this article in comment section below. I  Ray Songtree, hope he is alive, but this Hannity fake is a fake.]

A second video doubting the official story….

I am not surprised that the below video was deleted from Youtube.  I will guess that the others will be deleted also. There was no music in these videos so there was no copy write issues.


Added Jan 14, 2017. The digital Assange has no wrinkles on forehead, while the real Assange had wrinkles when speaking…  Video shows the real time method of creating a talking face. Video states the new digital Assange in future will surely have the missing wrinkles which prove this interview is 100% fake.


Below is a good summary of Assange and the tech to reproduce his apparition.  It appears article was updated to include Hannity info.


Was Sean Hannity also duped by the fake interview with Julian Assange body double and 3rd generation CIA real-time voice duplication software?

Subject: Was Sean Hannity also duped by the fake interview with Julian Assange body double and 3rd generation CIA real-time voice duplication software?
From: A former federal agent familiar with this amazing technology
Date: 16 Dec 2016

On October 17th, 2016, the real Julian Assange was removed from the Ecuador Embassy in London and traffic camera photos posted at http://reddit.com/r/whereisassange prove it. The world has seen these CIA kidnappings before. They are called renditions. details provided in below links). At the same time Julian was cut off from the internet and Wikileaks was compromised. Since then, Wikileaks has been operated jointly by the CIA/NSA as part of their Operation Mockingbird project – to be a honeypot trap to identify government leakers and potential whistle blowers. (About Project Mockingbird: http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKmockingbird.htm)

But scrutiny from 1.2 million Twitter accounts and 17,000 redditors at Where is Assange forced them to create the Pamela Anderson ruse and most recently this recent interview with Sean Hannity.

BUT There is still no VERIFIABLE proof of life people. Radio and video interviews mean absolutely squat. We now have 3rd generation real-time voice duplication technology and RGB video technology used by Disney and the CIA. People have posted examples of it. See http://cereproc.com and listen to the celebrity voices that have been duplicated. The professional version of this software with double the sampling rate is used by the CIA. It will fool your own spouse friends. In fact a faked telephone call using this technology was used to put Julian’s mom at rest to keep her calm and preventing her fromspeaking to the media.

Even live radio and video interviews can still be spoofed. Only if Hannity himself visited face to face with Julian and asked for a cutting of his hair, a drop of blood, or a oral swab for DNA comparison, his fingerprints, and a random handwriting sample, could we have indisputable proofof life. Now you know why the Hannity interview was not done live in London at the Ecuador embassy.

The coup of WIkileaks is thus far the CIA’s greatest accomplishment in this century and they will spend millions to keep up the facade.

Do you remember when Snowden said Osama Bin Laden is still alive and Jim Stone agreed with him. People scoffed at them, except Ron Kessler – the author who wrote SECRETS OF THE FBI. Kessler got the FBI director to admit on record that the fingerprints of the Osama they dumped in the sea did not match his official fingerprints. Welcome to the world of spyware and craftwork. It is a grand game of deception, and right now we are all being deceived with this Sean Hannity and Pam Anderson ruse.

If you still doubt what technology can do, go to Disneyworld and watch the “Walt Disney interview” that Disney & Pixar tecnichians made with Walt Disney for their 50th anniversary a couple of years back and you will ask “How does Walt Disney age so well?” In reality, Walt died over 25 years ago and he has been fabricated with technology that you can try first hand at the OP link.

Here is another example of how technology can fool people so easily: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2773135/Has-Julian-Assange-broke…

BTW… Do you think the real Julian Assange would stop releasing the promised leaks of John Kerry, Huma Abedin, The Clinton Foundation, pizzagate, and the “Treason files” he said were onthe way? And the Ecuador government said on October 17th that the internet cut was a “temporary arrangement” made to avoid influenecing the U.S. elections. Fair enough. But the elctions have been over for a month already. Why has the internet connection not been restored? Because Julian is no longer a guest at the embassy.

After 911 we were all fooled with the fake Bin Laden video tape produced by the CIA but it took more than two years for people to realize that was not the real Bin Laden in the tape – remember (the ear lobes did not match and NSA analyst Jim Stone leaked the news). Do not be duped yet again.

