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A Flaw in Hero Mike Adams’ Understanding

Hero Mike Adams writes….

“As Natural News fans know very well, I have always supported individual liberty while welcoming people of all races, religions, nations and backgrounds as long as they support LIBERTY.

In other words, I welcome everyone onto “Team Humanity” as long as they support the principles of individual liberty. That’s the only litmus test that really matters, as far as I’m concerned. Everything else is just a matter of personal preference.”

“Team Humanity” – He sounds like Zuckerberg the privacy zucker.  Jon Rappaport shares same confusions.

“Everything else is just a matter of….”  Hold on, everything else needs to include 2 million other species, and therefore liberty is not the litmus test at all.

Being “free”, rather than being part of the cycle of life, is a globalist alien ideology.  Anything goes as long as  me, me, me is not impinged.   In the Declaration of Independence, “The pursuit of happiness” is the pursuit of temptation. The exalted Founding Fathers wanted to create “the order of the ages” (Novus ordo seclorum) on the land of massacred Native Americans and the backs of kidnapped, raped, and tortured Africans.  This extremely vain and very Freemason idealism was built on the rising extravagance of the industrial revol-pollution. 

Tricking nature.  It never works.  In only 260 years, since the invention of electricity, we are witnessing plankton and bee die off. And 5G tech for our “liberating” smart phones, will accelerate the decimation.

If you think about it, “liberty” is another word for consumerism.

If you think about it, consumerism is another word for collateral damage.

Rather than liberty we should switch our emphasis to responsibility.  This would empower accountability and local stewardship. Then, local control will restrict personal preference to insure the local land base survives. If it doesn’t, neither will your kids.  Forget liberty!  Think necessity!

Amazingly, Natural News is missing a basic understanding of nature. We don’t need any more freedom, we need home rule, less consumerism and more accountability.

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  • NICK CURTO says:


    Well said and thought out. The “truth” is a real “wake up” call!

  • raysongtree says:

    On 2/21/2017 at 2:21 AM, “A” wrote:

    I kind of agree with Mike, I would put it this way though: my ideals would be, Respect and Love for Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Truth, everything else as a preference.

    • raysongtree says:

      A, I see that I did not communicate well. Will “Team Humanity” define what is respect, what is love, what is life, what is truth? Who is that, the UN? There should never be a code of universal rights for all cultures. It is impossible. It is a blueprint for homogenization.

      Deeper, necessity is more important than “free choice”. Free choice denies necessity. A parent is not into liberty, they are into service. Faced with a need, necessity trumps preference. The whole idea of preference is a luxury, bought with fossil fuels by the way. In nature, we must do many things to make sure the next generation can live. We must, have to, no choice. Did I make sense? Its not about me me me.

      Liberty was never argued for Native Americans by the Founding Fathers. Liberty is the conquistador’s raison d’etre for themselves.

      Nothing in multiverse is free. Everything effects something else. One person’s freedom will always come at less freedom for someone or something else.

      So will we embrace responsibility or freedom?

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