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The Limits of Vanity and Understanding

The Limits of Vanity and Understanding

Letter  April 27, 2017



In my observation, we are all blocked with what we think we already know. 

I want to say a few things to you.  First, you came here to meet me, not my neighbor. 

I feel, I offer you an overview on “enlightenment” and on Ramtha which apparently you have never heard.

Some obervations

1.  Everything is moving and it is endless, therefore, there is no unchanging place or condition or achievement or state or consciousness that has arrived “there” and is enlightened. There is no safe end zone, no heaven, no enlightenment and there is no school of enlightenment and Ramtha is not an example of enlightenment.

2. Ramtha is an example of one type of focus of vanity. The grasping for immortality is vanity. The aversion to die to vanity and start over and be a part of the changing, called rebirth, is vanity. Sitting around a table and social engineering other planets is vanity. Thinking one is being creative doing so is vanity.

3. Ascended beings think they are ascended but they are not.  They are still somewhere.  As homeless voyeurs they get bored.  As ghosts they do mischief and as “angels” they do mischief.  Their existence is dependent on the living life of real life.  They are not above anything, they are still here and dependent. 

4. Some of these beings have artificial homes, huge starships.  They experience through astral travel, but have a base to come back to, a body, in an artificial “planet”, a starship, not organic, not real. They also do mischief.

5. I feel, the purpose of existence cannot be experience because that has no meaning. The purpose of existence, must then be moral.

6. One way to say this is that the purpose of our lives here is to refine character, and this will be endless.  Vanity doesn’t like that idea. No end zone! Vanity wants to arrive somewhere and get recognized as superior.  Vanity wants to win!  So vanity tries NOT to incarnate and get caught up in relationships, so that one can stay attached to one’s own “independent” personality and remembrances (so called knowledge) by NOT starting over. This, to a t  is typical vanity.  Vanity does not want to start from scratch! Again, vanity and grasping for immortality are same phenomenon. 

This brings us to the idea that it is better to serve others, than to serve the self, because serving self would be vanity.  People like Ramtha think they can have it both ways. They think they can be vain but also serve. 

You may possibly now assess Ramtha differently.  People who followed him wanted to be like him and he encouraged this by holding himself as superior and demonstrating his abilities.  Wanting to be more powerful is the vain hook he dangled before our vanity and vanity followed him. This is humbling to admit.

He and Morya of UN Lucis Trust and others are lost in space as homeless voyeurs who think they are superior.   What is fascinating to me is not immortality, which I have already done many times, been a “god” and all that, and so have you.  What is fascinating is that the Great Mystery cannot be encompassed and is humbling. But vanity doesn’t like that, so vanity lives in a construct. Rather than live in the wide open expansive infinite Great Mystery which is humbling, vanity has a set cosmology.  In the cosmology is often a hierarchy and a ladder for vanity to climb. Vanity “understands” and has a map, an explanation, to “teach” others.  Really it is mind programming.  These so called understandings don’t exist except within vanity.

People can say, “well you have to be able to navigate.” We can observe that millions of other species navigate without maps. We don’t need maps.

I’m your friend and we have met and I don’t have a cosmology and don’t live boxed in by one.  I live in this mystery and I will never know who I am because that would just be vanity, which I have renounced.  So I can’t be a teacher because I have nothing to teach!

One way I’ve said it is that since god is not a thing, there is no such thing as god.  So why use the word?

Am I “enlightened?”  There is no such thing. Am I seeking? Yes.  What am I seeking?  If I was seeking another experience, another experience, another experience, that is grasping.  Rather, I am seeking service, as you have been also. 

I am not satisfied with my limitations. I am dissatisfied, and feel I am unable to serve.  I’m frustrated by the wars and the deceit and the poisons and the frequencies. 

I feel like I am waiting to serve. I think millions of people also feel this.  I think Jesus and Buddha feel this.  There is always galaxies of abuse and it is painful.  When I open my eyes or ears, what I see is my own blind limits.  For me the more I know, the less I know.

My website has more than a million page views, about 200,000 people.  If they saw the photo of Adele on homepage, they get much of the message and are now doubtful about society and who is in control of fame.  So that appears to be my contribution. 

In this letter, I have not mentioned evil. Evil is the joy in making mischief without regard for collateral damage, because vanity doesn’t care about anything but it’s own immortality.  There seems also to be this false pride in tricking or deceiving others, nature, existence because vanity needs losers to feel it is winning.  Behind evil is this false pride. This is my understanding at this time.