JULIAN ASSANGE WAS RENDERED ON OCTOBER 17th, 2016. There are 39 items of evidence at whereisassange sub reddit. Look at the time line after you read this and understand that a media black out is in place. http://yournewswire.com/julian-assange-extradited-guantanamo-express/

And the reason Julian was so rudely snatched away before the elections is because he was about to reveal the biggest government crime in history friends: http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/julian-assange-wikileaks-was-about-expose-…

Two whistle-blowers (Kurt Sonnefeld and Bruce Gorcyca) have been exiled to hide this and a third, presidential aide John Wheeler (also a veteran SEC investigator) was murdered less than 2 months after recording a call with Hillary Clinton about this subject. See this about the bizarre murder of FBI informant John Wheeler. https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/4hmck6/first_of_si…

BTW… Gorcyca was also an FBI informant but says the FBI did not want to hear about Saudis connected to 911 even after his lawyer had this letter and audio video tapes delivered to the FBI Director within one week of 911 by Fedex (Fedex archives confirms the package was delivered)

https://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/img121.jpg https://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/img122.jpg

Take note of the names listed at the bottom of page two. The source for this letter is from two court files on Canada and New York Eastern District Federal Court in case no. C37836 in Ontario Court of Appeals and in a Habeas Corpus motion filed by Bruce Gorcyca before Judge Jack Weinstein back in 2007, and an official Law Society complaint against a lawyer named William Gilmour. Here is a copy of the actual complaint http://gilmourlawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com.http://gilmourlawsociety….

Here is the Kurt Sonnefeld corroboration: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/murder-suspect-kurt-sonnenfeld-ext…

Still not convinced? Try these and the go apologize to the truthers we all mocked ten years ago. They were trying to tell us the truth! The Saudi press themselves along with 27 retired CIA agents and former German Defense Minister agree with Senator Bob Graham that 911 was indeed and inside job, and Julian Assange was only days away of proving it through emails of Huma Abedin. http://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2016/05/22/saudi-press-u-s-blew-up-wo…







We have all just been victimized by greatest CENSORSHIP tactic in American history. 1984 book author George Orwell must be spinning in his grave at 1,000 rpm right now.


















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  • YEP says:


    • raysongtree says:

      I imagine you are a government troll who doesn’t have time to watch the first video. It is a composite. They were not filmed
      in same room and that room is make believe. The question is why? The John Pilger interview last month was also not in same room. That fooled
      people also. Voice and video software can replicate anything, and the military is decades ahead of Hollywood on this. But this was not real time.
      Did you notice there was no new information? The “world order” that brought us 9/11, WMD in Iraq, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing, can easily take Assange and replicate his image and use the image as a mouth piece. It is called controlled opposition. Fox is mainstream news network that fulfills the right side of the Hegelian thesis/anti-thesis/synthesis equation. Fox now can use the fake Julian Assange image to attack who they want to for their masters. It doesn’t matter if CNN goes down, if Fox survives to be the voice of truth! On television the apparition of Assange looked real enough. We now have to question Hannity. Where is any footage of Assange not in front of a green screen? Is he alive? Has he been tortured? Study the first video before it is taken down. Download it so you have a copy everyone.

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      I see no reason to accept that interview as real, on the contrary it is an obvious composite of Assange and Hannity. Assange’s body scale is wrong, neither men’s gaze ever meets, they are always looking past each other or slightly ajar and the shadows are impossible on Assange, wrong or missing. What is however equally sure at this point is that the one thing Assange avoids any mention of in this supposed interview and what is in fact the thing that was promised was any mention of Pizzagate and I find this site’s [Fox’s] efforts in that regard to be suspect in itself.

    • el says:

      This article seems to intend to get the readers to doubt their perception. I trust what my intuition tells me and store material like this in a mental information file. I have been observing that many turn assumptions into facts. Unless we have first hand experience, we can only rely on how things appear to be and how they “feel” to our senses as well as how they relate to our own values, concepts and beliefs, which may or may not be in alignment with reality. I did notice on the interview that Julian Assange appeared much larger than Hannity, but I do not know either of their heights and weights so I mentally filed it as an observation. The article could be true or false or a mixture of both. Irregardless of its validity I keep in mind what an old Shawnee Chief told me before he passed, “Everything is important, but nothing really matters,” and neither does this article except to serve as a catalyst to reflect on our own thoughts and feelings.

    • bill says:

      The thing I thought odd was the difference in heighth between them. Assange on the left was much higher than Hannity on right and they didnt appear to be actually looking at each other when seen in the same frame together. Their ‘conversation’ seemed ‘off’ somehow also …. stiff …. didnt seem to have a natural flow.

  • Joe says:

    Pretty astounding information. I didn’t watch the interview and this is the first of which I am familiar. As a photographer my gut says the porportions and positioning are wrong. So what was Hannity’s role this year as a cheerleader for Trump??

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    William Casey CIA Director (from 1st staff meeting 1981)

    • raysongtree says:

      I do not want people to doubt their perception, I want them to use their perception and not get tricked. Only an analysis of 9/11 shows it was inside job. Our perception of a TV screen is what is on the TV screen. We need to understand we are constantly tricked and not allow ourselves to be led like sheep.

