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Lavoy Finnicum’s Unclear Legacy

A friend sent me a video of the wife of slain Lavoy Finnicum speaking in Washington DC. At minute 2:14 in youtube below, he is quoted as being proud of our “pinnacle of wealth.” 

I had to stop there. Such patriots never ask where the wealth came from?  Our indulgent wasteful “wealth” came from US making everyone else poor with biggest military in world. Why is Europe so “developed”?  It is more “developed” by having ripped off everyone else for centuries using… guns.  How did King Kamehameha “unite” Hawaii?  He was given guns. He was not great, he was a puppet.  And who won his wars? The colonialists won.  The, pinnacle of wealth won the world with guns.

“Advanced” Europe was and still is, a criminal gang.  It is not just “the deep state” that uses doublespeak, it is European thought. Western civilization actually means rape. If this seems like a big leap, just ask any colonized culture.

Symphonies, often held up as the great example of European magnificence,  were invented for the pleasure of aristocrats, the chief rapists of world.  What we think is “great” in our doublespeak brains, has meant subjugation for every other culture and even every other species.  Subjugation enabled symphonies, but in our doublespeak language, “superior” does not actually mean loser creation. Symphonies are like most other manmade wonders… They are built using slavery, and are not great at all.

Then, having established that our values are quite inverted as is our language, let’s look at what it means to “fight for freedom.”

Unfortunately, Lavoy Finicum was not a freedom fighter for anything but his own sense of privilege. 

Not only do many patriots lack environmental awareness, they also lack human rights awareness. Where are the Native Americans who were ripped off? Well, patriots really don’t care, do they? No, they never do.  Where does this lack of empathy come from? It comes from denial of reality.  It comes from doublespeak brains. It comes from willful ignorance.

When it is pointed out that neither King James nor Francis Bacon (who compiled the Greek translations for the politically motivated new Bible) were themselves actually Christians, present day Bible thumpers go into deaf denial. When I point out that the Constitution was similarly written by Freemasons who believed in a hierarchical concept of “God”, again deaf denial. 

The “Founding Fathers” believed in subjugation. Subjugation was their religion. Their symbol was the pyramid with all-seeing-eye. They were the “good” pyramid builders, as opposed to the “bad” Jacobians. The founding fathers cannot claim any moral high ground however, because they were into ethnic cleansing and slavery!

What was the Christianity that King James really wanted stamped out? Personally this is my favorite quote by Jesus, “Consider the lilies of the field, they toil nor do they spin, yet Soloman in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.” 


It is interesting that King James let this slip through.  He was allowing diversity to be exalted, not centralization.

In Christ’s version of God, nature is wondrous and more diverse and more beautiful than man made glory.  The dominant culture of vain materialism is not supported by Jesus’ vision of spirituality. Quite opposite,  the writers of Constitution felt that “manifest destiny” (= equals manifest domination) was “God given.”  For them, the all seeing eye was the “eye of providence”. Vain glory was the gift of their god.

In this version, if you were aligned with some sort of off planet intelligence, you would thrive. And, if you didn’t receive blessings from the hierarchical god, you must be some lowly indigenous person or something. 

Who wrote the Constitution which Lavoy Finnicum so loved? Let’s just remember for a moment, that in 1751, founding father Ben Franklin unleashed the most destructive force that life on planet Earth has ever encountered…. man made electricity.  The subjugating “eye of providence” gang, which had Franklin as a central elder, wrote the Constitution and their human rights meant rights for me me me. This selfishness is what “Patriots” get all religious about.

Thomas Jefferson, (who I have some karmic thread with) wrote the Indian Removal Act. He was a monster, not some genius as some patriots like to paint him. His Declaration of Independence was for some white people against other white people. This, by the way, is what makes Donald Trump a shallow thinker. Until Trump embraces the lilies of field, he will pave them. Until we all renounce domination, we will smolder under it’s curse.

So now, who was Lavoy Finicum? Was he a loving father? I don’t think so. He wanted his children to starve to death.  Let’s ask why he had 12 children?  This guy was ten years younger than myself, yet I must ask, what kind of dinosaur brain did he have? Where did he think his 12 kids would live in future?  Would they all live on his ranch and each have 12 children? Answer… HE DIDN’T THINK! 

I’m sad he was murdered, but no protest in DC is going to correct the vain, proud, blind mistake of supremacist thought.  There is no correct “progress”, in my opinion.

 prog·ress (prŏg′rĕs′, -rəs, prō′grĕs′) n. 1. Forward or onward movement, as toward a destination.

And what exactly is the destination? To have more kids than we can feed? Or, since that won’t work, to get off the planet? By killing it?

There is no technological nor top/down progress; there can only be a correct repudiation of the idiocy of progress and a return to indigenous simplicity. 

Our doublespeak brains have a difficult time embracing simplicity.

Maybe we can use logic…   The lilies of the field will survive, not our vain glory.

Lavoy Finicum’s pinnacle of wealth is the pinnacle of supremacist insanity IMO. Why didn’t he have more wives and have fifty kids? Why not sixty? Can we answer that for ourselves please.

Listen up to minute 2:20. Then stop and ask, what in the real world is the “pinnacle of wealth?” Who benefits, and who does not?

Let’s be very careful who or what we put on a pedestal.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YvHIGl2UdiIRob Kapp ~ Jeanette Finicum & Sheriff Mack speaking at the Rally for America in DC – YouTube

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  • Mariel says:

    Lost in judgment Ray…you have not looked very deeply into this man or his wife.

    • raysongtree says:

      He was assassinated in a horrible ugly way because he challenged the gov, I know that. The same thing was happening at Standing Rock and Wounded Knee and the Boer Wars of S. Africa. I analyzed the video of his death. But the first two minutes of his wife’s speech let me know that what he thought he stood for was just dominant culture. He wanted to be king of mountain and he called his supremacist thought “freedom.”

      Patriots are full of this crap actually. He was perfect example. Freedom for him was no one else’s laws but his own, and his own, like having 12 kids, was crazy. So he not a hero is the point and his wife’s message won’t resonate with minorities. He is not another minority, he was a vain bloated up supremacist. See, Mariel, there was and never will be “freedom.” There will always be “responsibility” and I don’t think he was a responsible man, he was nuts. The syndrome of being nuts is being in denial, and he was. Where were all his kids going to live in future? In some city ghetto? His “freedom” meant their poverty. As a rancher was he a good steward when he couldn’t even manage his own reproduction? He was deranged, seriously in denial. Again, let’s ask, after already having 6 kids, where did he think those 6 kids were going to make a living in future? Then he had 6 more. Is that responsible? No, it is “free.”

      The way I see it now, supremacist thought is based on denial of loser creation.

      I’m not lost in judgment, I examine things. I look for role models. I don’t buy packaging.

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