M decided he didn’t want to correspond any more. This was my last letter to him…

Okay M.  I’m sorry you don’t understand what I am saying. JZ Knight would never touch my stuff because I expose the meaning of the symbol she uses and is a part of.  It is the all seeing eye in the pyramid of abuse, used by Freemasons and Hollywood Satanists.

Ascension is just a vanity which is dependent on controlling other realms for energy.  The price of being “immortal” is you get to depend on and socially engineer other realms and be in denial that you have no right to do that. This is why Ramtha is unable to question himself.  His vanity is enshrined in “ascension.”  Please read what I just said several times.  Please study ascended “master” Morya at UN. 

The bad world order against the good world order, but neither respect the Earth or incarnation and both want total control.  Ramtha convinced thousands of people to try to escape, because he had a “higher” space.  That makes this space lower, not worth respecting. So just use it up, it is all for “experience.”  I listened to his entire speech about Trump etc. He lacks moral balance. He worships self.

Take care…  You were a runner who brought me great insights. Thank you.  I’m sorry you are not fascinated by what I am saying. I am helping you understand how you got sucked in.  You will be more independent if you consider what I am saying.  I suggest you incarnate immediately when the time comes, so you don’t get caught in the web of vanity that is out there.  While we who incarnate are on the cutting edge of emergence, the ascended voyeurs watch and think they are superior.


Paris Hilton


All seeing eye in Jerusalem built by Rothschilds. No Justice possible.


Brzezinski Illuminati New World Order

Lipstick and War Crimes. Brzezinski did not choose this cover for his book with Illuminati symbols. He is a puppet.  The goal of technocracy is total control for someone’s ego, so they can own and therefore control the Great Mystery. It is futile, and that futility is vanity. Destroying natural organic systems is the result of trying to have a controlled environment. The disregard for pain  of others is the evil of vanity. We need to accept death, rather than kill everything trying to be immortal.


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  • Joseph Hart says:

    I too have been a seeker. From a very young age I pondered things most adults never admit to thinking about much. I have found that Vanity is the main issue of sentient beings. Perhaps it is our Free Will melded with our natural DNA that leads us to please ourselves, to set ourselves apart from others either as superior or needing to be better. The battle with vanity is life long and all encompassing. We are social, and as such naturally compare ourselves to others on many levels. It certainly took me a long time to Minimize those tendencies. I am happier for it.
    I must say, though, I am still uncomfortable with my own mortality….death, yes. Death. While I understand and accept what is called reincarnation, it still gives me pause that we, for the vast majority of us anyway, have no memory of having been here, nor do we know for sure. Belief is the foundation of slavery, therefore one can either know , or not, that we return. (?) Perhaps the largely held adage that we have ONE go ’round leads us to come to terms, at some point, with our morality or lack thereof.
    In this life I have always done just enough to get by, never holding to long term ambition or accumulation of wealth and “stuff”. When it has been mentioned to me by others (I have the life long label of “underachiever”) my reply the last 20 years or so has simply been , “I have what I need. I help who I can. I am not concerned with such things as there is so much more….”. But, as a seeker, I remain Lost; a condition one must accept.
    Some, like you Ray, at least have more landmarks than others. It is those landmarks that make you, by default in the minds of many, a teacher. It is not up to the “teacher” (Vanity!!!) to declare himself as one, but to simply share and serve as a guide. It is up to those who learn from someone, who make themselves a Student, to deem that person a teacher.

    • raysongtree says:

      Thank you Joey. I’m aware of past lives, but I can see that for someone who is not, that it looks like a belief system. I like the word guide better than “teacher.” I think I can help guide people away from the clutter of so many programs and constructs, perhaps, by showing how empty those things are, and how full we can feel when we ourselves become quiet and void of the clutter. As far as I know, there is a death of the personality, but the being who sees, keeps on seeing without the former identity. That part is okay, but with rebirth is a brand new identity and surrendering to that is the real time of death. My mom told me when she first picked me up she almost dropped me because the person looking at her was so…. She said she thought to herself, “What is this?” Well that is a good mantra IMO, what is this!

      • panos says:

        How can one be aware of past lives?
        While i was meditating younger,it came suddenly that i was a woman living india.But then again
        that means nothing.
        We don’t even remember what happened yesterday in detail. The days are just passing by in nature.
        All is changing and that is also contributing to not remembering anything.

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