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Mike Adams Has Narrow Lense on Corona Virus

Mike Adams, of Natural News,  is really disappointing me. In an Infowars article he writes,

“In truth, Trump was very slow to get things moving to fight the coronavirus. For many weeks during the crucial early spread of the virus, Trump remained in a state of abject denial, claiming the virus would magically vanish and that we would chase down the few infections at the time (just 15 when he said that), bringing it down to zero. That number is now 133,000 and rising by about 16,000 new infections per day, for the record. And just as I predicted in an early March appearance on InfoWars, when we look back at Trump’s actions on this, we will conclude he acted too late and allowed the virus to spread far beyond what should have happened.”

He thinks a new infection is found with testing. What if US already had this virus all winter? What if it is not a new infection, just the result of more testing? So if we test quickly, we will have a fast rise of “infections” and should what, panic? And what if summer weather affects this corona virus as it affects all other corona viruses????
What if hospitalizations are not being reported accurately? What about this 2018 article? It kills 50%???


A severe flu season is stretching hospitals thin. That is a very bad omen … a poultry flu virus that infects few people but kills more than half of those confirmed to have been infected …

What if this is a different corona virus? Or what if it mutates and becomes more mild or worse ? He considers none of these possibilities in his certainty.

He goes into money. He doesn’t seem to understand that money is just trust, and a gov can indeed create trust. He also doesn’t understand that if Trump really does take over FED, which is speculative, (X22 Youtube channel is into hope porn and heaven and all that) then our debt will all but disappear, as Americans won’t have to pay interest on currency. (Tom asks, why would a zionist like Trump go after Zionists like Rothschilds? Good question.)

And always, it seems Mike Adams doesn’t understand that we are in a spiritual war and the good side, invisible, has a strategy also. Manifestation can just be ereated. That is the spiritual reality which I have seen with my own eyes.

For me, the death of already sick people is not a bad thing. They were kept alive by over consumption which was killing planet. If weak people are not culled out, as happens in nature, the general population gets weaker. So even framing a disease as bad is a mistake to me.

I’m for disease rights! What, are some people disease-ist!

Anyway, I’m really disappointed with Mike. He will find things do not unfold as he assumes and I hope it blows his mind and he throws up his hands and realizes that the great mystery cannot be predicted.

I can already tell this writing makes no sense to people who believe only in material reality. WTF do you mean Ray? Are you in woowoo land?

Just watch.

Check out this astrological prediction of a new “inexplicable disease”, that was made in Sept 2019. How does a materialist explain this, and no, I don’t follow astrology.


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