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Fox Uses Mexico News to Sell Israeli Policy

In the April 5 Hannity report on Fox news, we are told that even Obama’s immigration head is saying the illegal immigration surge on Mexican border is now unprecedented, with possibly 650,000 illegals being released in USA after being apprehended.

President Trump says he is going to impose 25% rise in tariffs against cars made in Mexico, or, even close the border if Mexico doesn’t stop these invasive caravans of illegal immigrants.  

That is the headline news, but when one listens to entire hour, one finds almost subliminal advertising for Israel!

At minute 13:00, Sean Hannity lists the destruction of Palestine (“alignment” with Israel) as a great testament to Trump’s administration. At minute 13:30, Hannity names “partnership” between Netanyahu and Trump as wonderful. He even names acquisition of Jerusalem as a great thing.

Hannity is championing any over reach by Israel. Criticizing Israel is forbidden in Jewish owned mainstream media.  Study this here….  Jews own media– link   media cannot criticize Israel -link

At minute 15:15, Hannity jumps to accusation of “double standard” after giving pass to Israel, and points out that the left is ignoring Biden groping while it attacked teenage past of Kavanaugh.  

Sean Hannity uses “double standard” accusation when it is useful, but has double standard when it comes to Israel.

It is then no wonder that Fox News is able to be so “conservative.”  Say ANYTHING, but remember to kiss the a– of genocidal Israel.    Genocide in Israel – link

At minute 34 Sean Hannity and Rudolf Giuliani incongruously double down on “best relationship with Israel” and name Iran as the bad guy, paving the propaganda avenue for “regime change” against Iran. Fox News silently names who controls US policy and indeed, what controls Trump.

April 5 Hannity Report – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdJkEuEf4gY

Justice in Israel is impossible.

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