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Insidious New Age High Tech Nirvana

Letter to a new friend…

In my opinion, the deepest most insidious programming is the new age programming, that judges anyone who is “judgemental” and sets us up to be nice slaves for peace on Earth under a one world government.

This program has as it’s tentacles wrapped around the humanitarian heart.  The humanitarian heart is what is tricked by con men. The humanitarian heart is always invoked after every false flag attack.  It is the carrot used with the stick.  The reason we jump to fight back is to protect.  The humanitarian heart is the root seed behind patriotism. Mama Bear gets ferocious to protect her young. The humanitarian heart is both sympathetic and protective. So this is what is manipulated by decievers.

The answer to World War II was the UN  (As you know, both planned far in advance by same banksters.) 

“Albert Pike was Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree and Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry.

He created the 33rd degree of the Scottish-Rite, co-created the KKK (K=11th letter, 11×3=33), and remains a revered figure in global Masonry.

In 1891, when Pike died his funeral was held in the Washington D.C. Freemasonic Temple at midnight with the room draped entirely in black. This is a man who wore a wristband through which he claimed to maintain constant communication with Lucifer. On August 15th, 1871 Albert Pike wrote a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini outlining three world wars that would be necessary to bring about world government. The first two happened precisely as Pike had planned decades prior, and the third eerily resembles the current world political situation.” – source

“Ah, let’s stop fighting. Let’s all get along.” All.

But we have to be fair, so, let’s get chipped to make sure we are fair and equal! Then we can be closer to heaven where everyone is a genetically modified clone!  The Biosphere wasn’t fair.  We will create the clonosphere! Hey, men and women aren’t equal! Let’s get rid of both!

The more love someone preaches, the more New Age they are.  If their focus is love, they are suckers for equality which translates as rations. Got to be fair.

In my observation, it is  better is to have one’s feet on ground, where, among other things, we have to kill something to eat. Then we don’t get starry eyed.  Then we don’t worship “tech” to get us off the earth, because with our feet on ground, and living close to our source of food and shelter, we don’t have time or foolishness to get starry eyed.

Even Alex Jones thinks like a globalist who wants a one world government to provide “us” with starships, to “get to the stars.”  Gee Alex, why not live a slow clean lifestyle without mining or pollution?   “But, but, that would be returning to labor.  I want to retire on a joy ride forever into the cosmos! We can’t go backwards!  Heaven is high tech! So, of course I want efficiency, so I don’t have to have blisters. “We” have to progress after all! ”



“We” will go to stars?

All this is tied in, bleeding heart liberalism and high tech and one world government. It is one program, and the opposite is indigenous stewardship, slow, hard work, not free, bound to Mother.  The opposite to our insanity is what was raped to get to where we are now.  The opposite of insanity is not bleeding heart liberalism, not high tech, and not centralization.

When I tell people that the nature of the multi verse is movement, not peace, and that no border is static (Stop – – – am I correct or not?)  and therefore, there will be endless conflict everywhere always, they freak out.

“What! No utopia!!!!! No heaven!!!!  No ascension!!! No fifth dimension!”

Nope, nope, nope, none. These ascended angels were lying to you all along to prolong their “immortality” based on parasitic use of your attention. If they were without followers they would get so bored they would have finally realized that the ethers are hell and return to mother and incarnate and give up their self importance.  Eeeeeeeeeek!!!! Vanity hates that. This fricking freaks them out.  “After all that hard work to escape samsara and be deathless, you mean I am just more stuck!”  Well, yea, look how you cringe in utter fear of a rebirth!  And who is afraid?  It is vanity!

I look forward to my evangelism after I pass from this body and sit down at the table with these idiots and go to their mother ships and refuse to leave. Oh, you don’t like that? Oh, so you do have borders! Oh, so you don’t have heaven? Oh, so you are protecting some self-interest here?  Oh!  Well then I won’t leave!

I sound crazy perhaps, but I am deadly serious, no pun intended 🙂

But I will be very compassionate and sit there until they realize they got lost in their own pyramid of abuse and that vanity is the root of abuse and they are definitely deluded.

And they are Aaron. I was there. I was part of Illuminati for probably thousands of years.  I saw the vanity, the corruption. Now I am extracting myself. For sure, it is slow. I’ll tell you more about my past lives another time. Now I’m going native. I just have a vendetta because I have personal issues with the Illuminati. I’m like a person exposing pedophilia because I was abused. I’m quite pissed off. I was assassinated in last life by these people.

When it is time to incarnate again, after my evangelism, I hope to set up the intention to incarnate in one of the last stone age tribes. Its’ time to walk the walk and really unplug. However, these pure human beings need protection, and I may have to work to protect them again, like I am trying to do now, by dismantling “progress” on the spiritual level.

Well, my last life was no saint and he definitely needed to seek rebirth and here is the next body, me. 

As an Ashkenazi jew this time,  just guess who I am in position to ream!

A reamer is a type of rotary cutting tool used in metalworking. Precision reamers are designed to enlarge the size of a previously formed hole by a small amount but …

In the beginning was the Ear !!!!!!


In the beginning was the ear.

In the beginning was the ear.

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