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Military Embraces Gay War Criminals – LGBT Special Ops

Ray Songtree comments:

I need to explain this one.  For gay friends, this is proof of how you are being used. You see, the “anything goes” non-ethic of homosexuality spills directly into “anything goes, do as you are told” military.  Lipstick and War Crimes.  Pentagon chief says we now need a “meritocracy.” That means a culture without morals, that bases all values on doing a good job, i.e. obeying.

And since all jobs are compartmentalized, we keep our mouths shut if we see something wrong,  for fear of losing our jobs.  As I keep saying, it is not gay rights activists that are at the front of the gay agenda.  It is the New World Order itself.  They are using the blurring of inner clarity to blur all behavior. What does a homosexual claim is taboo? Anything? The only thing “wrong” is to disobey orders in a “meritocracy.”  Inner moral coordinates are blurred to non-existence. This is also called “freedom” by satanists.   It is also called “Freedom” by our presidents. No morals, just conquest.  To understand satanists this interview is an introduction.

Some background stats 2006:

Sexual Trauma in the Military Reserves and the National Guard

  • 27% of men have experienced military sexual trauma
  • 60% of women have experienced military sexual trauma
  • 3.5% of men have experienced military sexual assault
  • 23% of women have experienced military sexual assault
  • 11% of women have experienced rape
  • 1.2% of men have experienced rape
  • Service branch with the highest percentage of women reporting sexual trauma: Marine Corps
  • 20% of women seeking care at VA facilities have experienced sexual trauma
  • 1% of men seeking care at VA facilities have experienced sexual trauma
  • 8.3 percentage of women report lifetime PTSD related to Military Sexual Assault
  • More than half of the incidents took place at a military work site and during duty hours
  • The majority of the offenders in these cases were military personnel
  • Factors that increase risk of sexual assault for active duty females include presence of officers who condone or allow sexual harassment and unwanted sexual attention

Fast forward to 2014

“As the Pentagon released figures last week showing that incidents of sexual assault increased 50 percent between 2012 and 2013, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel vowed to take a number of steps, including some designed specifically to reach out to men, who make up half of all reported victims of sexual assault, according to a Pentagon study released last week.[link]

see my [bracketed comments] within story below.


Pentagon Chief: Excluding LGBT Troops Threatens National Security [Aggression]

Following ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ Defense [War] Secretary Ash Carter celebrates military’s slow acceptance of sexual orientations. [Socially engineered new culture.]

Defense Secretary Ash Carter delivers the keynote address during the Defense Department’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month ceremony at the Pentagon, on June 9, 2015.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter delivers the keynote address during the Defense Department’s LGBT Pride Month ceremony at the Pentagon, on Tuesday.

By Paul D. Shinkman + More

It was standing room only in the Pentagon’s main auditorium midday Tuesday, with staff spilling out into the corridor for a celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of the Department of Defense at a time of almost unprecedented change to the military’s social demographics.

Indeed, openly gay Army Brig. Gen. Randy Taylor, a decorated commander of a series of special operations units, [assassins] served as moderator for the LGBT Pride Month Event. He began with remarks about how he and partner Lucas, now married, had to hide their relationship and orientation while he completed multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Somalia, Haiti [mop up of HAARP earthquake] and Afghanistan [When Osama Bin laden had nothing to do with 9/11]. Taylor is now one of the Army’s top [dis] information officers.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s keynote address emphasized the urgency of changing a bureaucracy as immense and deeply steeped in tradition as the military to adapt to current times, when young people are more tolerant, diverse and open [without clear coordinates] than past generations. Anything less endangers American national security, [against the tolerant, diverse, open world?] he said.
We need to be a meritocracy. We have to focus relentlessly on our mission, [obeying] which means the things that matter most  [obeying] about a person is what they can contribute to national defense, [aggression]” Carter said.  “We must ensure that everyone who is able and willing to serve [obey to do any heinous thing] has the full and equal  opportunity [!] to do so. We must start from a position of inclusivity, not exclusivity.” [Anything goes, not quality control, but vetting for obedience.]

“Anything less,” he added, “is not just plain wrong, [now the intolerance comes out, the hate speech against any opposition]  it’s bad defense policy that puts our future strength [dominance over the rest of the world] at risk.”

He also confirmed reports that the military’s equal opportunity policies now included sexual orientation [choice, whim, engineered acceptance of experimental license, or licentiousness.] for active duty service members. …

“… If we’re going to attract the best and brightest [obedient robots] among them to contribute to our mission [of empire] of national defense  [aggression], we have to, ourselves, be more open and diverse and tolerant [but not of any other nations],” Carter said. “In the end, the earth [he means death, not the circle of life] makes no distinction in its embrace of our honored patriots. [Mind programmed young people who are lied to about the politics behind their operations and are now killing themselves at a rate of at least 22 a day because, in fact some do know what morality is and can’t live with themselves.] And neither should we.”

[So value is determined by willingness to serve to one’s death, “heroism,” any command, no matter how criminal, as in our killing of over a million people in Iraq, and close to that in Afghanistan.  We should all have an “equal opportunity” chance to be war criminals.]

[See this 10 minute youtube please]


This was to bring them “Freedom”. This official number below  is of course, underestimated.   Also 570,000 children were starved to death in the 90’s. Be a hero, destroy other peoples and get a medal!  We take anyone, as long as you obey!


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