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Hawaii, Another Terrorist Culture

Hawaii, Another Terrorist Culture

“The kapu system was officially abolished in November 1819 (Kuykendall, 1938, Vol. 1, pp. 65- 70; Kamakau, 1961, pp. 2 19-228).

Under the kapu system, there were forms of bondage and slavery, human sacrifice (Valeri, 1985), and infanticide (Malo, 1951, p. 70; Kamakau, 1961, p. 234). While adult females were afforded many rights and some had great status, it was kapu for them to eat certain foods; they could be put to death for eating pork, certain kinds of bananas or coconuts, and certain fish (Malo, 1951, p. 29). Poi and taro4 (basic staples of the Hawai‘ian diet) were not to be eaten from the same dish by males and females. Furthermore, in certain circumstances upon threat of death, adult males and adult females were not allowed to eat together, although they could have sex together. Religious laws controlled eating more than they controlled sex.” (Source)

History is his-story. Hawaiian history is Hawaiian his-story. Hawaiian history won’t talk about the abuses of elite, nor will most any history anywhere. We have been mind programmed to be loyal to this or that, when each of us have inner personal sovereignty, and for numerous lifetimes, we have been held down and crushed to feel we must be loyal to this outer agenda or that. As seekers, we should be loyal to nothing but our own sense of integrity and heart.
Hawaii was a terrorist culture. If the king said “strip the hills of sandalwood, I need the money,” the people dropped everything for fear of being murdered. The warrior henchmen also did what they were told, or they would be killed, instantly. So did the priests. So did the growers. So did the fisherman. So did the hula dancers.  Hawaiian culture, like many cultures in the world, was top down slavery under universal fear.

“Don’t go to this area, it is only for the ali’i (the royalty) or you will be killed.”
In Japan, if you met the eye of a samurai, he would chop your head off.
In Hawaii, the samurai were called the Koa.  (also Video)
Another example of warped “his-story” is Hawaiian cultural “tolerance” of homosexuality. Hold on, the youngest son was raped into blurred gender. I’ve met such people here. Once again, his-story is the official story, not what really happened.
I’ve been accused of not knowing Hawaiian history. I study what really happened, not what I am told to believe. The Queen was not illegally overthrown! An abusive elite replaced another abusive elite. Only someone mind controlled would be loyal to a queen who had the right to kill you on the spot. We see the same mind programming now with Queen Elizabeth, the pedophile, on all the currency of the “Commonwealth.” Common wealth? It is double speak.
Now, today, colonization is called globalization and it has become cannibalistic.  We are all victims. We are all Palestinians. We are all indigenous people and the common enemy is literally, the machine.
I suggest….. Grow your own. Avoid Google. Share nothing personal on Facebook. Abandon gmail. Pay cash for everything. Throw away your credit card. Turn off automatic updates on your computer, it is just spying on you and giving reports to someone. Use your hands and resist AI, (artificial intelligence) where the computer’s data becomes the law, and not even human any more.
Again, the Queen of Hawaii was just another aristocrat. Who cares about her? Was that example of the 1% elite more worthy than some other 1% elite? They were not.
The ali’i did not represent the common people, they lived like parasites off of everyone else, using terrorism.
Is this my opinion?   Objectively, what do you see?
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