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Love Wins! Really?

By November 9, 2016 Elections

For those who know Hillary Clinton, she is on the wrong side of everything and is a career criminal, so we were jubilant that she was defeated.  But, did we get a savior, or did we get Donald Trump?   In his 100 day manifesto are clear leanings toward Big Pharma and Big Oil.  Mike Adams is happy Hillary lost and so am I.  But is Trump lesser of two evils or something revolutionary?  Mike spells out the hopes below.  – Ray



Donald Trump

Last night we struck a devastating blow against the establishment, acting in self-defense to protect our nation, our liberties and our Constitution.

Today I declare “LOVE WINS” because it is love for America that inspired us to collectively achieve this great victory.

Like you and I, Donald Trump loves America. He loves it enough to risk everything — his business, his reputation, even his life — to fight for Americans… even when so many of those Americans have been hopelessly misinformed and brainwashed by the corrupt, leftist media to hate everything America stands for.

LOVE WINS when we protect our borders and demand that immigrants follow the law. (Note to all: My wife is an immigrant. She followed the law!)

LOVE WINS when we defeat a great evil. Hillary Clinton and her hundreds of co-conspirators are the most evil, destructive and corrupt people to have nearly seized total power in Washington. Stopping them in their tracks was a tremendous act of courage, love and self-defense. Together, we just saved America!

LOVE WINS when we #DrainTheSwamp which, in my view, means throwing the corrupt, criminal political elite out of Washington and reforming government to finally represent the interests of the People. The swamp is so putrid and nasty that I heard the EPA is going to announce that draining it will be an environmental hazard.

LOVE WINS when we eliminate Obamacare once and for all, a catastrophic failure that has caused immeasurable pain, suffering and despair across the population. Obamacare has contributed to more job loss, more high-stress uncertainty and more economic destruction than any single law in our lifetimes.

LOVE WINS when we help Trump nominate U.S. Supreme Court justices who honor America’s founding principles, including protecting the Second Amendment, which remains America’s “immune system” against tyranny.

LOVE WINS when the lying, cheating, rigging, deceptive democrats LOSE. The big message today? Cheaters lose. If we do not respect the laws of the land and the process of democracy — which the democrats openly despise — then we do not have a nation. The fact that democracy worked last night means that LOVE for democracy has carried the day.

LOVE WINS when we protect the lives of third-term babies living in the wombs of their mothers. The despicable, anti-human left has long pushed for the organ harvesting of living human babies that are partially born and then murdered for profit. If we love our children, we obviously cannot tolerate their deliberate murder. It’s time to end late-term abortions and partial birth abortions (and organ harvesting, which the delusional left still does not realize is happening).

LOVE WINS when we stop the hemorrhaging of the U.S. economy through horrifically bad trade deals that bleed our nation’s wealth. To protect and defend America, we must defend its economy.

LOVE WINS when we maintain a strong, defensive military presence in a world full of insane foreign enemies like China and North Korea. If we love America, we must defend it from foreign attack. While none of us want war, it is investment in the prevention of war — the maintaining of a strong military presence — that gives us peace. Reagan was right: “Peace through strength” is what really works. Today I salute our nuclear submarine commanders who patrol the world’s oceans, sending a powerful message to all the enemies of America that messing with the USA will have dire consequences.

LOVE WINS when democracy works. All throughout the campaign, Hillary Clinton and the corrupt, criminal DNC, Dept. of Justice, etc., all sought to thwart democracy and nullify the will of the People. This same effort was also echoed by CNN, MSNBC and most of the leftist media, which, as of today, has ceased to be a free press at all. To move America forward, we must get back to respecting democracy and defending open, free and fair elections as a universal binding principle. (And, by the way, the leftist media polls, we now know, were ALL RIGGED FROM THE START.)

When LOVE WINS, we all win.

We must pull together and get behind Trump’s effort to #DrainTheSwamp and reform America’s corrupt government

Now, our mission is to support Donald Trump against the malicious leftist attacks that are coming. The angry, bigoted, intolerant left does not accept the will of the people. It does not accept the very principles of a representational republic — heck, most people on the left don’t even know what a “republic” is in the first place.

We must now be prepared to go to bat for Donald Trump by HALTING the violence and riots of the left. We must lend Trump our support for all the wholesale reforms that will be necessary to #DrainTheSwamp. And we must seek the criminal indictment of all those on the left (or the right, as a universal principle) who have conspired to fraudulently steal political power in America.

I see 2017 as a time of great revolution for America… a combination of mass arrests of Clinton co-conspirators and true economic revival for this nation.

For the first time in my adult life, I now feel an overpowering sense of LOVE for this nation, and I hope to contribute to America’s safety and success in whatever way I can.

Stand by for some surprising announcements of what’s next for Natural News and the Health Ranger. HINT: I have a plan to fix Obamacare, and I’m going to lay it out for Donald Trump’s consideration… to help make America HEALTHY again!



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