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Medium.com Is Brain Washing Rag for Liberal New World Order

I found this article  on Tribalization and was interested…


I was shocked at the author’s complete ignorance, as if simply everything he sees in media is true. Every single historical event he analyzes are official and false stories. I was really shocked.  He pointed out to me that liberal people lie to themselves at every turn. He laments that globalization is stagnating and never once understands that globalization means centralization.  I am so shocked by this article. Then, I found the home page and I understood why the entire liberal story, without any way to make any comment accept “applause”, with no way to reach author, with nothing to do but be fed bullshit was so insanely WRONG.

This is the site of the World Economic Forum!!!!! 

Every single article on this site is wrong and for brain washing. The site is useful to see the entire spectrum of bullshit people are supposed to swallow. I wouldn’t read even one article, like I mistakenly did.  Just scroll the titles of articles and look at their stance on robots, on sex, on “climate change.”


It was almost an accident that I found this page, explaining what this deceptive obscure site is about.


We already knew that World Economic Forum was globalism central.  Now I officially know that globalism doesn’t just mean centralization, it means LIES.  I knew that, but it was never in my face like this.

I’m getting over my shock so I can vomit.

He writes…

“But almost everyone thought the direction was clear. Even though there were disagreements about the strategy, reaching the goal of a more liberal world order seemed to be just a matter of time.” 

[Ha ha ha. Everyone? What bubble does he live in! There he said it, he wanted a “world order” that was “liberal”.  Kind of redundant. ]


“Tribalization is a process that almost always includes the creation of enemies.”

[Idiot, tribes are based on sovereignty and territory, as in boundaries!]


“Huge masses became part of ‘anchoring’ or tribal movements such as fascism, authoritarian nationalism, communism and the Catholic Church. ” [Three of four are NWO. All created by manipulating media, duh!  Nationalism would have to be authoritarian to stand up to globalization]

“Putin’s strategy is even popular in Europe where the extreme right finds in Putin an ally against liberal democracy of the ‘decadent’ West.  [He doesn’t think West is decadent????]  It is hard to overestimate how the tribal strategy of Putin’s authoritarian nationalism is hurting the cause of human rights and democracy on a global level.”  [He doesn’t know what is human and what is not]

“The fact that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq made it an unjust war for many.” [For many?]

“More people than ever are in favor of a new kind of isolationism. PEW Research shows that not less than 52 percent of the Americans thinks that the US “should mind its own business internationally’, the highest score since the research started in 1964.”

[Cry cry cry, they should think that US should be world policeman so we can have a forced liberal world order.]


“The crash of Wall Street in 1929 accelerated an already existing identity crisis, resulting in tribalization and finally in war.”

[Has never heard of Hegelian Dialectic, doesn’t know 1929 crash was orchestrated by same people who created World War I and II. ]


His concluding sentence…..

“Today we can say that the world has left the path of globalization and is taking the trail of tribalization. Unfortunately, history has shown time and again that nothing good will come out of this.”

[How can history have shown something that has never happened before, a centralization of the world and the reaction to it? But, never mind reality,  a liberal world order would be good, and anything else is bad, so learn to goose step people because it is liberal for the US to be the world’s policeman!]



“Koert Debeuf     Lives in Cairo representing the EU liberals. ”  [!!!!!! ]

Koert Debeuf

@koertdebeufBrusselsFollowers: 8.9Ktimep.org

Director @TimepDC Europe – Political Analyst – Visiting Research Fellow Oxford – Former advisor to the Belgian PM – Author Inside the Arab Revolution  [Doesn’t even know the Arab Spring was organized by CIA!]
Here you go Koert, start getting educated about Brussels and world tyranny.
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