  • Tom Lowe says:

    Nothing can save the 911 criminals. Their defenses are leaking like a seive. Their one basic mistake was continuing to use Mid-20th Century propaganda and psyop tactics in the Internet Age. It would have worked prior to the existence of the internet because no one would have had any way to get past the MSM on fact finding. But now ….

    Assange is with Mossad/CIA, as is Snowden. In Assange’s case, the zionists wanted Clinton defeated. Now that she is defeated, they have retracted their psyop. Snowden’s case was an attempt by the zionists to discredit the NSA in the eyes of the public because it was surveilling the zionists’ MSM Fifth Column via AP and others and they did not like it.

    No one has discussed much of Snowden’s early personal life. The whole limited story about his life as presented by tne MSM is simply not credible. You don’t go to work for the NSA as a national security analyst with no college degree unless there has been corruption, some gross failure within the hiring system, or some complete fabrication of facts as is most likely the case with Snowden. The Snowden psyop is a classic zionist boy wonder fantasy spun for the masses. I see Snowden as a zionist Jew of British extraction who is loyal to zionist interests.

    The Globalist crime organization has two peaks–a left wing one and a right wing one. Soros and Clinton typify the left peak and Netanyahu/Likud typifies the right peak. The right peak supports the left peak internally with military and various black ops such as the blackmailing of politicians in various nations.

    Now that the embarrassing Clinton is out of the way, the two peaks have closed ranks. Their unifiers, masters and leaders are the counterfeiting central bankers.

    When the Fed is finally audited, it will all finally blow up, as the Fed is nothing but Bernie Madoff times a million, printing counterfeit money up out of thin air for over a century now. With limitless counterfeit money, the zionists have been able to take over the world. They must be destroyed, all of the stolen assets they gained through counterfeiting must be forfeited, and all of the ill-gotten interest must be clawed back and restored to its rightful owner which is the people of the United States, not a few counterfeiting crime families.

    Destroy them!

  • raysongtree says:

    M wrote:

    Isn’t this video with Hannity enough proof, discussing very recent events?

    Ray- It is not Assange! It is a virtual creation! Read the article. Since they never met, as it is a green screen composite, the chances are it is not a real image of an actual body named Assange. Mitch, you are educated guy. Do the math. If they are not in same room, why not? It is because he is not at embassy at all. And then, this image of him is probably not even real. The Fox video only shows Hannity acting. What he was looking at, we don’t know.


    On 1/7/2017 at 5:37 AM,

    • Joe says:

      The frustration anout reading comment boxes is people make broad sweeping statements without evidence, proof, or links. If all these people are agents then help us by proving it.

      • raysongtree says:

        Good point. People should include links in comments, but they are not ready to present a research paper. I do screen out nothing statements that are just someone’s reaction at the moment.

  • Manofsteel says:

    I think you have opened the box, Alex Jones needs to know, we are in real serious trouble I am afraid. Yeah, the Podesta horror show is probably scaring the murderer’s bad. How freaky can it get? Insanity.

  • OogaBooga says:

    Amazing lip-sync on Assange’s narration of the events of the past weeks … like when they simulate him saying “events of December 29th”. Wow! Completely fools me. And the way the room resonance is the same for both speakers, and the cutaway shots from behind him. Flawless!

    Indeed, so flawless I too am calling B.S. on this “no proof of Assange” idea. Doesn’t pass the common-sense or straight-face tests.

    • raysongtree says:

      It is obvious to me you didn’t watch videos or read article. So either you are a troll or willfully ignorant.

  • MICHAEL says:

    Julian is an Australian citizen and the Foreign Minister Her Excellency Julie Bishop should be protecting him.

  • paranoid factoid says:

    No. There’s a backlight. Commonly also called a hair light. This is very common in film and television production. So, three lamps for the object. The key lamp, or main lighting on one side. A fill light, to brighten up areas of the face not lit by key. And a back light up and behind his head to highlight the edges of his hair. That’s what you’re claiming is indication of bad compositing. But not at all.

    • raysongtree says:

      The backlight would not create a shadow. Do you see a shadow across Hannity’s face? Anyway you are not getting the point. There are no other witnesses. We only have Sean in an image. I don’t know if he would swear under oath
      to have met Assange in person. If you want to think this is proof of life, then you would have to ignore all the other evidence that he has not been seen and the twitter accounts have been compromised. I have noticed that debunkers focus on one element and deny the pattern. I see that your email address is that of a pro debunker, is that correct?

      • paranoid factoid says:

        “The backlight would not create a shadow.”

        Flags. Learn the meaning of this term. Used to shape light to target a photography subject.

        ” I see that your email address is that of a pro debunker, is that correct?”


