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Greenwash : Tesla Giggle Factory and Ego Car

Subject: discussion Tesla Energy

Hi Ted,

For me, the most curious thing about the video was the thirst of the viewers, a million hits in a day, all craving something based on an economic/consumption/extraction ethic that is much more destructive than just CO2.

For me, not knowing this technical stuff you shared (below), there was no mention where the minerals, metals, etc would come from to produce millions, billions of devices that last how many years? I watched their tesla car video and it is made mostly of aluminum (aluminium) and I thought of those that want to strip mine Arnhemland. (Aboriginal Northern Australia)

By the way, the accent of the speaker in video is not strange to you, but is exotic in USA. Exotic.

Their car video starts out with people salivating to see the new car. I thought of the story of Trungpa Rinpoche when he first took a ride in a jeep in Tibet in the late 50’s, as an excited teen, and the older lamas reminded him to keep his cool, all is impermanent.

Their giggle factory (“gigafactory”) in Nevada gets water from where? How is everything shipped to them? So they have sun there, but nothing else?????? It was baffling. It is like Las Vegas… it serves no purpose. Where do the people live who work there? In the desert where everything must be shipped!

I saw their map of how mainland looks at night from space, with spider webs of electric light, showing people not going to sleep so they can have more hours to consume. For me the great places on map are the dark areas with no spider webs. Why create anything that keeps the spider web “in power.”

There was something in the lecturer’s smug chuckling humor that told me he doesn’t understand that
the problem is there are too many people wanting to much, and not everyone will get that much. Technology will save the day for what, the consumer ethic? More road building to get people somewhere else, somewhere else, somewhere else.

Their car offers a “brand new driving experience.”   Ouch. How about having a job?

It is like someone who has a disease that they can’t stop dancing, and the doctor comes up
with a cure of a new set of dancing shoes….

Their car video I watched is basically about bright cheerful ribbons. So in trying to analyze it, one forgets that ribbons are not a basic necessity. What is in the package that is covered by bright cheerful ribbons? It looked to me like
someone panting more more more more more……… No one in the entire world needs a car!!!!!!!!!! Shoots, what we really need are self aiming golf clubs!!!!!! Get your priorities straight!

Oh, and their sports car can go faster than other cars in 6 seconds. So? Who needs a fast car? Who cares about speed?
Isn’t speed just ego? Their whole mentality is like that. Why did they produce the ego car first, rather than producing scooters? I would never buy a car from a used ego salesman.

In short, its humbug.


On 5/2/2015 at 11:41 PM,Ted wrote:

Hi Ray
I’ve been involved in a number of discussions about this on FB.
Luckily we all agree in my circles at least, that:
1. Tesla is a ponzi scheme
2. it’s britegreen vapourware, total bs.
3. not many of us have multiples of US$3000 for 1 + others to power even the basics in our overpowered homes
4. How many recharge cycles before it needs to be replaced?
5. Where is the recycling system needed to deal with an increasing amount of dead batteries to stop them being tossed into land fill?
6. This is a great example of the “hopium” being spewed out in the desperate attempt to have us believe that technology and scientists will save the day. Silver bullets coming thick and fast, and they all appear to be silver ghosts.
I listened to this interview with David Fridley recently that puts a clearer perspective on the Tesla S car: 600 kgs of batteries vs 65lbs of petrol and way way more energy in the petrol than the best batteries Tesla can produce:
I met a young American engineer who was a kiteboarding client, now a project manager for a Pacific island resort build. He had been a top R&D engineer for Honda hybrids but left in disgust when reality hit , and he saw that it was bullshit and peak oil/peak everything is starting to bite at the heels of all the vapourware being tossed at us.

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