  • Tony Pearson says:

    The most obvious question was not asked of Julian, where have you been? What happened to you? No explaination of his disappearance. That got my feelers twitching.

  • raysongtree says:


    It is interesting that you don’t understand yet. They have recreated Assange just like they did with Bin Laden who died in 2001. They kept Bin Laden alive for many more years to use the boogie man.
    They will do same with Assange. I just showed what AP did. Most people will not read fine print. The subliminal impression is that Assange is still alive. The few people who read caption may not got further and notice that it said last year. That is the trick. The subliminal message is THE message anyway. The message is he is alive.

    Why do you think Kerry visited the Embassy? He told them who was boss and Assange was taken. The twitter account is fake. That has been proven. Anyone who speaks up at Wikileaks will be dead meat. So far I am correct. I would like to be wrong, but there is no proof of life. I can’t imagine why you are choosing to fall for it. Of course it will “look damaging” because a psy-op must look 90% real. They already know mainstream news is being eclipsed, so they will GUIDE the eclipse. Just as print books have been eclipsed by ebooks. The money has already moved from CNN, I assure you. Trump has attacked BBC, now that is real threat.

    So now, get this, FOX NEWS is the truth! Do you see what happened? Why has NO OTHER network interviewed Assange? Why not?

    But Fox News won’t mention Podesta. Get that? They have co-opted the channel, will make it look like opposition, but it is now controlled opposition, just like Sierra Club or Green Peace. Gone. Pizzagate will not be mentioned by Fox News. The actor Hannity and the image Assange discussed what the programmers who created the virtual image wanted to discuss. Did it look 90% believable? What about the 10%? I promise they will have the fake Assange make statements in future that are proven false, again and again, until there is no credibility. Meanwhile, Wikileaks will continue, for as long as they desire, to release distraction to GUIDE the sheeple. So we had Feminism, Gay, Transgender, New Age and Galactic Operations. Now we will have the Fake News operation, which will co-opt venues, just as Breitbart was co-opted after Andrew Breitbart was murdered. Andrew was on to Podesta, the pedophile. He tweeted that. 4 weeks later he died for no reason. Now Breitbart is set up in occupied Jerusalem to aid greater Israel. Gone!

    Ask yourself, why haven’t we heard from Assange’s family at all? Why haven’t they happily announced they are meeting with dad on skype? What is your answer?

    Do you think his wife is muzzled or not?

  • raysongtree says:

    Discussion of fourth video, proving image is digital, not the real Assange.

    On 1/15/2017 at 1:39 PM, “M

    Dear Ray

    I really don’t know why I am wasting my time responding to your e-mails because I think your mind is already 100% made up, but I have a very brief response.

    We already decided the two Assange and Hannity were likely not in the same room which as I have said over and over does not mean he is dead, especially when [THE DIGITAL] Assange was discussing recent topics with Hannity. [WHICH ANY INTELLIGENCE AGENCY COULD PUT TOGETHER, AND THEY DID]

    When a person is stressed or expressing ideas that benefit from facial expression, they display wrinkles. Don’t you sometimes have conversations and display wrinkles and other times you don’t? [SEE NEXT COMMENT]

    Are you trying to say that because Assange has no wrinkles during this segment of the interview means he is dead? [ IT IS NOT ONE SEGMENT. IT IS ENTIRE INTERVIEW. IT MEANS THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW IS FAKE, THE IMAGE IS FAKE, AND THE VOICE IS FAKE.]

    Are you trying to also say that because Hannity has wrinkles, Assange is dead because he didn’t have wrinkles in the segments chosen from this interview? [THE VIDEO GIVES THE EVIDENCE THERE IS NO PROOF OF LIFE, I DON’T HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING. THE RESOLUTION IS SAME, YET WRINKLES SHOW ON HANNITY BUT NOT ON THE FAKE ASSANGE DIGITAL IMAGE.]

    If you agree that Hollywood could have had an actor for his wife, why not have this actor dispel rumors of Assange’s death and validate any future interviews with Assange.

    Please connect the dots and use logic; instead of putting out fear-provoking info in this world that is full of fear.


    May you proceed with your Soul mission in a peaceful way that empowers people.


    M, Apparently you did not view the video with logic. The video shows his facial expressions in real life and the digital fake does not have the wrinkles with same expressions, in fact for entire interview, the image of Assange NEVER has wrinkles because it is not real.
    The video shows that it is not a problem of resolution, because Hannity’s wrinkles do show up. The video shows how the technology already exists to accomplish this.
    It is a digital creation. PERIOD.

    Not only is there now no proof of life, there is absolute proof the interview is a fake, the voice is a fake, etc. – Ray Songtree

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